How To Tame Guilt And Embrace Your Growth

Natalie MacNeil talks about taming guilt

Today I want to shift gears a little bit, and talk about something I really, really dislike, something that’s been making me feel a little bit uncomfortable lately…

I’m talking about guilt — that guilty feeling that sets in as your business starts to grow.


This guilt comes in sooo many forms: not being able to go for coffee and lunches with everyone who asks, not being able to reply personally to every “Hello!” and “Can I get some advice?” note that lands in my inbox.

It might sound silly – but it’s something I genuinely struggle with as She Takes On the World, my workload, and my team continues to grow.

At this point it would be next-to-impossible to reply to every email or say yes to every invitation that comes my way, but the truth is I hate not responding, and it feels out of my integrity.

At the same time, I am embracing this stage of growth in my business and love the opportunity to serve more people.

So…what’s the antidote for this kind of guilt? I’m sure a lot you struggle with it yourselves. I’ll admit — I’m still learning how to handle it, but I have found a couple ways to tame the guilt and embrace the growth of my business. And I’m sharing them with you in today’s episode of She Takes on the World TV.



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Here’s what works for me:

  • Focusing my energy on being of service to my community as a whole, and putting my efforts on the things I know can support the greater good.
  • Reminding myself that spending time on high-level work will benefit every single member of my community much more — and in deeper, more expansive ways — than meeting someone at Starbucks for an hour ever could.
  • Empowering my amazing team to support individual requests and filter out the questions and invitations that might throw me off energetically.

While I don’t want to be that unavailable, shiny, preaching-from-the-mountaintop business owner, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to respond to every single request or support issue on my own.

The solution? Having the support of a brilliant team might just be the cure for growth guilt. (Click to tweet)

My team brings certain things they know I can help with to my attention, while letting the others know I’ll do my absolute best to get back to them as soon as I get a chance if it is something I need to respond to.

Being present and available to give as much hands-on help as I can will always be a massive part of what I do, and who I am. But, until someone invents a cloning machine, I’ve gotta put serving the whole She Takes on the World community with great programs, courses, and advice at the very top of my to-do list.

So, now I’m wondering: Is there something you’ve started to feel guilty about as your business grows? Or, when your business hits the next level, how do you plan to handle inbox overwhelm, and less chances for 1-1 time with your audience?

Speak your truth in the comments below. I always love hearing from you and I know that there’s so much we can learn from each other.

Cosmic hugs,

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3 thoughts on “How To Tame Guilt And Embrace Your Growth

  1. OMG I felt guilty that my posts were getting likes and I would only comment one or two words. I didn’t feel like I was treating my following with the respect they deserve. So I unfriended and mutilated my social media exposure :/ BUT now with a new moon and clearer intentions I am going to try better to connect more authentically instead of speedily. I desire for people to take color energy to the soul level and bring it back to Earth so we can enjoy paradise!

  2. Take the U out of guilt, and what have you got?

    Likewise, any seemingly negative feeling can have a gilt edge to it, a silver lining.

    It can’t be “guilt” , Natalie, because there has been no wrongdoing. Rather, that feeling is the feeling that you always care – which shows even more in the ways you do respond that puts your care onto most people.

    Those who don’t get their “Starbucks” with you could – if they looked – also find a gilt edge to however they feel about it. If it’s “anger”, that could become passion to find another way to promote their project. If it’s “disappointment”, that could be turned into inspiration to find a way to lift others who may be feeling down about something. There’s always a gift to be found in any situation, if we look for it. So, we are giving gifts even when we need to say “no”. Nothing to feel “guilty” about in that 🙂

  3. You are right how guilt affects us. It can be a distraction and takes up important mental space that needs needs to be focusing on something different. It is not easy to move beyond and people sometimes don’t get it when you can’t give them everything you have, because your priorities. Thank you for sharing your struggles, so we can all be better business owners and more successful in our missions.

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