Have a Bigger and Better Online Launch: An Interview with Kathryn Hocking

Natalie MacNeil interviews Kathryn Hocking

Greetings from Easter Island, where I’m fulfilling a childhood dream of visiting this mysterious and magical place…

Natalie MacNeil visits Easter Island

Natalie MacNeil visits Easter Island

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Just because I’m on the most remote inhabited island on the planet, doesn’t mean I don’t have an awesome episode of She Takes on the World TV for you, though.

In today’s episode I’m interviewing Kathryn Hocking, an eCourse launch specialist and founder of eCourse Launch Formula, and we’re going to bust through the 3 biggest myths surrounding eCourse launches. We’ll also show you:

  • How you can have a successful launch even off a relatively small list.
  • The two things you absolutely must do if you want to have a six-figure launch.
  • Why you don’t need to be an expert to launch an eCourse.

Then we’ll switch gears to talk about the 3 biggest things Kathryn did to get to her first six-figure launch, including:

  • How to Conquer your internal blocks and upper limits to reach the success you crave.
  • The percentage you need to invest in your biz to earn the revenue you want. (Our ‘secret sauce’ formula!)
  • Long-term planning and why you might need to up your game along the way.


Remember, a six-figure launch doesn’t happen by accident. (Click to tweet)

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7 thoughts on “Have a Bigger and Better Online Launch: An Interview with Kathryn Hocking

  1. Hi,

    It was quite helpful to hear the launch tips. And to realize that there is momentum overtime.

    I’m doing my first launch right now. It’s not a BIG launch. I know that some people are interested, and it’s rather difficult to keep doing everything I’ve laid out. I’m doing it anyways. It might not be perfect, and I’m proud of my first attempt at a launch. The product is good.

    I did a workshop rather than an e-course. I’m thinking I’m going to turn this into an e-course. Maybe that will sell more. There is less restriction.


    1. Congrats on your first launch! Getting started is everything, and each one will be better than the last. All the best! Stay tuned for many more tips and business advice 🙂

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