Are Your Goals “Too Big”?

Natalie MacNeil talks about setting goals for your business

When I’m speaking at events, there’s always someone who comes up to me after my talk to share how they feel like a failure because their goal setting doesn’t seem to be working out: they aren’t reaching their launch goals, or goal to write a book, or they aren’t making 6 figures.

Every time, I tell them: Stick with it!

Anything is possible, but it is challenging to earn 6 figures when you’ve only been in business for a year and you began with no startup capital and no customers.

You can’t get discouraged when it doesn’t all happen right away!

In today’s episode of She Takes on the World TV I want to talk with you about setting big, beautiful REALISTIC goals…and what it takes to get there.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • What kind of conversion rate you can *really* expect for your next launch
  • Why lowering your goals is actually good for your business
  • Plus, one major confidence-killer and how to avoid it when setting goals


Your actionable for this week is to take a look at your current goals and evaluate them.

Are they realistic, but still challenging? Do they stretch what’s possible for you? Or are they unrealistic, and need to be re-shaped a little bit to ensure you’ll be able to hit your mark? I’d love for you to let us know in a comment below.

It’s great to have big, beautiful goals… as long as you can plan the steps necessary to get there.

Nothing is impossible, and I’m all about big dreams, but I also believe goals that stretch you but are still realistic are the way to go.

Here’s to shooting for the stars, one goal at a time! (Click to tweet!)

Cosmic hugs,

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5 thoughts on “Are Your Goals “Too Big”?

  1. Very well said, Natalie!

    This message recently dawned on me through learning it the hard way. But now that I’m implementing what you are saying here, things are starting to really move forwards and results will be happening this year, both for myself and for a couple of people I’m working with.

    This video could be a real game-changer for anyone who really takes your message on board.

  2. Being realistic about your goals will also keep your focus on “serving” others. Without your customers or fans, how can your business reach its fullest potential? Thanks Natalie for keeping us grounded.

  3. I love this video Natalie! My personal motto is that “you only fail when you stop trying” but naturally a part of that is to set realistic goals. I love your openness about realistic conversion rates when launching a new program or product. Too often people (including my clients) get discouraged when extremely high aspirations are not met, while a mental shift into more realistic outcomes could change the whole experience and give them a sense of empowerment by allowing them to actually achieve their goals and make progress!

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