How To Have A Shitty Day, Then Get Your Groove Back

feeling uninspired and having a bad day

I had just come back from over a month of traveling, and my body was trying to adjust to a 25 degree Celsius drop in the temperature outdoors on top of a 12 hour time change. I jumped straight into long meetings and hosting a big event. Then I just crashed.

My alarm clock went off and my body felt so achy I could barely reach my arm over to press the “snooze” button. Five minutes later the alarm was back and I tried to get up but my head felt like a bowling ball.

I pushed through because I wanted to make my first meeting on time, which didn’t happen. The person was pissed off and I thought to myself “Why did I do this to myself?! I should have just cleared my schedule.” Now in a bad mood with my body feeling more and more drained, I knew it was time to head home and relish in having a shitty day.

I put my PJs back on, made a pot of tea, and got cozy under a warm blanket with the fireplace going as I watched movies all day long and ordered various vegetarian soups from take-out restaurants.

Sometimes you just have to give yourself permission to have a bad day, and not just when you’re sick.

I know you’ve had those days where you just don’t want to get out of bed, or you stare at your computer screen because you don’t feel in the mood to work, or you procrastinate by hanging out on social media because you feel no motivation to do anything else. It happens to all of us entrepreneurs, including me sometimes!

In this episode of She Takes on the World TV I want to share with you my expert advice for what to do when you’re having a bad day or feeling uninspired in your business or life:

Now I want to hear from you: What do you do when you’re having a bad day to get your groove back?

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14 thoughts on “How To Have A Shitty Day, Then Get Your Groove Back

  1. That may be the first time I’ve ever heard someone say that! How refreshing. When you work from home it’s so easy to trudge along when you feel super blah because it’s there and you feel like you should.

    I do something similar, I go out for a run or a walk with my dog. It’s an hour or two away from work but I always return more creative and inspired and usually end up with a great blog post in my head before returning. Exercise always has a funny way of doing that.

    Thanks for the great video and some unique advice.

    1. Thanks for your comment Rita, and I’m glad to hear you spend time with your dog! I do that too, and he always makes me feel 100x better. The thing is, if I’m having “one of those days” I’m not going to be able to do my best work anyway so I may as well not sit and stare at the computer. Sometimes you neeeed to be outside, or sit in a cafe, or even just watch a movie or something. The stats on the number of hours corporate employees are actually productive in a year is insane… but they have to show up at the office, whereas we have a little more freedom 😉

  2. Great video, Natalie – and perfectly timed for me!

    A couple of months back I suffered from The Mother of all Creative Blocks. Y’know, the block that basically consumes you, eats you alive, chew you up and spits you out. As a web designer with deadlines, it wasn’t great. One thing I found as I was in that space was to be completely honest with my clients – especially as I was up against a deadline (which we often are when the dreaded Day Of “Meh” comes a-calling). I called up my client and admitted that I was struggling with ideas. I let her know that I was taking the day off in case she came to me with any emails and wondered why there was no response, and suggested that we come back the next day and go through some ideas together, just to get some more clarity.

    Luckily, I work with awesome clients, and this one in particular was more than happy to talk through some more ideas with me.

    I also like to check myself, where has the “meh” feeling come from? Am I feeling tired, overworked and stressed? Am I feeling resentful or jealous? There is often a lot of answers in our response to situations, and making sure we GTFO and switch off is super important.

    Great video Natalie, and hope you’re having a wondrous time in Central America! 🙂

    1. You’re totally right about checking yourself to see where the “meh” is coming from… I love free-flow journal writing for that where for a whole song the pen doesn’t lift from the paper. You can find out a lot about your feelings from doing that!

  3. I was just thinking that my mind is off today. It’s foggy and unfocused. I can tell things just aren’t going to happen the way I would want. So I was just about to flip on a movie and chill out. But then I will dive back in and have a productive afternoon. I love working for myself!

    1. Woohoo, glad to hear it! What movie did you watch? I’m a sucker for How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days when I want to wallow haha.

  4. I totally love this idea – some days I procrastinate all day and then feel guilty about all the things I could have done instead, usually when I’m avoiding a big hurdle. I will try stepping away and doing something else for a few hours to shake it off xx

    1. Rachelle, I totally get. You have to do it without feeling guilty though and recognize the time away as time that you neeeed to get back into your groove. Guilt will lead to further blocks. So give yourself permission to just step away for as long as you need and come back to whatever you need to do after you’ve taken a break. You deserve it! 🙂

  5. When I’m having one of those days, nothing puts be back in the groove like listening to my favourite Bollywood & Bhangra (traditional Punjabi music) tracks. It just gets me moving and before I know it, I’m in a great mood and getting on with things.

  6. Great advice… it’s hard to give yourself permission to go do something unrelated to work – but you’re so right, it’s better than staring at the computer screen (or canvas in my case)!

    1. Good to hear from you Julie!!! How’s everything going? I’d love to hear your advice for dealing with creative blocks as a painter.

  7. Oh I love to meet a fellow Moleskine empress Natalie. Loved your advice about taking a long walk. When my mood lacks motivation I tend to bury my head in a good novel and only come up for food + water until I find my Mojo again. Works a treat. And I often discover that my lack of Mojo stems from ignoring an important message from my subconscious.

  8. I don’t know if you’ll read this or not, but I just wanted to post anyways. I have actually been having a lot of those bad or “off” days for the past year and a half. I’m currently working part-time in a retail environment and my full-time job search has not yielded a lot of results despite the numerous applications and interviews. I’m in danger of losing my apartment this coming August and so every day is a bit of a struggle.

    I just keep pushing on with the knowledge and hope that things will turn around soon if I keep working at it. I spend a lot of time working on my passions (photography, writing, character creation) as well as take little walks around the neighborhood when it’s nice out or treat myself to a little home spa day.

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