Twitter Party
We’re so excited to invite you to our very first Twitter Party. We hear they’re a blast so we hope you can make it. “Why have a party” you’re wondering?

40 million girls are out of school around the world who shouldn’t be. Four out of five girls in many developing countries won’t graduate high school. What if you knew you could put a big dent in this issue and give more girls an opportunity to shine and reach their fullest potential? Well you can! And it starts with a Twitter Party on MONDAY DECEMBER 3RD at 3PM EST. Let me explain…

Our favorite charity, She’s the First, was chosen as a finalist on the American Giving Awards, which airs on NBC Dec. 8th. They have a chance to win ONE MILLION DOLLARS to expand their amazing work for girls’ education and empowerment worldwide. But they need our votes on Facebook to win their category of Educators & Mentors.

So we thought we’d host a party to get people talking, and also talk about giving and using our voices, businesses, and platforms to make a difference in the world.

A donation like this would rapidly grow She’s the First, an organization that has already shown huge results. In three short years, with hardly any budget, they’ve sponsored nearly 300 girls in eight countries and are training thousands of American students to be leaders. You can see the impact for yourself in their finalist video here:

If you do nothing else, please vote here!

On December 8, tune into NBC to see our impact!

How to Join the Party:

  1. Go to TweetGrid Party at 3 pm EST on Monday December 3rd.
  2. Enter the party hashtag #GivingAwards along with your hosts @nataliemacneil, @shesthefirst, @tammytibbetts as well as your own Twitter username and click “Join the Party”
  3. Participate in the conversation, answer and ask questions, and invite others to join us.
  4. Did we mention there would be free gifts? Everyone who comes will get a free business planning worksheet from our upcoming Conquer Club launch ($19 value) and there will be chances to win other prizes for participating.

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