How to care for your energy when things get busy

Glad to see you again! It’s time for episode 3 of Superhuman Entrepreneur, where I sit down with my personal team of doctors to give you the best tips for staying energized, sane, and healthy as you run your business (even when things get crazy).

If you haven’t watched the earlier episodes yet, be sure to watch part 1 here, and part 2 here when you can!

Today, I want to introduce you to a woman doing extraordinary work in this world.

She’s a naturopathic oncologist, founder of the Paulson Center for Healing in Arizona, and she’s also my dear friend: Dr. Heather Paulson!

I’ve had the privilege of calling Dr. Heather a client, and also a friend, for years. She is one of the most amazing women I know, and has so much to teach you.

I’m a huge fan of her work, not just because of her incredible intelligence and compassion, but also because her approach to medicine is awe-inspiring. It’s a beautiful combination of modern and traditional medicine, as well as ancient eastern and western healing modalities, to create a 360 degree approach to health and wellness (that’s also backed by research and data).

On today’s video Dr. Heather teaches us how to integrate our day-to-day physical health with the health of our energy, so we can release stress and overwhelm, and let our lights shine brighter than ever.

She’ll also teach you 3 easy techniques that can clear out your energy body (even when you barely have time to care for your physical self) so you can feel better, faster; mind, body, and soul.

Ready? Watch today’s episode, and learn how being mindful with your energy can transform both your emotional and physical wellbeing.

And don’t forget!

To build on what you’ll learn throughout this series, I’ve created a downloadable “Superhuman Entrepreneur” journal designed to help you mindfully move through each day, by tracking your daily health and nourishment practices.

The goal? To help you create greater alignment — mind, body, and soul — with your heart’s intentions every step of the way. This journal is my free gift to you for being a subscriber, just because we adore you. <3

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