Can a $%&#-Off Price Help You Earn What You’re Worth?

how to charge more

Let me ask you a few questions:

Do you feel you deserve to make a lot more moolah than you’re making right now?

Do you ever say “yes” to working with a low paying client and then regret it later?

Do you wonder how to charge more for your products and services?

My mission goes way beyond helping women get businesses off the ground. I want to see more women entrepreneurs earning what they are worth, turning massive profits, and using their success to make a difference in the world.

My business partner created a $%&#-Off Price early on when we started working together, and that’s what I want to talk to you about in today’s episode of She Takes on the World TV. It’s basically a minimum pricing amount that you set that you never go under. It’s a promise to yourself that you value your time, and will charge what you’re worth.

Now before you hit “play” I want to share the internal struggle I went through before recording this video. For awhile I have debated with myself and my peers about using profanity online. I mean, in my every day life I do drop f-bombs here and there. I have just always questioned doing it online because I don’t want to offend my followers and readers who I love and adore. Behind the $%&#-Off Price though is a very important message:

You are absolutely worthy of your goals, worthy of doing work that fulfills you, and worthy of earning your dream income.

Watch the episode below (or click here):

In a comment below I want you to make your own personal pricing declaration.

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75 thoughts on “Can a $%&#-Off Price Help You Earn What You’re Worth?

  1. Great message, Natalie! I’m still figuring out my price… I think I’ve been selling myself for too little.

    1. @Janet me too! Am I missing some formula others have for figuring out price?
      @ Natalie-y’all seem to have it together but for those of use starting out how about a heads up?

      1. Communication. I’m in a process of creating my own start-up company, hopefully will present my webpage soon 😉

  2. I love this video Natalie! You’re totally rocking it, and I loved the kitties. 🙂 While I wouldn’t have used that terminology, I think it’s awesome to have a minimum price in mind that makes it worth your while to work with someone. And this definitely will stick in people’s minds when it comes time to negotiate!

  3. Let’s take it a step further, and set a f@ck off price for everything in life? As women, we sell ourselves short on most things, so why not a f@ck off time limit (i.e. a time limit for doing things that you hate doing, but have to do. We all have things on this list, like working out. Set a time limit, and make it count!), or a f@ck off happiness level (i.e. if something doesn’t make you at least 75% happy, you don’t do it … like having lunch with a friend that you feel drains you after each conversation).

    My f@ck off price for my business is $1,200 for a 6 month plan, which works out to about $60 per hour of work. It only goes up from here!

  4. Awesome awesome awesome.

    I have trouble pricing myself for 1:1 work, but have no problems with pricing programs. My 8 week program is $5,000 and is a group program.

    But for 1:1… if my group program is 5k, my 1:1 price SHOULD be way higher shouldn’t it?

    OK, I’m going to do it now. My fuck off price is $300 an hour.

    1. Yesss Phillipa!!! And you’re right, the 1:1 always needs to be a lot higher because 1:1 work is very time consuming and requires preparation before and after. Getting all your juicy expertise dedicated 100% to that one person is so so valuable.

  5. Natalie, I hear ya. My tagline has a swear word and I thought long and hard before keeping it. Sometimes that’s the word that works…

    I have a f*k off price for my most intimate mentoring program of $500 because I work so closely with that client on a topics that can be draining or upsetting to the client (and me). At the price, I don’t hesitate to give my all and feel well compensated. Folks who balk at that price aren’t committed to the transformation, I’ve found.

    From one ballsy gal to another, I salute you!

    Warmly, Dina

    1. Dina, I adore you. “Folks who balk at that price aren’t committed to the transformation.” BAM! The best clients to work with are the ones who look at your fees as an amazing investment.

  6. Hi Natalie!

    I found you about a month ago and am totally inspired by what you’ve done. Plus, your red hair is gorge. 😉

    Love the principle here.

    What strategy do you recommend for establishing rates when we’re just starting out? Free starter sessions? Pick an F-off price and start there?

    I’m in the planning stages of my business (currently enrolled in Marie Forleo’s B-School – woohoo!). My specialty (through experience + a B.A. and M.S.) is in Communication Studies. I want to coach my ideal client on how to woo her dream clients through her authentic presence – online and in person. No fakey pants – no false air of what she thinks she “should” sound like, but the best version of who she really is. A “voice charmer” of sorts.

    I’ve been doing this for YEARS with friends and family who need help with their messaging and delivery, and I’ve taught college-level communication (writing and public speaking) for seven years. Still, I haven’t worked with entrepreneurs in this specific fashion yet.

    What do you think? I’ll be offering individual hourly sessions at first, but I need to get some great results for new clients first. I’m not sure how to establish the right price point.

    What are your thoughts on “free” first sessions? Waste of time/energy, or paying your dues? (And knowing my background, do I need to pay my dues if I’ve honed my expertise in these other ways?)

    Thanks so much for sharing your insight!

    1. Hi Nikki, thought I would share my experience here, as I am just started out after getting certified as a Chi Running Instructor. Pre certification I had Pro Bono clients (free) so I could get practice teaching hours and get a feel of my voice and value I give.

      I got a lot out of the experience and feel now that I know what my ideal client is and got some great results with testimonies thrown in 🙂 all good. It gives you an idea and feel of what its like teaching your services and how you can tweak on the fly and for the future. Well worth the experience.

      If you do Pro Bono client sessions for a taster of your services, I would suggest that you get as many Pro Bono clients as possible in a week so it gives you a great exposure to different people and then you can hone in on the ideal client YOU love working with.

      So important to love who you work with in my experience, not only for your benefit but for the clients too as you will give all for the right client and the feedback from the right client is so rewarding rather than having a semi-enthusiastic client in you hands that pulls you down. Hope that helps Nikki in your decision making.

      1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Jane! And I like the connotation of “pro bono” as opposed to “free” 😉

        I’ve got a pretty specific idea of who my ideal client is in terms of marketing, and you’re right – working with people I love to work with will be a huge key to “job” satisfaction!

        I guess my query is more about when I’m “ready” to start charging what I’m worth. In addition to my other work which involves public speaking and interpretation, I’ve been in practice by teaching communication to college students in traditional an online settings since I finished my master’s degree. .

        I’m comfortable with my skill level and premium brand positioning (thanks to B-School) and know I will do everything I can to provide WOW service, even (especially!) for those first clients. As a working mom with a toddler, my day hours are limited, so I’m building my business in my dreamy down time.

        So yes, I need to decide on my service offerings and find some first clients to get those coveted testimonials. (Although some people don’t believe in offering “free” services even at the beginning, which I’m interested in hearing about too…) If I go down that road, though, I’m not sure when I am “qualified” to charge my “eff-off” rate. I’m not pursuing a certification, but using my experience and education as my foundation. There’s not a clear before and after for me.

        Make sense?

        1. Thanks for jumping in here and sharing your experiences Jane! And Nikki, I’m SO glad you found us and I’m stoked to hear you’re joining the ranks of entrepreneurial women and using your unique talents to go into business for yourself. I am a big believer in a free starter session, as long as it’s very structured so that people don’t take advantage of your time. The goal of the starter session is to give your ideal client a taste of what you can do, leave them with a lot of value, plus offer a roadmap for how you can continue to use your expertise to help. Of course, they will have to pay you if they want help with that roadmap. Like you and Jane mentioned, make sure you get a testimonial from people who benefit from your free starter sessions! You also need a fuck-off price right from the beginning. I didn’t have one in the beginning and as a result I let a lot of people take advantage of my time and expertise. One more thing I want to mention: You are absolutely qualified. I see a lot of people fret about not having a certification in what they are doing. There are definitely some cases where you need a certification, but in your case, your experience is all the certification you need!

          1. Thanks, Natalie! This response is super-helpful.

            1. The affirmation “You are absolutely qualified.” means a LOT coming from you. I’ve been seeing so many people with certificates and coach quals that I’ve been half-tempted to wonder if I need one too, but I really feel confident in my expertise.

            2. Great tips on creating a super-structured starter session. Do you recommend always offering those for free, or is that a beginning biz deal? (I’m imagining it would be like a 30-minute or so “first date”… ;))

            3. I forgot to mention that with my business, I plan to give back in an obvious way, right off the top. I’m thinking and praying about the details and need to do more research on logistics, but I’d like to give either 5 or 10% of my fees to non-profits I love. I’ll have a short list, and my client gets to choose the non-profit she wants to “partner” with as we work together. Do you have any guidance on doing something like this?

            4. Any other resources on how to find the right rate? There’s a wide range of folks who do similar work, but not in the way I’ll do it. Not sure how to find the magic number for the various levels of service. Should I just see what others offer and pick what feels right?

            Thank you, thank you, thank you again. Your structure tip alone will keep me busy today as I start planning my starter sessions 🙂

          2. I do look at the free starter session as a “beginning biz deal” as you call it, as a way to get testimonials, create case studies, and build your credibility.

            I LOVE that you want to give back. I haven’t announced this yet but we’re launching a campaign called Pledge Your Profits with She’s the First in just a couple months and we’d love for you to be part of it. We want to build a team of women entrepreneurs who are pledging at least 5% of their profits to help women entrepreneurs in developing countries get their businesses off the ground, send girls to school, and ensure women everywhere can have a safe pregnancy (still the leading cause of death among women in developing countries), among many more social causes that I think we are better equipped to tackle when we work together.

            It’s definitely hard to find the right rate, and I see too many people ignore the fact that as a business owner you have a lot more overhead and expenses to worry about that you wouldn’t have if you were working at a company. You can’t just translate your corporate rate into your rate as an entrepreneur. I’m not saying you were going to do this at all, it’s just that many women do. Do you have a price in mind right now? I always trust my gut feeling on pricing 😉 It’s hard to give some suggestions without knowing a lot more variables.

            Best wishes xo

          3. That is AMAZING! Would love to be a part of that. I know it will be at least 5%, just have to make my “short list” and figure out logistics (I still need to research what I need to do on a legal/taxy side before starting my biz and charging folks!) So exciting.

            I’m thinking my minimum would be $100/hr, but I see many others doing more of a by-project (full day or 6-8 hour over a couple of weeks) package and ultimately charging plenty more than that. Gotta keep researching. I’ve been gathering responses via Survey Monkey (, doing market research, and find that most people have a tough time answering what they’d pay, not knowing what the service or project would be (of course!).

            Some said $20/hour (no thanks!), some said $100, and one even said $450 because she needs this help that badly (and left me her email and said she’d love to work with me!). Interestingly, 83% have said this is a VERY important issue for them to handle right now, which is great!

            I know I’d pour 100% of my talent into each client’s time, and as I mentioned, my current life stage (growing fam, still working a couple of other jobs) means any “extra” time is ULTRA precious. I’d want to maximize the value for all involved. I don’t want to start too low and then deal with the challenge of raising prices gracefully…I’d rather start with the right rate for what I have to offer at this moment.

            IAnd speaking of this moment, I’ve gotta figure out a tangible plan and structure – at least to try out – since I’m getting some interest from those taking the survey. Yay!

            Now it’s about taking the first real steps. I’m tempted to not offer anything until I have beautiful marketing materials and a super-set structure and game plan, but how would I develop those in a smart way without some trial and (hopefully minimum) error first? I gotta get in there and get my hands dirty to see what works, what I like, and what my potential clients like!

            Lots to think about, pray about, read about in the coming weeks, but I am SO up for the challenge. I’m in this now. No turning back! 🙂

            Thanks again for your support. Would love to know more about Pledge Your Profits with She’s the First.

          4. Hi Natalie!

            Just wanted to let you know I’ve got a lineup of several starter sessions over the next couple of weeks. I am so excited! And the women I’m working with are too 🙂 I’ve created super-clear expectations up front so we’re all on the same page. They know exactly what they’re signing up for, and I do too.

            This will be an amazing opportunity to gain experience with my new audience (entrepreneurs), work out a few systems, provide them with great value, and get some great feedback for referrals to put up on my site. (Plus, I’m confident I’ll convert some of these ladies into paying clients if I do my job right!)

            Super-excited. Thanks again for your input.

            I’ll let you know how it goes! 🙂

          5. That’s amazing! Thank you for updating me and bravo for staying on track and being accountable to the most important person in your life –YOU! I’m so so excited for you Nikki 🙂 Cheering you on!

  7. Hi Natalie, Great video as always 🙂 I am in the Health and Fitness Industry and have just launched my business as a Chi Running and Walking Instructor. I have just sweated hours working out pricing my services and I found it difficult as I had no one to compare against or get an idea on what to charge.

    Here in New Zealand there is only one other Chi Running Instructor and they are are on the other side of New Zealand.

    Anyway so after viewing what others personal trainers charged I took a stand and have set my prices as follows, I am not sure if its my fuck off pricing structure but its a start:
    one-to-one personal attention:$NZ70 for one hour, and $NZ130 for two hours
    and for group sessions of 4-6 people $NZ180 per person 4 hour workshop
    and $NZ220 per person for 8 hour workshop.

    I feel happy with this now, even though I feel the one-to-one hourly session is too low, but for now I have decided and send it out in an email to my Pro Bono pre certification clients and have it plastered all over my advertising on flyers and eventually, my up and coming website 🙂

    Good stuff Natalie, I feel good now that I have stated the prices, and I know these are only starters as I get my feel of what is needed and what kind of client can see value in what I have to offer.

    One question. How do you increase prices to clients after a while and not upset them and feel good about it. I feel that once you have a feel of the market and your clients response to your services and have a feel of the value you offer, you can then increase the prices according whilst offer extreme value and benefits, what do you think ?

    1. Someone JUST told me about Chi Running Jane –sounds pretty cool. Now, when you’re pricing keep in mind that you can charge a premium since you are the only one in your area. What’s great about that is that I think you could organize group events and perhaps earn even more revenue from doing Chi Running events than from one-on-one sessions. If you’re doing larger groups or even corporate events you’re reaching way more people in the same amount of time as a one-on-one and working to build up the whole industry in your area. You get to carve out your very own industry where you live and that’s very cool.

      1. Hi Natalie, Yes, you are right about group coaching. I have set a group limit at present to max 6 for a couple of workshops to get the feel of teaching more than one, and also that I want to give as much individual attention as possible to my clients Having a too large group teaching on your own can get rather difficult to add value of my teaching to each client. I have taught a couple before and its was very affective. My Chi Running instruction is definitely designed to be taught to a group and I have contacted a Chi Running Instructor in the North Island of New Zealand and we are arranging doing a larger workshop together soon, which will be awesome, teaching up 20 people. We are also looking at presenting in sporting events here in New Zealand like the well known Coast to Coast race multisport race. super excited

    2. Jane that’s awesome I’m so glad you’re making this happen and putting into action all we spoke about in our coaching session. Super fantastic you’re turning those dreams into reality in a very unique niche too. Natalie MacNeil you know how I feel about this topic and LOVE that you’re dropping Fbombs on such an important topic.

      1. Thanks Natalie, your coaching sessions was so useful for me and really got me thinking. I am excited to actually get started on teaching what I LOVE so dearly, I have been told that my passion comes through when I am teaching 🙂

  8. Thanks for the honest video, Natalie! Question for you and others before I declare my $%&#-Off Price: how do you set your price, especially when your business is based on creating events through expert partners? How do you keep your costs down, but still charge a ticket that someone will buy AND make you money? Thanks! Lauren McCabe Herpich – Founder, Why Not Girl!

    1. Hey Lauren! Great to see you commenting here and I hope to see you jump in on discussions for future episodes of She Takes on the World TV. Great questions! I think I should actually do a whole webinar around this because there are so many factors. For events, I think you need to make sure you cover all of your costs and a profit in the price of a ticket. I see a lot of people underprice events thinking they will gets tons of sponsorship dollars but the truth is, monetary sponsorship is a tough cookie to crack. There are a lot of companies willing to give in-kind donations which is great because you lower your costs then, but, it’s harder to get cash. So I would start with a detailed budget of your costs and how much you want to earn from your efforts and go from there. If you can get sponsorship dollars, that is icing on the cake.

  9. Awesome : ) Love this! My “F*ck Off” price is $1600 – the base amount I charge for my custom web designs. And I *COMPLETELY* vibe with the term (I have a potty mouth, and I’m not afraid to use it! ; )

    1. hahaha thank you Gem! Apparently I did not have to be so concerned about putting this out there. Web design is being severely underpriced right now by so many people as they try to compete with low bidders on Freelance websites. Good web design is worth its weight in gold! I’m working on a new right now and I can’t wait to give it wings!

  10. Hi Natalie, just today i have been working on my limiting belief that both me and my products are worthy. I run Life Changers, a business that assist women who are dealing with change to be the best that they can be. In the process i do coaching and training. My FO price is R800 per hour. Thank you for reinforcing this valuable belief!

    1. Senomi, thank you for your comment and I’m glad to hear you’re working on this. I love your mission and you are absolutely worthy of earning that FO price while helping people make shifts in their lives. Hope to see you joining the discussion on a future episode of She Takes on the World TV 🙂

    1. Love it Caroline! And thank you for the kind words 🙂 My goal has been to make each video better than the last and I’ve seen a huge improvement from my videos even 3 months ago til now.

  11. Yet another inspiring episode – thanks Natalie. Love the concept of the Fuck Off Price – and you are correct about the 80 / 20 rule which proves itself over and over again. I help people grow and expand their amazing businesses and brands through franchising. To do that they have to not be afraid to invest in themselves and the amazing people they are going to recruit to grow their business. If they are not willing to pay my minimum Fuck Off Price ($100 an hour minimum which is half my normal rate) then they are not ready to take the next step to grow their business. Having a Fuck of Price also means you avoid the price hagglers and also the people looking for a get rich quick scheme who want great rewards with out the work or the investment.

    1. Exactly! It comes down to working with the IDEAL client, and those are the ones who are willing to invest in herself, her potential, and the success of her business. Thanks for your comment, hope to see you commenting around here again soon! 🙂

  12. Natalie, I love this post!
    I’ve definitely been working with a FO price, I just hadn’t named it that yet 😉
    My FO price has grown to $7500 (last year was $3500). I always have a high demand for my services, so by raising this FO price, i’ve definitely reduced my headaches, and increased the awesome factor! I definitely noticed like you said, that the most headaches/difficulty tend to come from the lowest paying clients.
    I’ve also started working with a value-based pricing model, moving away from hourly work. If people don’t see the value in what I can offer, we probably aren’t a good fit anyway. Charging what I am worth has meant that some seriously amazing clients/projects have come into my life 😉
    Love what you’re doing, keep up the inspiration for the ladies!

  13. Just found you via Gabby Bernstein’s entheos conference. LOVE your blog! This video is awesome. I’m brainstorming on a packaged product/consulting service at this time (not sure about the details yet) but I can already declare that my FO price is $120 per package. I’m so ready to get this started!

    1. Welcome, so glad you heard the interview and then came over to say hi 🙂 Way to declare your FO price too! I hope you’ll keep in touch via my weekly updates which you can get in the top right corner. I look forward to getting to know you!

  14. this is such a great article since i am selling made to order jewelries online for three years now and this is one of my problem ..:( since i’m a newbie at jewelry biz i always make lesser price just to catch the clients attention and lesson learned it’s really not good for the business ..thank you so much for this Natalie 🙂

  15. I am a new visitor to this site, Natalie, and I am sure to become a regular. I love the idea of a FO price. Here’s my dilemma: I recently met someone who features gifts on a national radio show. I design personalized gifts, with my current lowest price being $129 including gift wrap and shipping anywhere in the continental United States. The radio host said, you need to bring down this price point to $99. I’m afraid she won’t feature me if I don’t agree to lower this price (on my entry level product). Shipping and handling (packaging etc) cost about $20 on average nationwide. Should I make the $99 price a special promotion for her listeners as first-time buyers? Or should I just bite the bullet and say no, thanks to what could be promotion to more than 1 million listeners? Suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Hi Carol! If that’s your price, I would absolutely not lower it just because the radio show host said you should. If you are offering a discount to people listening to the show because you’re reaching a huge audience, that’s a little different and sometimes worth offering a discount for without actually lowering the value of your whole product permanently. I have been featured on some big media outlets where it is required that their audience gets a special promotional code and sometimes it’s worth it to do that. Stick to your guns though, you’ll find lots of people who want to support your work while maintaining your FO price. Cheering you on xo

      1. Thanks for your quick feedback, Natalie. The promo idea may be a good one just for their listeners and just on this one product. Appreciate the advice and looking forward to learning more from you.

  16. Declaring it! My new minimum $350NZD/hr. A client I didn’t want to work with took me up on my last fuck off price, so I’m raising it from where it was. Substantially higher!

  17. Natalie, I’ve been struggling with this for so long, especially since I am restarting and rebranding my business in a new city. I was really low – a shameful $20 an hour with an in-home service, so I was using most of that $20 to drive to clients! But now, after getting a little “She takes on the World” encouragement, I am $60 an hour (or $150 for the 1st three), with a 10 mile limit. If you’re further than 10 miles, the price goes up, baby!

  18. Natalie,

    Thanks so much for this conversation. After some time away back in the corporate world, I am relaunching my operations strategy practice with a complete re-brand. New name – new look, new feel…even new approach to consulting. I’ve always done management consulting but I was never felt satisfied giving recommendations and walking away, leaving someone else to implement and evaluate some or all of the recommendations. So, with this re-launch, I have decided to propel myself into operational strategy, where I not only get to evaluate and make recommendations, but also stay around to design and implement recommendations. I love being a part of that process.

    Anyway – so, my F&^% Off rate is $125 per hour. I won’t get out of bed for less!

    Thanks again for this and other conversations. They are really thought provoking, particularly as I am relaunching. Super helpful!


  19. Thank you so much for this, Natalie! (Nikki Elledge Brown just linked back here in a post…I am catching up!) I recently realized the importance of setting a minimum not only in terms of price but also time. I just launched my storytelling business, and realized while setting up my pricing (with some help from fellow B-Schoolers) that if I didn’t set a minimum I’d keep getting requests for quotes for tiny projects. Part of the problem with that is that it takes some time and energy to get up to speed on what’s special about a business, and to talk focus and strategy, before I can start writing anything. So even if we’re looking at an hour’s worth of writing, it’s actually in the client’s best interest to hire me for a minimum of a half or full-day’s work so that listening/strategy time has higher returns. So now I’m encouraging clients to write a wish-list of small projects that we can tackle in the same day, while I’m completely tuned into their story.

    I won’t lie, it’s been scary putting those prices out into the world, and I’m still having some doubts, but…your video and this thread have been encouraging! Thanks for the encouragement! You rock.

    1. Absolutely! Thanks so much for sharing your own story, and don’t we all love Nikki?! I hope to see you around here more often 🙂

  20. Hi Natalie,

    I am just starting to plan my new business offering public relations and social media services/consulting to small business owners. THANK YOU for this video. I am currently a freelance publicist and have often found myself hesitating when asked what I charge. It’s almost as if I was embarrassed or thought I wasn’t worthy. I’m inspired by your video and reading everyone’s comments. The confidence you are giving other business owners is priceless, so I truly thank you!


  21. You are absolutely worthy Marisa! Don’t forget it, and if you start to forget it, come back here for a kick in the butt 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

  22. Hi Natalie,
    This post is great. I use the term P.I.T.A customers when I know that I potential lead is going to be a ‘pain in the ass’ and I know that I would not enjoy working with them on a project. I am currently re-developing my website with all the fantastic things I’m learning in B-School and when I do I will have a new price list for my online design packages (still figuring that out) and I think it’s a perfect time to up my hourly design fee…. I’m just not sure how to list it as I never really included my travel time before. I used to charge $85/hr for an initial design consultation, but you usually end up going over by 1/2 hr and I also never included my travel time which was 1/2 hr each way… Do the math and I was getting $85 for almost 2 1/2 hrs of my time. I don’t think so.
    Do you think it’s best that instead of listing my hourly rate, I list it as 90 minute initial consultation for $250. I think this is my new $&*(-off price! lol.
    Do you have a better suggestion that may work for my situation? I feel as though I’m moving towards offering complete design packages as oppose to allowing clients to hire me for a few hours..

  23. I feel like this is why I still have an hourly model instead of a “value-based” model … it works for my business model and keeps me from going below what I should be making for my level of expertise.

  24. $750 per month for coaching is the absolute minimum for me, and includes a session every other week plus an email on “off” weeks. I don’t do “per hour” any more.

    As far as the cussing thing, I totally get that, and had to make some tough decisions. I finally decided to go all in and renamed my community Spiritual Badass.

    1. I agree. The further you get from “per hour”, the better. Comedian Adam Carolla has a joke that the further your name tag is from your body, the wealthier you are; the guy at McDonald’s wears his, while the president of the company has his on the side of the building. I’ve always thought about hourly wage in the same way.

  25. I started my minimum rate less than 6 months ago at $250/hr, but will be doubling it soon because 1. I have clients who can afford it and 2. I’m becoming too busy and now the $250/hr price is starting to feel like a cheap price. I’m also hanging out and working with other high level entrepreneurs who charge a minimum rate of $7000/month for consulting, so, onwards and upwards!

    The money is out there! Just need to provide the right value to the right people. Can’t wait for the Marie Forleo interview! I hope to one day be on your / her level 🙂 xoxoxo

  26. I love this video, Natalie!

    I’ve gone through a lot of growth (and know there is plenty more to go!) in terms of pricing and realizing the value of my work. I started a writing and book coaching biz because ultimately I love helping people get their message out. My message is that everyone’s experience has something to teach everyone who hears it, because otherwise it wouldn’t have come into their experience. My packages are for ghostwriting (that’s my premium package costing $30,000 and is completed over 6-8 months), book coaching (a 3 mth program at $1500, I work with the client an hr per week and provide feedback on their writing; same for my 6 mth program of $2800), plus other smaller projects like blogging, article writing, press releases, etc. I started at very low prices thinking my work wasn’t all that valuable, after all, Im not a famous author. However, I knoe I’m good at what I do and that my work does a lot for my client in the long run both on a practical level (putting their name out there and helping them make money) and on a mental/emotional level (boosting their confidence). I also have found that those who are unwilling to pay my prices are ultimately not willing to do their share of the work to have the results they desire which doesn’t work for anyone. So giving a discount makes no sense because whoever is asking for it, doesn’t really want to work with me, they want everything to be done for them oddly enough…at least in my experience. In the past, I’ve offered discounts and ended up being screwed over by the client in some shape or form anyway, I.e. They don’t pay the rest of their instalments, they don’t want to contribute their share of their project, etc. I really don’t have time for the drama, so if it doesn’t matter that much to them, then it doesn’t matter that much to me. I love passion and enthusiasm and drive and a “whatever it takes” attitude.

    My eff-off price is $100 an hour but truthfully, I feel I can go higher than this based on the value my clients receive. 🙂

  27. I love this. Not sure why I haven’t checked out this video before. I have been following you for a while now as I was plotting to start my own business. I love this post because often we – women – tend to under-value our talents and time. I have officially left my life as a full time news producer and venturing out to share my knowledge and know-how with entreprenuers so they can learn how to leverage the power of the media to gain exposure to promote what they do!

    Price is often a big stumbling block for me. Learning to value what we each do and our unique skills helps to get firm on a price.

    I am working on creating some programs/courses but likely will start by consulting and helping people learn to stand out and get the media’s attention on their own, telling their own stories. I am setting a minimum consulting price as $100 per hour.

    It does feel good to say it! I hope by doing that others will hold me accountable! 🙂
    Cheers! and Thanks for sharing Natalie

  28. Hi Natalie,

    I just found this and LOVE IT!

    My Fuck off price is $120+tax per hour. Had a bad run lately of people not paying for my consulting after I have spent hours with them so it’s up front payment from here on out!



  29. As a Doula who has been in practice for about a year now with multiple modalities of healing in my pocket from my background, a well-stocked Doula bag, a free support group for my clients and others, as well as many costs I incur during a period with a client, it is time to stop doing volunteer work and require atleast an honorarium of $50. I need to be atleast breaking even with my underprivileged clients.

  30. I love this! The concept is not new, but the approach is so simple and the wording is so in-your-face that it cuts through in a way almost no one else does. I’m not sure it’s as much a gender-specific issue as some commenters suggest; a lot of people in general greatly undervalue what they offer. One of the biggest mistakes I see is people comparing services prices to someone else’s e-book price. Done-for-you or Done-with-you should always be more expensive than the “VCR manual” price. Frank Kern or Kevin Nations should have come up with this… but you did! 🙂

  31. I love this idea as well!

    I’ve always had a very different f*ck off price worked into my client agreements. Since I offer virtual assisting services there are times clients realize I could likely aid them on other projects outside the scope of what we’ve agreed upon. I totally do not mind doing these things for my clients, but they come at a higher rate when asked, which inevitably convinces them to f*ck off and save me time doing more work than I anticipated and otherwise enjoying a bonus for helping take more of their plate.

  32. A little late to the party, but just wanted to say thank you for this video. In my business of helping businesses and individuals hedge against the negative externalities of macroprudential and monetary policies , I found that people in my industry were charging 450k-millions for large scale projects. Now, I know I need to reestablish myself. Thanks again! Have a good day.

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