Have More Fun and Get More Done With Reward Goals

have more fun get more done

In the third grade my teacher had super-sized stickers that you could earn for things like a fantastic book report, near-perfect math test, or simply by helping out a classmate. Getting that sticker made achieving my third grade goals so much more fun.

Today a sticker just isn’t going to cut it when it comes to feeling fulfilled and rewarded, but I still believe in the power of reward goals to make business more fun. That’s why I’m dedicating today’s episode of She Takes on the World TV to this powerful type of goal.

Check it out:

I want to hear from you: What is one of your reward goals for the next 30 days?

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11 thoughts on “Have More Fun and Get More Done With Reward Goals

  1. Love this video Natalie. Your intro jingle is groovy. 🙂 I’m sitting here shakin’ my booty.

    I reward myself a LOT. I actually have a little heart-shaped box with lots of folded bits of paper. Each piece contains little + big rewards: trips to the local coffee shops, city trips, a massage, a weekend with hubby, a cruise, international travel, etc.

    The funny things is: I hardly ever dip into it, because my life is already so full of adventure + fun. (And it’s about to get a whole lot more crazier.) I’m more a woman of extremes (not GOOD for balance). I tend to work hard with long hours for a spell, and then take a decent break with flexible working hours. This works for me, as long as I do take time off.

    1. Love that you have a heart-shaped box with your rewards! That’s awesome. I might have to borrow that for smaller milestones. Unless I feel really adventurous and start drawing trips out of a box and jetting off on a moment’s notice 😉

  2. Great video – I have been rewarding myself after completing big picture goals for a while now. I didn’t know what to call it so it will have a great new label: reward goals. I love the concept and I am a huge fan of pampering and enjoying yourself. Normally, I attach little things like my favorite Starbucks drink or a facial. Sometimes I will attach bigger rewards like a trip out of town for the weekend.

    One of my goals for the next 30 days is to complete the rough draft of my book proposal. If I can also get to the query letter that would be amazing too. So, I kind of have two rewards for this one. The book proposal draft gets me a ne

    1. Oooops – hit enter! Ugh

      As I was saying (typing) the book proposal draft gets me the haircut I’ve been oogling from a magazine cut-out of one of my fave celebs and the query letter also completed get me a color along with the cut. I need to get to work! Thanks for the dose of inspiration! xoxo 😀

  3. Well… the first big and juicy reward goal that springs to my mind is to watch your weekly videos, and to visit your website often for great inspiration. Thank you, Natalie. You rock!

    Second reward goal, go swimming at least once a week. It helps keep me in shape and feels so refreshing.

    Third reward goal, enjoy live music at least once a week…

    Have you noticed – I just have – that reward goals all seem to involve an element of stepping outside of yourself and your daily routine, and stepping into something that expands you further.

  4. I actually have a hard time with rewarding myself because I’m usually onto the next thing. But thinking through it, my unplugged days off are definitely rewards where I get to read or relax and that’s really rejuvenating for me.

    I sometimes force myself to spend money on “fun non-business things” because it just doesn’t come naturally when you’re in business building mode most of the time. 😉

  5. My reward goal for the next thirty days is to get a gel manicure, hire my laundry-doer to get my closet in shape and to book a big trip (if I accomplish my launch goal!)

  6. This is great, thanks Natalie! I didn’t even realise, but I did this just 3 days ago. In building my website I’d slacked off a bit and missed my Christmas deadline, so I booked my friends & family in for a Launch Party in 3 weeks time…now I’ve made so much progress in 3 days I’m more excited than ever! Now that I know it’s a tool for success…I plan to use it lots more!

  7. One of my business goals for 2014 is to organize and run monthly fitness fundraisers for local non-profit, charitable, community organizations.
    In order for this to happen, I realize my monthly 30 day plan is to contact a community organization, set up a meeting, and work together to make these important events happen. I am happy to report I have meetings now set up with 2 different non-profit organizations.
    My reward…knowing I will help make a difference in the lives of others, both people and animals!

  8. Thanks for this! It’s always been tough for me to accomplish something based on a reward. For example, my mom used to attempt to entice me to get better grades with cash but it just didn’t get me going… Lately I’ve tried to hone in on my true motivation, which I believe is a feeling, working on this now. Although, I would like highlights so maybe I’ll start there, thanks for the idea Carin (above) 🙂

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