Dear Natalie: How Has L.A. Changed Your Business?

Oh, my new home in Los Angeles, how do I love thee?

Let me count the ways.

Your beaches.
Your sunshine.
Your total lack of winter.
Your beautiful, bustling population of creatives.
Did I mention the sunshine?

(OK – I’ll stop counting now… and you’ll notice L.A. traffic did not make that list.)

However, some readers have been wondering: What kind of difference has life in L.A. made for me as an entrepreneur?

Sure, I’m a little more tan and fit from runs on the beach, and I love my apartment. But what’s really happened on the business side of things?

If you’ve been wondering about that too — Asia has you covered on this week’s Dear Natalie episode.

(Fun fact: Asia is actually from my hometown in Canada, which makes today’s question extra special for me.)

Asia writes:

“Dear Natalie,

You’ve chosen to move from your city in Canada to L.A.

What differences are you finding when it comes to your success between being there vs. being [in Canada]?

Can it really be done online and from anywhere? Or are those things that you’re getting from your physical environment now feeding your success?”

Today’s answer is pretty personal for me, and I’m really excited to dive into it with you!

Figuring out whether you’ve got “grass is greener” syndrome, or if you genuinely need to leave where you are in order to expand, is a big step for any business owner itching for a shift.

Watch today’s video to learn:

1:54: How moving countries can actually be limiting for your business
2:33: Why I decided to move anyway
3:30: What it wound up coming down to in the end
4:18: The real deal on whether being in a big city gets you to success faster
5:11: How I really feel about the energy here in L.A.

And before you go – I want you to consider:

Where in your life and business are you feeling stuck — like you’re a plant that’s growing too big for the pot you’re in?

Are there any areas in your life where you might need to be “re-potted”?

I don’t mean changing locations necessarily — but maybe you need to shift your focus, where your energy is going, or what your current day-to-day work includes.

You deserve to grow exactly how you want to, where you want to — and, if you feel called, I hope you’ll take the risk to make it happen.

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3 thoughts on “Dear Natalie: How Has L.A. Changed Your Business?

  1. I did the opposite move. Left São Paulo the bigger city in Brazil back to my hometown, also in Brazil.

    I had two thoices:

    1- get a side job and focus on my business only half period because living in São Paulo ain’t cheap.


    2-go back to my hometown, decrease incredibly my cost of living but dedicate myself fully to my business.

    I’m a Copywriter in Brazil and do not regret for doing so. Sure, one day I will go back to São Paulo or maybe Barcelona…who knows…but for now this is the place I want to be I’m fine with it. I do not feel like a tree planted in a pot. Being realistic about what is really best for your own situation in the monent is the best move.

  2. I totally understand the tree in a pot analogy. I come from a very small island Bermuda – where you can drive from one side of the Island to the other in an hour. You have to work very hard to cover the cost of living here as it’s very expensive for rent, food and everyday costs of living. I dream of living in a more affordable part of the world and creating a location independent business. Right now my business is reliant on me being here, but I’m working to grow the brand so that one day I can travel more and stress less about finances. Great episode!

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