Finding Your Purpose: A White Hot Interview With Danielle LaPorte

Danielle LaPorte and Natalie MacNeil

A note from Natalie: My team and I are taking a sabbatical for the remainder of the summer, so we’re bringing back some of our greatest hits for you to experience for the first time or enjoy again… Summer’s always a great time for catching up on reruns! We’ll be back in the fall with some amazing new episodes for you.

Today I’m serving up one of my all-time-favorite interviews with Danielle LaPorte, creator of The Desire Map: A Guide To Creating Goals With Soul, author of the bestseller, The Fire Starter Sessions, and co-creator of Your Big Beautiful Book Plan. Even though this interview took place in 2012 there is sooo much wisdom just jam-packed in here on finding your purpose and becoming who you are meant to be that I know you’ll love to watch it again, or discover it for the first time!

Danielle and I also talk at length about the process of creating a book. I know so many of you have asked about what it takes to write a book, so you’ll really want to tune in and hear what she advice she has to give on the topic.

Ready to start some fires? Here we go:


Here are some of my favorite gems from this amazing interview on discovering your purpose:


With authenticity, you’re always going to be a work in progress.

If there’s something that’s not working, it doesn’t matter how much money you’ve put into it, you’ve got to let it go and move on.

(My absolute favorite:) Your life purpose is what you say it is. (Click to tweet!)

The world needs what you’ve got. You’re important.

Believe that you’re quality and seek quality in your relationships.

Starting with the end in mind is really important for people who want to write a book but don’t know where to begin.

Writers need to write; your life is your content.

Whatever’s gotten on your plate is there because you said “yes” to it.

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Now I want to hear from you! Leave a comment below telling me your key takeaway from the interview.

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9 thoughts on “Finding Your Purpose: A White Hot Interview With Danielle LaPorte

  1. Thank you for this. I’m so glad I found you Natalie and Danielle too! Have been following you both for a while now.
    Both of your are so shiny and beautiful and radiating positive energy and enthusiasm. Watching this interview felt like having a coffee date with two amazing, inspiring friends. Thank you for the love.

    The message was really powerful as just today I made some big changes in my business strategy for my rental business, It was an emotion filled decision for sure, filled with self-doubt, regret and feeling like I failed. We had invested a great deal of money into this business, we took a huge risk in doing the business at all, and we are sinking. It reached that point where it was time to cut our losses and do something different. I trusted my intuition that guided me to my next step and actually felt a lot of relief when the realization that I was going to just “dump” this website (and several other things) I’d spent countless hours building and let go of all these hopes and dreams associated with this business plan and idea and open myself up to trying something new.

    As I did I realized this is what needs to happen. I don’t know what happens next and that is okay, but I see now that by letting of the business the way it was, it is actually freeing me up spiritually to focus my energy on the parts of the business running it the way I had been didn’t allow me to. What started out as a really disheartening conclusion today, became rather exciting.

    This really resonated with me: “If there’s something that’s not working, it doesn’t matter how much money you’ve put into it, you’ve got to let it go and move on.” Thank you for this. It really drove it home for me, I did the right thing in letting this go. Thank you so much for that. I really needed it. The timing on re-sharing this interview was perfect.

    This was also really big for me. “Your life purpose is what you say it is.” I recently decided to take what I already do for everyone I know and love, and become a life coach. I decided it was my purpose to do this, and I’m doing it. I love what that feels like to acknowledge and honor the creative power we have to determine what our own life purpose is. It really is that easy! Kudos!!

    Love and gratitude to you sparkling, gorgeous beings! Thank you for all you do!

    1. Thank you for sharing your story, Kadee. I’m so glad this really resonated with you today. I’m really excited for you, and what new opportunities are going to come your way!

  2. Really enjoyed the interview – the sentence; Whatever’s gotten on your plate is there because you said “yes” to it. WOW, sometimes you just need someone to tell you the simple things. Thank you.

    1. Hi Pernille, thanks for commenting. That was a big “a ha” for me, too…such a simple statement but so much wisdom behind it.

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