“How Do I Write a Book?” My Step-By-Step Guide

Since my book launch I’ve had a lot of people come up to me at events or send me emails asking, “How do I write a book?!” So I decided to create this guide to writing a book.

It’s no surprise that writing a book is one of the most popular bucket list items, even for people who aren’t entrepreneurs. Yet so many people don’t end up doing the work and writing the book that’s in their mind. Why? Most people just don’t know how to get started writing and publishing a book.

If you’re a wannabe-author, working on a book right now, or even someone who has already published a book but want to get it in the hands of more people, check out my episode of She Takes on the World TV all about writing a book:

While I’m on the topic of books I’d like to tell you about a resource that has been my secret weapon as an author, YOUR BIG, BEAUTIFUL BOOK PLAN by Danielle LaPorte and Linda Sivertsen. If you are on the prowl for a literary agent, ripe ‘n ready for publication, and secretly yearning to incite a bidding war for your prose… or stepping into the writing & publishing game for the sheer love of it, YOUR BIG, BEAUTIFUL BOOK PLAN is a companion, a roadmap, a Bible for your book’s entire life cycle — from the blinking cursor to your first book signing tour date.

A book is more than just a book. Writing a book could change your whole business and career. It could send more business your way, lead to spin off products, pay for that dream vacation, or just pay the rent. It could change one person’s life or it could spark a revolution. But you need a plan and that’s where YOUR BIG, BEAUTIFUL BOOK PLAN comes in.

Creators Danielle LaPorte + Linda Sivertsen have landed six-figure book deals, independently authored + co-authored over a dozen titles (including several NY Times bestsellers), and helped hundreds of writers devote themselves to DONE. We’re talking life’s work, in print and pixels. These ladies love this stuff. And you’re going to feel the love.

Ready? Start creating YOUR BIG, BEAUTIFUL BOOK PLAN today.

P.S. I am a proud affiliate for this program because it has been my book bible for the last couple years, and I do earn a commission for sales I make. That being said, I rarely offer to be an affiliate for anyone unless I’ve purchased the product myself and experienced results. After spending thousands of dollars on getting my book out into the world I can honestly say that the $150 price tag on this program was the best — and the lowest — investment I made into my book.

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15 thoughts on ““How Do I Write a Book?” My Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Hi Natalie, This post is a huge help and giant inspiration to aspiring authors and anyone else with a creative project on their ‘bucket list’. I am an artist and I can use some of these ideas to launch my next big show! You really gave me some definite things to do! Thank you for being a true professional who helps others!

  2. Natalie, Thank you so much for this valuable video. I started writing a book 6+ Years ago, when I first merged into my coaching business. As you had mentioned, it is a tricky balancing act w/ business & writing! Last week, I found myself in a emotional transition…when a girlfriend reminded me that I should finish the book, I had started many moons ago.LOL

    It is the perfect opportunity, timing wise to do this. And voila…your email arrived, Inspiring and valuable. Thank you!

    1. I know it’s a very tricky balancing act to write a good book while running a company. It is the most fulfilling, energizing feeling when you get to hold the book you wrote in your hands or see it on your Kindle. It’s worth all the hard work that goes into it. And if you’ve already started you’re already ahead of the game. Keep me posted!

  3. Oh dear… watching that video exhausted me!!! I can already see that I’ve missed a significant number of steps! 🙂 I’m working on a novel that’s a bit too convoluted to describe here. It’s 370+ pages already and my goal is to be done the SFD by the end of April. Hmm… started it in 2007, so I missed your time frame by quite a bit. Interesting video, thanks for posting! I’ll have to bookmark it and come back to it in a few months.

    1. Sounds like you’re almost done Laura 😉 And you haven’t really missed any steps yet. Your next steps will be editing, deciding to publish it digitally or publishing in print on your own or with a publisher. What do you think you want to do? You’re got this!

  4. I’m a six time survivor of domestic violence , who really want to share her story,but I cant afford all the fees

    1. Gloria, you can definitely do it on a lower budget, especially if you start with just an e-book for iBooks and Amazon instead of doing a hardcover. There are a lot of talented people on Elance.com and oDesk.com who you could hire to edit your book and format it into an ePub file to distribute to e-Readers. If you have a story to share that can help others, you have to share it and shine your light. Cheering you on xo

  5. Natalie, Thank you so much for providing so much great content. You’ve laid out all the steps so concisely. It’s a lot to think about but I am super excited and motivated to get started on my book idea. I think you should do an on-line class and get more in depth on some of these topics (i.e. how a book proposal should be organized, what should be in it, how to find a good editor, how to to find a supportive group of writers, etc…). In any event, I am a huge fan. You’re awesome!

    1. Awesome to hear you’re going to get started! Thanks so much for your comment and suggestion to do an online class -I am going to work on organizing that. I’ll see you there 😉

  6. Love your clarity, Natalie, and especially your tip of recording my answers and getting them transcribed. I’m still working on my outline, and I’m finding writing blog posts, including guest posts, a great way of beginning to create both content and a community.

  7. Hi, Natalie! What a great episode – I truly appreciate your passion for outlining meaningful action items to empower women to take big steps! I have a book idea and title, and thanks to you and your great resources, I now have some next steps to help make it happen 🙂 I’ve just signed up for the Conquer Club as well! I’ve started recording my thoughts in Evernote to keep all my notes on hand, but I hadn’t thought to record myself talking – I know this will help me generate more content more quickly. Thank you for the helpful guidance to tackle this bucket list goal to publish my book!

  8. Hi Natalie!
    I’m LOVING all of your amazing content, and working with you in B-School, too! Looks like it’s going to take a lot more time and money than I every anticipated to publish my own book. My, oh my! More than a year and thousands of dollars. Does having a large audience already help you with sales? How long did it take to make back the money on your investment? Is this book really a big part of your income or, as Marie Forleo sometimes says “Just a business card”? And how do you balance what you’re including in the book (for a fee) and what you provide on your blog (for free)?

    I have so many questions!! 😀 I can’t wait to learn more from you! xo Kim Caldwell

  9. Hi Natalie,
    I’ve wanted to write an autobiography since I was 15. I’ve actually been keeping diaries, notes and scrapbooks since I was about 10 years old in preparation for my “someday” book. My autobiography isn’t related to my scrapbooking retreat business or my day job of being a SVP Compliance Officer. However, it is something I know that I was meant to do because I have some amazing stories to tell about resilience. My book will be similar to the memoir “The Glass Castle” written by Jeannette Walls. Tonight during our conquer summit session I set a goal of March 1st, 2017. Do you have any advice or recommendations for writing a memoir? Thank you.

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