How to Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Hi Natalie! Can you share with us how to provide better customer service when you own a larger business? I’m a one person show right now, but like to grow to serve 5000 customers a year – eventually. What would you do to ensure “top of the pops” customer service at all times? Curious about your tips and thoughts. -Astrid

Hi Astrid,

Thank you for the question. I believe it’s always easier when you’re a small company to provide exceptional customer service and build personal relationships with your customers. When you’re just starting out with a small clientele you have the time to spend getting to know them and building a strong relationship. As you grow it will be more difficult but just as important to provide an exceptional experience for your customers each time they interact with your business.

I think email marketing and social media makes it a lot easier to maintain customer relations as you grow. There are many companies who field questions through Twitter now and email marketing companies like Aweber make it so easy to send autoresponder emails and newsletters to your growing customer base. I use Aweber for my business and I absolutely love the service and how easy it is to use. I’m able to customize the look of all the emails that get sent out as well so they stay consistent with my brand. This is also what I use to send out the She Takes on the World newsletter (you can see the widget in the side bar to the right).

Last, to effectively serve 5000 customers annually you will need some help! You may want to look for a virtual assistant. I can personally recommend Lissa Duty and she focuses on internet marketing. You can also try looking on elance for virtual assistants that meet whatever needs you have moving forward. Just make sure that whoever you choose to work with understands your vision and expectations for how you want customers to be treated.

Good luck!

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4 thoughts on “How to Provide Exceptional Customer Service

  1. I like the “Check up” tip and would add mystery shopping and customer feedback to that tip. We are a firm out of Chicago that provides this service to businesses across all industries in all markets. We work for companies of all sizes.
    This is a great way to see your business through the eyes of your customers.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. Good point Kathy. These were my findings of what the highest rated companies for customer service had in common while I had my customer service auditing/mystery shopping business. So all of these companies that were providing incredible customer service were hiring a customer service auditor, ME!

    I completely agree with you that business ought to hire a mystery shopper to see their business through the eyes of the customers. Thank you for the comment Kathy!

  3. I have to say that poor customer service is my biggest pet peeve. I have found that companies don’t tend to value customer loyalty. When will they realize how much they spend to advertise to one customer. When customers leave due to lack of a quality experience, they’re losing tons of money. It’s easier to market and keep happy the customers you already have and like/love your product than it is to recruit new clients.

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