How to Get Press With My “ENTER-preneuring” Tips

This year I’ve been able to attract some incredible press opportunities for She Takes on the World, from being on the cover of two magazines to over 100 features online to being in the pages of People Magazine’s StyleWatch.

Every business needs to continually get press to keep growing, and that’s what I want to help you with today.

If you want to attract more press for your business you might benefit from a little something I like to call ENTER-preneuring, and that’s what I’m covering in the second episode of my brand new She Takes on the World TV Series today:

I’d love for you to leave a comment letting me know how you’re liking the new series and what topics you’d like me to cover in the future.

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10 thoughts on “How to Get Press With My “ENTER-preneuring” Tips

  1. great advice, Natalie! I especially like what you said about getting on the radar of journalists/reporters and not waiting (or hoping) that they find you. Sharing their content and getting their attention is a great way to get them curious about you and learning more about your brand. Thanks!

  2. Love the video. I’ve been applying some of those techniques unconsciously. I didn’t see it so much as Fake it but more as seeing myself as the person I envisioned myself to be. It has been giving me an suddenly a LOT of exposure lately . Only I feel it’s backfiring on me. Most of the people that approach me now , want something from me. I am still starting out as well but they think that I made it and are asking me for charity and free stuff or to collaborate on projects that are more in their advantage. Any advice how to be honest and still fake it till I make it 🙂

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