One Small Shift That Can Rock Your Life + A Happy Birthday to Me Giveaway!

It’s my biiiiirthdaaaay! To celebrate I’m sharing a small shift I made last year on my birthday that changed everything and rocked my life over the past year. This small thing cleared the path for my best year yet and I’m ready for even bigger things this year. To find out what it is, watch my video AND don’t miss the end when I tell you how to enter my super special birthday giveaway.


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82 thoughts on “One Small Shift That Can Rock Your Life + A Happy Birthday to Me Giveaway!

  1. Happy Birthday Natalie!!  I hope 2012 will be as life-shifting as 2011 was for you.
    I’m ready to take the driver’s seat.  I started my own company earlier this week and within my first 2 days, I delivered 2 proposals and closed 1 deal, so I’m definitely ready to make a go of this and put the days of ‘waiting’ on others to control my destiny behind me!

  2. Happy Birthday Natalie. Thank you for being my isperation. I am from Oman in Arab Gulf and I love your site. I am about to open my Coffee shop with my sister and it is our long waited dream. I promised myself that 2012 should be my turning point. Any main tips from you?

    1. Wow, that’s great to hear Amulla and congrats on your new venture! I’ve been working a bit with a local coffee shop and my tips would be to harness the power of social media and the internet from the get-go and determine who your niche is. 

      It’s interesting because when people open coffee shops in the area I live, they think everyone loves coffee so they should market to everyone. Do you want your coffee shop to be a hip hangout spot for students and a young professional demographic? Or perhaps your area doesn’t have a coworking space yet for entrepreneurs and your coffee shop could really cater for people who are self-employed and need to get out of the house; you could even hold events. So think about who you want to serve and how you can set yourself apart. 

      Once you have that you’ll know who to target online too through advertising. I’m not sure if group deals are popular where you live, like Groupon, but coming up with an offer for a site like that may help you build early buzz.

      Best wishes xoxo

  3. It has been a while since I’ve come to your site (been travelling) so I didn’t realize you have a book coming out – amazing!! I remember us sitting and chatting in the library years ago about what we were going to do after undergrad, and here you are doing it!  

    For the upcoming year I want to stop freaking out and stressing and actually get writing on my doctoral dissertation, something which is for sure a mountain in my mind.  

    Happy birthday, hope it’s a great one for you!  – Shivani

  4. Happy, happy birthday Natalie. May all your dreams come true in 2012 – I’m ready and waiting for all of my dreams to materialize – it is a matter of time 🙂

  5. Hope you are having a wonderful birthday Natalie – before I get to what I’m ready for I wanted  to give you a BIG thank you for putting together the 21 Day challenge on Mightybell – it has truly helped me get to the place of being ready.

    This year I am ready to get compensated fully for the work I produce and to take ownership in the life I am creating for myself and my family.  This is so huge and I’m so ecstatic to share a piece of this journey with you!

    1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the 21 Day Challenge! What day are you at? I’m also really happy to hear you’re ready to get compensated for the work you do. I think a lot of women undervalue themselves in business. I wish you many great things this year xo

      1. I just finished day 10. It is really helping me to develop stamina in terms of completing it daily, and hopefully it will pay off.

        I think it is one of the biggest struggles we face today, as women, especially when the comparison game starts happening and we turn on our selves. Never knew how difficult this part would be.

        Wish you well this year too!

  6. Have a fantastic birthday, Natalie!  Loved your simple, and so truthful, shift advice. 2011 was about a major shift in a move from NY to CA. 2012 is about realizing the fruits of that change, and I AM READY! 

  7. Happy Birthday, I AM READY!!! My husband and I just started a new business and I AM READY to take it to greatness! Thank you for all your inspiration.


  8. I am ready to show everyone that I am an artist.

    You’re message is also making me hear Spongebob Squarepants in my head – it’s how he starts everyday “I’m ready!  I’m ready!  I’m ready, ready, ready, ready!”

  9. I AM READY to follow the many plans I have this year and not worrying if they are gonna fail. No room for negativity. Love the cover of your book btw, im sure the content is even greater

    1. Thank you, the cover was a very fun process for me! 🙂 I’m glad to hear you’re going to keep your fear-based thoughts in check this year. I was afraid of failing for a long time when I started my first business which I talk about a bit in the book. Then, my fear was realized and I failed. The world didn’t come to an end, my life wasn’t ruined, and it turned out that an amazing opportunity came to me just a few days later. It was that new opportunity that set me on my current path, doing something I’m super passionate about and experiencing incredible success. Now I look at failure as more of a course correction 😉

  10. Funny, I was just browsing a website and this came up in a rotation of quotes on the sidebar:

    “The secret for success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.” ~B. Disraeli

  11. I’m still getting ready to launch my own landscape design firm.  It is still a challenge to know which things to do first, and get to spring when people start to think about outdoor spaces but I’m looking at winter as a time to lay my own plans.

    1. That’s a good period of time to lay a solid foundation. Could you try a special “Winter Offer” giving people a free consultation and an option to go on a discounted payment plan for their warmer weather landscaping needs? It could be a good way to generate some early cash flow for your business. Just a thought 🙂 

  12. Hi Natalie and Happy Birthday! Last year, I started a new career as a virtual assistant. It’s been a fun outlet for writing creatively – Blogs, Tweet, FB & LI.  This year I will be 53 and I AM READY to share my writing with people who know me, not just be an anonymous Blogger. I AM READY for being open to other new things, new people, new mentors. 

  13. I am ready!!! I am ready for the MAP! ~And I do not want to wait for March!~
    I am ready to be ready – I am ready to let go of self imposed limitations and soar. I am ready to let go, so that I can in fulfilled abundance while doing what lights me up and allows me to shine…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATALIE!

  14. You know I’m ready 😉

    In all seriousness, I am ready to get out of my own way, to let go of the negative mindset once & for all, to create a business that helps my client’s achieve their (sporting) goals & to create a life that fulfills my soul.

  15. Hi Natalie,

    I absolutely love your website, I have found so much information on there to help me grow.  This year I am ready to take on the world and challenge myself. I am ready to release my fears. I am ready to write a book that I have been talking about writing for the last 6 months. My ego has been challenging me, making me doubt myself, but I know over the last few days that I am ready to do it and it will be a success. I am ready to release my old habits of binging and purging. I told myself 2012 is my year and I felt an ease come over me and my inner guide is doing all the work and making it so much easier for me.  I am ready to take my real estate business to the next level and push harder to create the best business I possibly can. I am ready to move forward and push this year. I love saying this. I am going to use it when I  journal, I am finding it to be so powerful for what it does to your ego and inner guide.  It completely changes your view of yourself and pushes you to the next level. Thank you for your video, I cannot wait till your book comes out. You are a total inspiration !!

    Amanda Mitchell

      1. It is truly incredible how many doors open and how at peace we can feel when we just surrender to our inner guidance and let it do the work. I hope you’ll check out my free 21 Day New Year Challenge and if you don’t already know Gabrielle Bernstein, I’m sure you’ll love her. Cheers to an amazing 2012!

  16. In my life, Ive always had the problem of being interested in too many things and having no area of focus because I cant simply narrow it down to one thing. I am ready for a new year and a new me. I am ready to bring about focus in 2012 by committing to my business, growing my team to coach, support and mentor women to achieve their truest potential. I am ready to be a bold and extraordinary entrepreneur who aims high and
    reaches her dreams!

  17. Hi Natalie! I am absolutely in love with your site! My dream is to become an entrepreneur and build a brand and business. My sister and I started a site called charmalore and hope this is our beginning. We are both going to college trying to get our undergraduate degrees, but we are looking for something more fulfilling. Hopefully our “blogazine” will take us some where in life. I can’t wait to read your new book! I also look up to you as a role model and hope I can be a little as successful as yourself!

    1. Thank you so much Carly, I appreciate the kind words. I started my business when I was still in college and it was the best thing I could have done. With the state of the economy more and more people have to start their own businesses out of necessity and there aren’t a ton of jobs out there waiting for students when they graduate. So bet on yourself and create your own career doing something you love 🙂 Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll stop by often!

  18. Happy Birthday Natalie! Love the post.

    Even though I’m the youngest and only female in practice, I am READY to show everyone that I  have what it takes to play with the big boys!

  19. Woooohoooo! Happy Birthday Natalie. I hope you have a super special day.

    I really need to hear this today because I do feel ready but fear based thinking does try to creep in. I am ready to dive into my business full time, create and take action on all the ideas I’ve been sitting on because I haven’t spent time on my business. I’m ready to attract the type of clients that fulfill and excite me. Last I’m ready to let go of any fear that has held me back from being my authentic self.

    Congratulations on the book, I’m so excited to ready it. I love the cover.

    – Tennille

    1. Thanks Tennille! We all have fear-based thoughts sometimes and as long as you call yourself on it, you shift from the fear into a space where you are open to all the opportunities awaiting for you. Have a fabulous year and I look forward to seeing all your achieve this year. It’s been great having you in WE Mastermind and the 21 Day Challenge 🙂

  20. Happy Birthday Natalie! Such great advice too. I. Am. Ready…to win a copy of your book.

    I started my business last year, and I’m ready to embrace the skills I have and use them to seek new clients this year!

  21. Happy  Birthday, Natalie!! I feel like every year before this has just been in preparation for this year. I am so ready to move fear out of the way and let my true self shine through. So far the first week has gotten off to a great start and I moved some mountains out of the way (which now looking back were self-imposed hills!!) Thanks for being such an inspiration and I can’t wait to read your book. 

  22. Happy Birthday, Natalie!  This was really a great post for the start of the year.  I read somewhere that it takes 4 years to create a sustainable business and this is year 4.  I believed that 4 year statement and stuck to working towards it all 2011.  This week so many great things happened for financial advancement, I am just in awe.  This year, when I feel fear or negativity, I will just say no, that is simply resistance (love Stephen Pressfield), and keep moving forward with a smile.  I will no longer worry about the end result and just work towards the end result knowing it all will work out and very well.

    Thank you for your great words and keep up the posts!

    1. This is year 4 for me too Pippi and I do agree that it does take time to build momentum and create a strong, profitable brand -especially when you’re bootstrapping and your funds for growth are limited. I see a lot of people give up around year 2 because things don’t always move as fast as they would like so good for you for hanging in there and reaching your goals! I’m off to check out your Etsy store!

      1. Oooooo love the store! I’m a vegetarian but I do about 80% vegan meals and 20% of my meals still incorporate eggs or cheese. I don’t buy leather or suede or anything either.

  23. And here I was thinking that I was the one small shift that made your 2012 the best ever! 🙂

    No seriously Nat, you inspire me with all that you achieve whilst inspiring others. I cannot wait to spend more time in your invigorating presence planning on how we can take on the world and impact 10,000 women entrepreneurs to dream big and achieve more by 2014

    Happy birthday!

  24. Thank you for your inspirational work Natalie.  Although I’ve only recently discovered you, I’m grateful already!

    I’m ready to live purposefully and achieve my true potential.  I’m ready to focus on what matters and give myself the chance I deserve–in love, professionally, and in taking care of my health.

  25. Amazing how a word that feels to ordinary can change the world…”I am ready” that has inspired me. Thus I am ready to take on my world this year – to realise the biggest dreams that I have or this year – which is to start my business. …:) you inspire me with your work. Romie from Namibia:)

    1. Hello Romie from Namibia! 🙂 It’s so cool that this blog reaches people from all over our lovely planet. I’d love to hear more about your business! What kind of business are you starting?

  26. So grateful to have found “She takes on the world”! I was looking for inspiration and loving the 21 day challenge with Napoleon Hill. 
    I am ready to follow through on my emerging ideas and not put them on the shelf! Making business plans and looking for capitol for make it happen. Thanks for everything Natalie and Happy Birthday!

  27. Happy Birthday….mine is in December and I too do a yearly evaluation and set plans for the next year.  This year I’m opening a new business.  I’m not going to let fear intiminate me into accepting less than my dream. This IS the year!!

      1. I’m opening a retail herb and spice shop which will also offer cooking classes and demos.  Lots to do to get it open.  Its exciting.  I’ll check out the 21 Day Challenge….sounds good.

  28. I am ready to create a plan to pursue the things that FIRE ME UP in life, and make a living doing those things. I’ve felt the need for a change building for some time now, and instead of dwelling on what’s not working, I’ve begun to reacquaint myself with the joys of discovery and possibility. I am so READY.

  29. I am ready to allow myself the opportunity to follow through on a new consulting gig – I’ve halted it in the past due to some fears but now I”m going to allow this effort to fruit!

  30. nice dancing natalie….also love the wall colour….anyways, i am READY for gallery representation in 2012!! There you go, I said it! Thanks so much for the inspiring words (see new post-it note)! Where do you get this energy from??? 

  31. I am ready to make my art my full-time job, in order to pay off $20,000 in medical bills and other debt so that I can start living on purpose; traveling with my boyfriend, volunteering in animal shelters and education, and building a garden are all the tip of the iceberg!

  32. Hi Natalie – Huge Congats on the book and another birthday!

    I am the TRIFECTA OF READY – health, mind and spirit! Health —  to shed the final physical drawbacks from successful breast cancer treatments and begin a work out regimen to re-claim my body.  Mind — to propel myself from a VP to Executive VP role and in turn help others develop the strategy for success.  Spirit — to truly feed the mother’s soul inside of me and continue nurturing and raising my 3 boys.  BRING IT, 2012!

  33. I love the information I gain from your posts and the up beat spirit that you present! This year will bring alot of change for me as I’ll become a new mother (first baby) and but I’m also hoping to refocus and build on past successes.  This year I’m ready to refocus on my previously successful consulting business and develop my expertise into an on-line business that allows me to work from home and enjoy a work/life balance that I previously didn’t have when my business was operating at full capacity…I’ve taken a few years of “regular work” and deep down I know I must return to a private practice lifestyle!
    Thanks again and happy belated birthday. Can’t wait to read your book and look at the 21 day challenge.  

  34. Happy Birthday Natalie!! I hope you had a very special day and wish you an awesome year!!

    I am ready to get out of my own way, remove those mountains I’ve been seeing in front of me and power through 2012 with a laser focus on my BHAGs!!

    I’m using T&GR and your 21-Day Challenge to work on my millionaire mindset. And of course WE Mastermind to work on my businesses 🙂

    I’m ready to fine-tune the focus of my handcrafted jewelry business, Designs by Debi, to the types of pieces I most enjoy doing. I’m ready to get aWAEHQn dreams, my success coaching business up and running… and I decided (on 29 Dec 11) to write a book so I’m working on that. And I’m ready to get my Hawaii website published this year 🙂

    I’m looking forward to a successful 2012! Thank you for the part you’re playing in it. I love your infectious enthusiasm ♥

  35. I’ve left my fulltime day job after balancing a business and working fulltime. 2012 is time for me to be ready and go it alone. I’ve made the jump and I am ready 🙂

  36. I am ready to make real change in the world at a grassroots level. Looking forward to reading your book!  Marsha

  37. Happy Birthday, Natalie! 

    I am READY to say no to the things that stand in my way, and to put more energy into following God’s will and plans for my life and my family’s life, rather than forcing what I want.

  38. I am ready to achieve a happy balance between myself/my career/my passions and my sweet family. It’s been elusive in the past, but I believe I am ready to achieve! 

  39. Dear Natalie! WOW!  I’m ready to read your book!  Just as I wake up everyday ready for another student to amaze me with their talent, their enthusiasm, their success!  What a privilege to marvel in students finding their passion.  Congratulations!  Ms. Carse 😀

  40. Natalie, you are such an inspiration.  I love when people realize that making it to another year is a blessing. I’m on day 13 of your 21 day challenge and on day 42 of my own 365 days of “resolve to evolve” … I realize that with all my blessings I still had so much “lack” in my life or should I say “self imposed lack” day by day I’m evolving to the woman I was meant to be.  I’m more than ready to allow myself to move forward with my business and drop the crutch of my day job that is not moving me forward. 

  41. Hi Natalie,
    Have just watched your video.  I was meant to hear this!  Thank you for your gift of how this small shift made a huge impact.  Can’t wait for your book to come out!

  42. Thanks for the great video and inspiration!
    I like your concept of making a yearly M.A.P. I’m not a businesswoman but I’m really interested continuing with my schooling to become a Nurse Practitioner and learning how to rock my life. Do you have any tips for creating a M.A.P. of my own?

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