How To Make Products Your Customers Go Crazy For

How To Make Products Your Customers Go Crazy For

When you’re figuring out what products you’re going to share with the world, it’s always important to keep future products and spin-offs in mind.

When your customers like Product A – your first offering – you can be sure they’re going to love Product B, and they’ll be on the lookout for Product C coming out. Simple as ABC, right?

In today’s new episode of She Takes on the World TV, I’m going to teach you the ABCs of creating a product plan sooo good, it will have your clients clamoring for more:


With each new episode of She Takes on the World TV we now offer a FREE bonus worksheet, exclusively for our amazing tribe of subscribers.

This week’s PDF download is “Create An ABC Product Plan.” In this exercise is my 3-step template for making products your customers are sure to love!

At She Takes on the World and in our signature incubator The Conquer Club, we are all about helping entrepreneurs actually take action and implement because let’s be honest, inspiration without implementation is kinda meaningless! So you can look forward to free workbooks and downloads with each of our episodes as a subscriber.

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My actionable for you this week is to watch this episode, download your worksheet, and create your ABC Product Plan, and I’d love for you to leave a comment below and let me know what you come up with.

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7 thoughts on “How To Make Products Your Customers Go Crazy For

  1. Hiya, just wondering – does product A always need to be a “freebie” or could it just be a much cheaper (price-wise) product?

    1. Hi Natasha, if you’re looking to grow your list in a big way, product A should definitely be a freebie. It doesn’t have to be a major offering – just something to give your audience a taste of what you have to offer like a mini ebook that they have to provide their email address in order to receive. Then you’ll have them on your list to send them valuable content and product offers in the future!

  2. Product A -, 7 day kick start for a healthy lifestyle. Includes recipes and challenges. All free.

    I then have two Product B’s –

    Product B- 12 Day Detox w/coaching & group support. $

    Product B – 28 Day Challenge- healthy lifestyle program with coaching . $$

    Product C – 12 week program to better health w/coaching. $$$

    Now I need to learn how to best market these products. Work in progress.

    1. This is great Molly! The only feedback I have is, do you find your customers are equally interested in both product B offerings? If not, it would benefit you to cut back and only offer the one that’s more popular.

  3. Hi Natalie,

    I’ve been watching your videos for a while and I really enjoy them ! Great advices !
    I have a dance clothing/activewear company. It seems like every theory I’ve learned in University doesn’t much apply to this industry.
    Through leotards and sportbras, we are specialized in offering better breast support combined with fashion.

    Product A ?
    Product B : Dance clothing. Fashion item, great support.
    Product C ? …

    Yes sometimes I think about reorienting my company haha

    From Canada

  4. I think you just gave me the push I needed, thank you

    Product A: A short email course “Zazzle 101: Setting Up Your Niche Store
    Product B: An ebook about how to make money on Print on Demand/Product on Demand sites
    Product C: Should be something like a more detailed consultation, or a coaching on making money with product on demand sites.

    Product A: free motivational printable posters
    Product B: motivational stationaries, posters and cards via my Zazzle and RedBubble stores
    Product C: a motivational book that empowers women to reach financial independence

    Thank you so much.

  5. Product A – Freebie video masterclass about how to make a good impression on first dates

    Product B – 8 (short) module course on how to meet a guy using all the available avenues

    Product C – work with me 1:1

    I’m stick with how to price product B though!

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