Finding Your Aha! Moment in Business

Some people refer to it as a “Eureka!” moment. Others think of it as a little light bulb going off. In business as well as in life, your “aha!” moment is going to shape you and help you grow, taking what you didn’t understand at first and adding clarity and comprehension to get “it” all of a sudden. What you get becomes your defining moment, a moment that is filled with insight and realization.

The nice part about the aha moment is that you don’t have to find it at a specific age or at a specified point in your career. There is no scheduled date when the pieces of the puzzle will all fall together. I only just found my aha moment this month, in which I was regarding the newest product for my company, MyCorpVault. Over the years, we had so many requests and questions regarding lost and misplaced documents that it became a customer pain point. Since we’re so well-regarded for excellence in customer service, we wanted to alleviate that pain with the development of a product that could help. It was a long process that involved a lot of hard work from everyone on the team, but the payout was tremendous – a cloud-based storage system for documents that kept all of their hard work organized and available in one place.

I thought like a customer and acted as such to help create and innovate the MyCorpVault. It was my aha! moment, listening to their needs, paying attention, asking for feedback. A tried and true method that I have always been a fan of implementing and will continue to keep up. If you’re looking to find that aha! moment for your business, start by listening and then ask both the customer and yourself: what can I do to change that?

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1 thought on “Finding Your Aha! Moment in Business

  1. Love this, Deborah! I think a huge part of having the a-ha moment is trusting that they’ll come. I’m in the thick of planning 2013 for my company, Career Girl Network, and as difficult as the planning stages are, I know there will be a-ha moments throughout the process! Trusting that those moments are coming make the “gritting your teeth” parts easier!

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