How to Avoid Overachiever Burnout

One of the things I’m most proud of as an entrepreneur is my ability to really go hard after, and achieve, my goals.

But (surprise surprise) that’s a mixed blessing. It turns out my ability to push myself at high levels can result in some serious repercussions for my health!

Can you relate?

For example, about a year ago I was on a grueling book tour, launching multiple brands, and moving to the United States from Canada… and while I was somehow managing to fit it all in… my body was crumbling.

Eventually, adrenal fatigue, burnout, and exhaustion found me. And I knew it was finally time to take my health seriously.

Since then I’ve worked with a team of doctors (a few of whom you’ve met in my Superhuman Entrepreneur series!), scaled back my projects, and started to set up morning and evening routines to nourish my body and mind.

And when I did that… everything changed. I was the most productive I’d ever been, while feeling energized, healthy, and raring to go!  

Curious about what I learned?

I’m sharing my best health hacks and tips with you inside week 5 of the Goal Standard Challenge!

(Yep – it’s already the final week of my collaboration with Entrepreneur Magazine, but you can still sign up to access all the materials and recordings right here if you want to set and hit a goal in 2017.)

In this video I reveal exactly how I stay healthy while pursuing my biggest, most challenging goals, including:

  • One thing I do all day to stay productive and energized (most people don’t do this — but it’s so easy, and can make all the difference!) [-31:30]
  • Why you need to stay mindful of what you’re eating and drinking especially when you’re pushing yourself [-30:00}
  • My morning and evening routines (plus a bonus cameo from my blender!) [ -27:00]
  • How intermittent fasting has done wonders for my productivity [-28:30]
  • What I do during the day when I lose focus [-22:12]
  • PLUS A meditation for for energizing your body [-21:27]
  • … and more.

We’re in the final week of The Goal Standard Challenge, but you can still join us for week 5, and get access to all materials from the previous weeks, by clicking here!

The Goal Standard is a FREE 5-week challenge designed to help you sprint toward what you want to achieve most, featuring coaching from me, Todd Herman, Chris Winfield, and Alli Schiller.

I’m live for a final time TODAY (Friday) on the Entrepreneur Magazine “Challenge Accepted” Facebook page, walking you through what you learned that week, what your struggles and successes were, and how you can make your progress the following week even more incredible. So even if you’ve missed the previous weeks, come join us! I guarantee you’ll learn something. 🙂

But for now, stay healthy and happy, and I’ll catch you later this week!

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