Is It a Good Idea to Hire an SEO Agency Miles Away?

We all know it’s certainly possible to hire someone to help you with your SEO efforts even if they don’t live right next door, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best idea. More and more SEO agencies are beginning to persuade companies that the Internet is an industry where you can work far apart. Because everything is done online, including any results you might see, it makes sense that an SEO could live in another state or even another country. The question, however, remains: Although it can be done, should it?

Why Your SEO Doesn’t Have to Live Next Door

Truth be told, there are a few perks to having an SEO agency or an SEO expert living near you. For one, you get that face-to-face communication. Second, you’re able to pop in on the company and see that they’re working on the strategy you discussed. However in the end, most everything that an SEO does can be done from anywhere in the world. Aside from a possible time difference situation, the work and the success of that work should not suffer just because the company is far away. A few reasons include:

  • Little Collaboration

    When it comes to SEO, there isn’t usually much collaboration between the company and the SEO agency or expert. It is often the collaboration aspect of a business where face-to-face interaction is necessary and frequent. Once your SEO agency has a strategy in place and goes over this strategy with you (likely in person), there really won’t be much need to meet again. Have phone calls and send spreadsheets in order to go over the progress, but other than that you won’t need much more communication.

  • Few Resources Needed

    In general, an SEO agency or expert doesn’t need much more than a computer with a few analytics programs attached. While some professions require advanced tools or specific locations, SEO really is all online just as the professionals suggest.

  • New Technology

    New technology makes it easy for an SEO agency to send your company a power point presentation or an excel spreadsheet and then use Skype to follow along. Other services such as GoToMeeting allow you to actually move your mouse on someone else’s screen, or even give them the controls. This makes it easy to have weekly meetings, and in some sense this is even easier than trying to explain something to someone who doesn’t have the material right in front of them (even if they have you right in front of them)

To be fair, this argument can really be made for most professionals working in an office. If you’re not in the conference room working with others on a daily basis, and you don’t really need the help of anyone to do your job, why not do it from home? What makes SEO different than others is the fact that SEO services are typically outsourced to SEO agencies. You wouldn’t outsource an accountant, and you probably wouldn’t outsource someone in sales, but SEO takes a team of experts that often all work under one roof (usually not your roof).

Have you ever worked with or hired an SEO company that lives in a different state or a different country? Did you find that everything still went smoothly? Tell us your story in the comments below.

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  1. a great question, thanks for raising it Amanda. We’re looking at getting help on the SEO front in the near future so I’d love to hear more from others about their experiences…… do’s and don’t’s, what to look for, what to avoid etc etc!

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