Enough With Feeling Guilty

“I shouldn’t be into him, but I totally am. Shouldn’t I be looking for someone who makes more money?” “That corner office.  I want it. I feel bad for letting my ambition consume me, but I want my name on that door more than I want anything else.” “Everyone I know is settling down.  I guess I should start looking for someone stable to build a life with but I’m enjoying just dating and pursuing my career.” “My gut instinct is telling me I can work less at my day job + transition to my passion project. But my family keeps telling me not to quit yet.”

Stop it, already.

Really it’s enough. Enough with feeling guilty for wanting to feel the way you want to feel. Try it. It will be epiphany-esk.If you want to be head-over-heals, wedding-headed, house buying in love?

Own it.

If you want to climb the corporate ladder, make millions, supervise armies of clever people?

You’re allowed.

If you want to paint a nursery, purchase tiny socks, rock your own baby to sleep?

You can.

If you are ready to leave the cubicle maze behind + spark the fire of an entrepreneurial life?

Pursue it.

These feelings, wants + needs are all equally valid. And equally poetic. So end the feeling guilty. It will be really liberating. When we’re honest with ourselves, others and the universe about how we feel and what we want, life altering shifts happen. Follow the inertia of your very authentic feelings. Your gut knowing. Let it tumble over itself a bit. It may be there to restore you, delight, educate or caution you. Regardless of how it unfolds, it’s there for it’s own perfect reason.

And that’s good.  Very good.

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