How To Fit In A Business Retreat This Weekend

Finding time to plan out the next year when you’re distracted by the dirty dishes and a full Netflix queue can prove to be quite challenging.

That’s why I’m a big advocate of retreats — each year when our Conquer Club Inner Circle group gets together for our Conquer Retreat, our members go away feeling rejuvenated and more inspired than ever, and I do too.

But if going on a retreat isn’t on your calendar just yet, today I’m going to help you to plan a mini-retreat for yourself and make it happen soon (like, this weekend)! Join me for my new episode and find out more:


No matter where you go for a retreat, just getting outside of your routine and taking some time to focus on your business and dreams can have an incredible impact on helping you reach your goals.

Order Your Copy Of The Conquer KitWhen you go on your retreat, don’t forget to pack a copy of The Conquer Kit, my brand-new business planning system for entrepreneurs. This 225-page book is jam-packed with tools, tips, and creative exercises for building the systems and strategies that will help you lay a solid foundation for your business in the coming year. This is the very same method I’ve used myself to build multiple six-figure businesses, win an Emmy, launch an award-winning website, and land a book deal with Penguin Random House — and I know this system will rock for you too.

Click here to download a free excerpt today!


Be sure to let me know in a comment below when and where you plan to take your mini-retreat. Don’t worry, we won’t try to come along and distract you!

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7 thoughts on “How To Fit In A Business Retreat This Weekend

  1. You will NOT believe this. I’m going on a retreat/conference in the morning, but before I pack my swimsuit, I am printing the bonuses that came with my Conquer Kit!! Like… right this second!!! I’m going to tuck that 5×5 plan into my book and do some planning on the plane. (I might be more excited for this than the conference. Maybe.)

    1. Terra, that is amazing! I absolutely love reading this. Be sure to let me know how the 5×5 comes together for you – you can tag me @nataliemacneil on Instagram or Twitter if you snap a pic of your plan. Have fun, and don’t forget that swimsuit too!

  2. What do you suggest for someone with a small child (almost 2 in my case) and I am just not ready to leave him somewhere, especially for a weekend.. And I work full time .

    Thank you!

    1. Great question, Jessica. Of course you’re not going to be able to jump on a plane and go somewhere far on a whim with a little one at home…but perhaps you could schedule some child care with a family member or friend and carve out a mini-mini retreat for yourself for an overnight in a nearby hotel or even an afternoon spent at your favorite cozy coffee shop or other quiet spot that soothes you? The benefit you reap isn’t about being far away or gone for a long time, but just getting outside of your normal routine for a bit and devoting some ‘me’ time to yourself and your business goals. Keep me posted on how it goes – hugs to you!

  3. I’ve been dreaming of taking a little mini-retreat for my business… And now I think I’m going to get planning! Thanks for the inspiration, Natalie! I’m really enjoying the Conquer Kit so far.

    ♥ Sara

    1. You are so welcome Sara! And I love hearing that you’re enjoying The Conquer Kit…that brings joy to my heart. 🙂 What part of the book has resonated the most for you so far?

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