Cure Idea Bloat and Get Focused

Natalie MacNeil talks about getting fiercely focused

Ever find that you have soooo many ideas you don’t know which one to focus on first? That it’s hard to prioritize what’s important (and what’s not), and you just end up feeling stuck in always planning out an idea?

When you have that fiery entrepreneurial spirit, you just can’t stop dreaming up new things – it’s in your nature. But you CAN and MUST stop the “idea bloat” if you want to get ahead and achieve soul-stirring success. So how do you do that?

**The cure for idea bloat is FOCUS!** (Click to tweet!)

In this week’s episode of She Takes on the World TV, I’m going to walk you through finding your focus so that you’ll be able to point a laser beam of energy into making your most important ideas really take off!



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Okay…let’s recap! Here’s the four-step process I use for staying focused and really getting things done:

  1. I believe in only working on three things at a time, max. Have a really tight product funnel of no more than three products. (Psst…check out my video training on creating a product funnel for more details!)
  2. Anything that doesn’t fit into that funnel, I put into an idea journal, and label it as a “backburner” idea. Your idea journal can be in a notebook or, if you like things digital, use a program like Evernote, which is what I like to do.
  3. For a lot of people, it’s natural to get bored when we work on the same thing for too long, so if that’s the case for you, spend time visualizing what the end looks like. Soak up the visual of what your life looks like to have achieved that goal and know that your focus is totally going to be worth it.
  4. After and ONLY after you’ve already got that first product funnel really humming along, you can go back to your idea journal and scour all those backburner ideas for what might fit into your next funnel.

My actionable for you this week is to evaluate what the most important thing is to you right now, and what it’s going to take to bring that one goal to life.


Go into your task manager (Asana is a great one!) and list all the tasks you’ll need to achieve to make it happen. Then I’d love to hear in a comment what that one thing is that you’re going to stay super-focused on!

You CAN make it all happen, just not all at the same time!

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5 thoughts on “Cure Idea Bloat and Get Focused

  1. Thanks Natalie 🙂

    I’ve been procrastinating a bit lately, and I REALLY need to focus on completing my business awards application. It’s really detailed and forcing me to analyse my business and kind of BORING! But I know once I’ve done it I will feel amazing, and even if I don’t win my category I will have learnt alot about myself, my business and taken an opportunity to identify areas for improvement.

    AND, if I get in the early bird timeframe I could win an advertising package with our local tv & newspaper station. OK, gotta get cracking!

  2. Thanks, Natalie. This is a big one for me. At the start of the year, I had 36 different projects on the go, and was kidding myself that I could handle them all. The problem was solved when my laptop exploded, and … fortunately … I had not made a recent backup. After that, I just had to let go of a lot of things, and I now make it a monthly thing to use the DELETE button to trim away new stuff that keeps accumulating that I just know I won’t have time for.

    For my “pending ideas box”, I use a simple card index, one card for each new idea. It’s so easy, when I review it, to throw a few cards away, add a note or two, and rearrange the order of priority.

    I’ve found it also useful to limit the time I allow myself to work on my projects – just a morning, or just an afternoon, instead of all day. That encourages me to stay focussed on just the key things, and I actually get more done.

    PS I highly recommend to everyone the Meditations that you mentioned in the video.

  3. Hey Natalie,
    I do have a couple projects that I’m working on at the same time, and I do a litle bit of each, but that way it takes a looong time to finish anything. Thank you for reminding me how important it is to focus on one thing at the time!!!
    I guess at this point the most important thing I need to focus on is finishing the presentation of my first two products for my audience, and start promoting them ASAP.

  4. Natalie… I love your description of how we {entrepreneurs} suffer from idea obesity. We do need to get focused, and know it. Thanks for all the helpful, actionable items. I am rebranding so the idea of 3 tiers of products seems do-able. I am always afraid I’ll loose the good idea if I don’t act…so your suggestion to write it down in and idea journal in Evernote is fantastic. For those ideas which you can’t let go of how much time/how deep do you go to investigate its viability? How do you know if it is just something you like or if it is something your clients will buy?

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