Flawed And Fearless With Renee Airya

Natalie MacNeil interviews Renee Airya

Flaws — we all have them. And many times, we keep them to ourselves, hidden from the light. But what if those flaws also held our uniqueness, our radiance? As my good friend Renee Airya likes to say, “Beauty is only skin deep; radiance is eternal.” (Click to tweet.)

In this week’s Conquer Summit interview, Renee, who is a healer, coach, and leader of women, talks about flaws and the power of exposing them, sharing with us her journey from paralysis to a holistic recovery, the value of expressive entrepreneurship, and why she believes your most hidden flaw could be your greatest asset. It’s a message you won’t soon forget — and be warned, you might just get some goosebumps from watching this “a-ha moment”-filled interview.

Ready to flip your flaws? Join me for this week’s video:

This week’s actionable:

Your actionable is to create a sharing exercise with yourself and answer these four questions:

  1. What is my flaw?
  2. How have I been hiding this flaw?
  3. How do I feel when I hide this flaw?
  4. And, finally, what is the potential gift in this flaw?

Sometimes we undervalue just the power of sharing – when we share, we release stuck energy and can move to the next journey in our healing process. As you contemplate this actionable, I encourage you to share your answers in our comments section.

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2 thoughts on “Flawed And Fearless With Renee Airya

  1. Being able to see the gift in everything is such powerful. I often have to remind myself and ask the following question: “If it is a friendly universe, why is it a good thing that …. ?” Thank you Rennee and Nathalie for this inspiring conversation.

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