3 Tips to Grow Your Business by Outsourcing

Here is the most important thing that I learned while setting up a copy writing business on the side: I need to hire someone if I want to transition this from being a mere side hustle into a profitable full time enterprise.

Like most bootstrapping newbie entrepreneurs, I fell into the trap of do-it-yourself  mentality. I don’t want to spend money hiring anyone, because revenues are low. Most women entrepreneurs, I noticed, are also prone to doing everything on their own because they’re expected to do well in managing both their business and a household.

But the thing is, no matter how efficient we are in managing our time, we can only have 24 hours in a day. A woman’s work is never done – to borrow a phrase from a popular feminist manifesto(a). How can that be possible when in between calculating overhead cost and writing a sales copy, a woman entrepreneur also have to prepare dinner for the family and check up her child’s homework?

So what to do?

After suffering from too much stress (and gaining 20 pounds in the process as I tend to pig out when I’m stressed), I decided to get myself a part time virtual assistant. She did the administrative and technical stuff (like figuring out how a popover plug-in works), while I focused on important tasks of writing, networking and strategizing for my business.

Here are some tips on how to outsource so you can reclaim your time (and your life):

1. List all the tasks that you need to do in one day

This includes not only the tasks that you have to do for your business but also the daily household chores and other family/social obligations. If possible (and if you’re quite OC with your time management), the list should also include the number of hours you spend for working on each tasks.

2. Weed out the “grunt” work and choose to work on what’s important

Pick and choose tasks which are crucial in your business and which ones are just administrative stuff (like putting up your blog posts for instance) which you can outsource to someone else.

This is also the time to sort out which ones you love and capable of doing and which ones you find boring or too difficult. If you cry when confronted with an overflowing inbox then perhaps it’s time to get a virtual assistant to sort out for you. Similarly, if you don’t like doing the dishes or the laundry, then get yourself a house keeper.

3.  Start looking for a QUALIFIED person who can do these tasks

What are you looking for a virtual assistant and/or a housekeeper? You have to be clear about that – what credentials you’re looking for, years of experience, particular skill set, if you want to hire the right person for the job.

Ask around. Get referrals from friends/colleagues. Expand your search by going online,there are several job auction sites and online sites where you can find and hire virtual assistants, writers, online tutors and designers who are a right fit for your business and lifestyle.

Hiring someone else to do the grunt work is one business cost that you can’t afford to scrimp on. There’s nothing wrong if you can’t/won’t do these tasks. You’re capable, beautiful and smart but no human being can do everything.



About the Author: Prime Sarmiento is a Southeast Asia-based journalist who reports on science and travel. She is the co-founder of The Gypsygals – a multimedia site that offers practical advice and inspirational stories to solo female travelers. 

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8 thoughts on “3 Tips to Grow Your Business by Outsourcing

  1. ~ GREAT TIPS Prime! I totally agree with you! I am a virtual assistant myself. I take care of all of the copy writing, website designing, and marketing. Do you have any tips on how virtual assistants like myself can find companies to work for? 

    Thanks so much,

  2. As the owner of a Virtual Assistant company, I often speak with overwhelmed business owners who need help, but either don’t know how to ask for it, or are afraid of the financial aspect of it.  I love working with startups, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs.  They’re full of energy and ready to move forward.  But I caution them to take time to find the right VA that fits.  It’s not all about the money.  It’s about the background, and the experience too.  Always ask A LOT of questions.

  3. outsourcing can be great and will give you great income if only you hire a good staff. You are surely right that hiring should be done wisely and carefully. Long VA search is better so that when he/she starts working, you are sure that everything will go great long term. Some VAs start with excellent output but after a few weeks, performance drops.

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