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Gabrielle Bernstein Interview

Happy New Year! I am so excited for all the amazing things in store for all of us sharing our gifts with the world and being of service through entrepreneurship. I’ve spent the last few days working on my MAP (Master Action Plan), doing yoga, and meditating on my intentions and desires for the year ahead. I’ve also spent time working on my friend Gabrielle Bernstein’s new guide book, May Cause Miracles.

I’m thrilled to have Gabby as a guest on She Takes on the World TV for our first episode of the new year, but before we get to the interview I’d like to talk to you a bit about Gabby’s exciting new book.

May Cause Miracles draws from A Course in Miracles, of which I am a student. A Course in Miracles is a complete self-study spiritual thought system that includes a text, workbook, and teacher’s guide. I first started studying the Course after discovering Marianne Williamson’s bestseller, Return to Love. Soon after, I was introduced to Ms. Gabrielle Bernstein when the publisher of her first book, Add More ~Ing, sent me a review copy with a note saying: “I think you’ll really like Gabrielle’s warm energy.” I did.

What I immediately loved about Gabby, and what I love about May Cause Miracles, is that it simplifies A Course in Miracles, which is over 1300 pages! It’s intimidating for a lot of people, and the language can be complicated to understand and interpret. The principles are absolutely transformative though, so May Cause Miracles is a great place to start walking the path of miracle-mindedness.

May Cause Miracles is a 6 week guide book that gives you a short lesson to complete each day, and it all starts with this:

Today I am willing to see things differently.

That’s the first step to creating change, baby! It’s something Gabby will talk about when we get to today’s episode of She Takes on the World TV too. In the meantime, start reflecting on what you may want to change in your life this year, and what you are willing to see differently.

Gratitude is also an important part of transforming our lives, and living beyond our wildest dreams.

Gabby offers this morning reflection that I recommend you write on a sticky note and place by your bed so you kick off every day of this new year with an “attitude of gratitude” as Gabby calls it:

I begin my day with gratitude. I am grateful for another day. I am grateful to breathe the air. I’m grateful for the trees, the grass, and the sky. I open my mind to focus on gratitude today. I release all littleness, all limiting beliefs. I choose gratitude instead.

Moving through May Cause Miracles, you’ll work on forgiveness, self-love, and unleashing the powerful energy that lies within you. If you do the work, the mindset you develop will cause miracles.

My wish for you this year is that you unlock your fullest potential in your life and your business and recognize that miracles are your birthright.

I knew there was no better person than Gabrielle Bernstein to help you get into the right mindset for the year ahead. I’m thrilled to have her as my guest on today’s episode of She Takes on the World TV. Here is what we’re going to be talking about:

  • The power of being willing to change
  • How to develop your own meditation practice
  • How to unlock unlimited happiness and true success
  • Loving and valuing yourself
  • And a whole lot more!

Watch it now:

I hope you’re revved up for the year ahead, and all the potential there is to make it your best year yet. Grab a copy of May Cause Miracles, and expect miracles.

may cause miracles
Now we want to hear from you in a comment below: What are you going to commit to changing in your life this year?

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6 thoughts on “Unlock Miracles With Gabrielle Bernstein

  1. Great Post! I especially loved how Gabby forgives herself for her attack thoughts and judgements. I’ll be starting a meditation class in 2 wks and now I’m really excited. ps I’m loving She Takes on the World TV!

    1. It’s so great to hear you’re going to take a meditation class. This year I will be working on bringing you guided meditations for your business and your life. Meditating has led to huge shifts for me personally. So glad to hear you’re loving She Takes on the World TV too 😉

  2. Great interview! I’ve been wanting to meditate–don’t have a clue how–, & to start yoga. Now a guide for meditation, step by step comes along from a woman who sounds like just the kind of person I’d love to have for a friend! Awesome! I’ll be stopping in our local book store within the next 2 days!

    1. Hi Donna, I’m so excited you found us. A lot of people feel they don’t know how to meditate. You can actually bring meditation into many of the activities you already do. For example, Thich Nhat Hanh says that you can close your eyes when taking a shower and just be mindful of where water comes from, and be grateful for water as a life source. That’s meditation!

      Or you can get cozy on a pillow, sit up straight and comfortably, and start observing your breath. On your in-breath you can hold onto any negative thoughts, fears, or limiting beliefs you may be experiencing, or think about a situation or person you need to forgive. Then on your out-breath you can release that thought and say “I surrender this thought” as you exhale.

      Then of course there are guide books, guided meditations on YouTube, yoga classes, etc. Just know that there are so many different ways to meditate and there’s no right or wrong. Wishing you an amazing 2013 xo

  3. Loved the interview 🙂
    Haven’t had a cup of coffee since Jan 1st, and even though I LOVE it, I have to admit that I feel better without it. Meditation is definitely something that I intend to incorporate into my daily routine… as well as going all-natural with all my beauty products.
    I loved your quote about success coming from the inside.
    Thanks for this!!

    1. I do coffee once in awhile when I want an almond milk latte, but I’m a big tea lover and Bambu/Bambucinnos are a great caffeine free alternative to coffee too. All-natural beauty products in something I got into a few months ago and holy it’s hard to do. It’s crazy how much shit goes into beauty products! I’ve been trying to make my own too but they only last for a week or so. The shelf life is pretty short when you go natural. I’m going to keep working on it so let me know if you have any product recommendations!

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