Hit your goals faster with these two priceless tools

As I’m sure you know by now – whether you’ve joined me inside the FREE Goal Standard Challenge with Entrepreneur Magazine or not –  a big part of setting and achieving your goals involves keeping your eyes on the prize, and moving forward.

However, if you find you’re only looking in one direction through the whole process (for example, constantly stressing out about the next item on your to-do list), you might actually be missing two critical keys to success on your goal-achievement journey!

The truth is, every path to a goal comes with its share of obstacles and challenges, even if you’re making great progress. You might be crossing every item off your to-do list religiously… but you’ll most likely still need help staying motivated to cross the finish line.

That’s where two priceless, under-utilized power tools come into play in your process.

These tools are: the power of reflection, and visualization.

And that’s what I’m diving into with you in this week of The Goal Standard!

Haven’t joined me yet? The Goal Standard is a FREE five-week program designed to help you sprint toward a big goal, and turn 2017 into an incredible year. It features almost-daily coaching from me, Todd Herman, Chris Winfield, and Ali Schiller.

Every Friday this month at 1 PM EST, I’ll be live in the “Challenge Accepted” Facebook Group walking you through what you learned that week, what your struggles and successes were, and how you can make your progress the following week even more incredible.

We’re working through week 3 of the challenge now, but you can grab every week’s previous videos on the Entrepreneur Magazine “Challenge Accepted” Facebook page.

You can also check out my video from last week (week 2) below!

Inside this video, I’m diving into those two “power tools” I just mentioned, and more, including:

  • Why reflection is a secret superpower when it comes to achieving your goals
  • The motivational magic visualization — and why some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs use this technique
  • Tips for hiring team members so you can be your most productive (even if you can only afford a V.A. right now)
  • And more!

Enjoy the training, and if you want to hop on with us, click this link to sign up and join week 3 of the challenge, all about the “Fight Stage” of goal setting!

You’ll learn how to conquer your own obstacles, and keep your momentum going — even when things get tough.

And just a reminder: once you join, you’ll get instant access to an awesome collection of resources and worksheets from me in the Content Center, access to the high-power “Challenge Accepted” Facebook Group, and almost-daily coaching on Facebook Live. (Including my coaching there at 1 EST every Friday!)

Crossing my fingers I’ll catch you in the group. See you on the other side!

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