This Is Why You’re Not Getting Press

Natalie MacNeil talks about getting the press you deserve

I recently hosted a workshop for business owners where I kept hearing the same question: “How can I get press coverage?”

Before I could even respond, the excuses started piling up:

“I’m just getting started.”
“I don’t have the kind of network you have.”
“I don’t have a publicist or PR experience.”

Guess what? Neither did I when I started.

Do you think media outlets were just lining up to feature a 20-year-old business owner? NOPE. But I knew one simple reason why my peers weren’t getting press…and what I needed to do to make sure media outlets noticed ME.

The answer is amazingly simple, but it’s going to get you results. Check out today’s episode of She Takes on the World TV to find out my #1 secret for getting great press.

Plus I’m going to share with you:

  • Where to invest your time, when you want to get your story out there.
  • What you MUST do to ensure editors actually read your pitch email.
  • How to establish “street cred” with the larger media outlets.


In brief, here are my best tips for getting the press you deserve:

  • Keep going! You may get 20 no’s before you get a YES, but that YES will be sooo worth it.
  • Build relationships with editors via social media, then reach out via email.
  • Start with smaller, local media outlets to establish credibility, then expand out into bigger markets.

And remember: You’ll never get what you want if you’re afraid to ask! (Click to tweet.)

Now it’s your turn — I’d love for you to tell us in a comment below: What do you feel are your blocks to getting good press, and how are you overcoming them? What’s one thing you’re going to do today to make sure the press starts taking notice of you?

If you truly believe the message you’re sharing can make a difference in people’s lives, stick with it and your investment WILL pay off.

Cosmic hugs,

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7 thoughts on “This Is Why You’re Not Getting Press

  1. I always love this piece of advice because it’s SO simple and SO true. When I started tracking what was going on in my business, I no longer had a reason to say…’why is this or that not happening?’ because the numbers don’t lie and everything that’s going on in my business – whether that’s new clients or new opportunities is directly linked to the number of times I’m asking for what I want. Now I’ve integrated ‘asking for something I really want’ into my daily goals. Thanks for the video, Natalie.

  2. Great ideas in here! I especially like the tip for starting with smaller local outlets and then moving on to the big dogs. It makes things a lot less intimidating…and probably has much better odds for connecting with the right person too. Thanks, Natalie!

  3. Yes I agree Natalie, I started writing for local magazines and the press articles when they came out looked fantastic. I am now writing for larger publications! Loving your work!

  4. I have to agree with your advice about commenting and getting engaged with the authors ahead of time. I am finding this to be effective, although not always necessary. However, hearing you say it made me think about it more strategically and encouraged me to make my commenting more a part of my strategy, as opposed to just something I do because I enjoy the blog I’m following.

    Great advice. Thanks for sharing.

  5. When is it a good idea to pay for someone to do PR, if ever? I’ve just launched a product business, and it feels like to get on shopping pages you need a trusted person to go through…

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