How I Make Big Decisions

Natalie MacNeil on how she makes big decisions

Today, I want to get into something every business owner wrestles with: How to make big decisions.

As an entrepreneur, you’re making decisions every day…

Some decisions are really pretty insignificant, like what to post on Instagram.

Other decisions, like…

What your next big focus will be…

Launching that course you’ve been dreaming about…

Finding the right mentoring and training… (something I want to talk to you about later in this post)

…these could change the course of your business.

It’s normal to feel frozen on the spot when it comes to the game-changing stuff, even if you’ve been running a business for years. (Click to tweet)

But, if you approach your decision-making process with the right mindset, you can overcome that terrifying feeling, and set yourself up to make the best call possible.

In today’s episode of She Takes on the World TV, I’m going to share with you how I tackle tough decisions, including one surprising visualization trick you’ve probably never heard about before that I use to produce some really amazing results.



Watch today’s episode here:

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12 thoughts on “How I Make Big Decisions

  1. Those are great tips, Natalie. Thank you. It’s good to have such techniques that put us in touch with our gut feelings and take us out of “over-thinking” things in our heads.

    This could be taken a step further. I’ll use the same example you gave in your video. Suppose it transpired that you were prevented from going to the conference you had visualised as a tropical paradise. And suppose the only option you now have is to go to the conference that you had visualised as a dark room. So… go into that dark room, visualise flicking on the light switch, and see that the room is actual full of gold that you can help yourself to.

    Like you say, Natalie, it’s best to follow through on our choices and not get side-tracked into thinking “what if” we had gone the other way. This extea visualisation can help us when the going gets tough on the path we have chosen – to see a posive outcome, regardless, helps us make the most of whatever comes our way. And at the end of the day, everything is whatever we make it.

  2. Natalie,

    You seem to have impeccable timing! This was the video I needed today! And what great tips! I definitely wouldn’t have thought of some of those; like visualizing opportunities as food choices! I think it is really valuable to envision all scenarios that may play out – positive and negative – and accordingly, what it would be like to have to deal with those fall outs – whether they be positive or negative!


  3. By the way, Natalie… maybe it’s the new studio, but somehow you look more like a film star in each new video. Maybe you could consider making a big decision… to create and star in a major inspirational film?

    I know you can do it 🙂

    1. Haha, thanks for the compliment Steve. For now I’m focused on growing our community and launching my next book…but it’s definitely a wonderful dream to aspire to.

  4. Hi Natalie,

    Funny. I totally did that the other day. I wanted to decide between 3 options. I trust that more than my logical mind. It’s interesting how comfortable I felt with my decision afterwards. I learned something though — the universe wanted to push to realize that my business was real whether or not I have a job to support myself. I also know that it will be OK either way. It’s important to redo the image when things shift.

    For B-School I visualized all of the options (there are lots of options), and I asked which one. Your face came up with a green check-mark. That was before I had seen emails from you. I trust that, but I do want to know what offers you have. That’s the smart thing to do.

    My trick…

    Another trick is to use oracle cards. I did that after my 3 options (funny) because I wanted validation. I asked the cards “what should I do?” . I pulled a card “You already know what to do.” FUNNY! I then asked my psychic friends for confirmation. That’s a little trickier. At the end I know what to do.

    You can make your make your own oracle cards or use your own. It’s super easy. The way to read them is what does the “card” mean to you. It’s super easy.

    Love & Light,


    1. So glad to hear you feel confident about the big decision you’re making Nathalie! It’s a good feeling, isn’t it? 🙂 And I love that you’re using visualization to weigh the B-School options. I’ll be announcing my offer very soon…it’s the best one out there for fully rounding out your B-School experience and gaining an amazing amount of mentorship and support for the rest of the year. In the meantime, I’d love it if you signed up for my free Prep School experience and a training session with Marie Forleo that’s exclusive to our STOTW community. If you have any questions whatsover, please email us at

  5. That’s a really fun and original way to approach decision making. I had never heard about it before but I think it might work for me.
    I’m a fairly visual person and I usually associate colors to feelings and ideas. I can’t wait to try it for decision making.

    It’s the first time I watch one of your videos and now I can’t wait to see the next one. You’re like a breath of fresh air in the business world :D.

    I need to share this with my subscribers!

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