How Successful Entrepreneurs Deal With Fear: An Inspiring Interview With Tahani Aburaneh

Conquer Summit interview with Tahani Aburaneh

This week I’m sharing an interview I had the honor of doing with Tahani Aburaneh, a top Canadian real estate investment expert, philanthropist, and author of the bestseller Real Estate Riches, who tells her courageous story of how she went from living in a refugee camp in the Middle East and being sold into marriage at 15, to becoming a leading real estate investment expert and multimillionaire.

She’s incredibly warm and humble, and a complete inspiration to anyone who feels they might have road blocks in their way to becoming an entrepreneur.

In this interview, we also talk about how to build your business in spite of your fear, the advantages of being a woman in a male-dominated industry, and how to take responsibility for building a life you love:

Building a business and a life you love takes a great deal of courage and determination. As Tahani says, “You can’t get everything you want all at once. Take one step at a time. Feel the fear, and do it anyway.” (Click to tweet)

When considering how to take your business to the next level, a lot of fear can set in. For this week’s actionable, I want you to ask yourself, “What is the worst case scenario?” of taking that next step. Think about what would happen if you fail and ask yourself, “Can I still survive? Can I still live my life and what would that look like?” Let me know in a comment below what your worst case scenario looks like, and how you plan to push through in spite of that. As Tahani advises, if you can live with those answers, then do it!

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5 thoughts on “How Successful Entrepreneurs Deal With Fear: An Inspiring Interview With Tahani Aburaneh

  1. Very inspirational. Thankyou for sharing your story Tahani , at times we have so much going on in our mind and we need to hear things from other people to give us a little push .

  2. Being an entrepreneur is living a life full of risk. It is not at all easy and glamorous as it seems. To become successful one needs a lot of effort, time and energy and in the mean time, he/she has to overcome a lot of fear. I am personally very much inspired by Tahani’s story. Well done!

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