Feeling Called to Take a Leap? A Personal Story About Answering the Call

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Have you ever had a moment in your life when you felt it was time to take a huge leap, and get on the path to something bigger?

Something that may not have made total sense at the time… but somehow felt right?

Keep in mind, when I say “huge leap”, I’m talking about major life upheavals here. Moments when the only thing between you and achieving the life you’ve been dreaming of is… your entire life as you know it.

Maybe you’d have to leave everything you know, or invest thousands of dollars you don’t really have, or release lifelong relationships to create space for magic, and what comes after.

Then, I’d like to ask: What happened next?

If you decided to move forward: Was there ever a right time to take the step? How did you know it was a good plan to decide to chase a dream, and uproot everything so you, your business, and your future could transform?

If you decided to stay put: What about that moment was the wrong time? Do you think, if you could do it over, that you’d make the leap after all?

These are all questions I’ve been asking myself for the past couple of years, as I’ve undergone some of the most incredible, powerful, painful changes of my life and business.

I spent yesterday in front of the lens of the incredible photographer Caroline White, doing my first photoshoot in years on the beautiful beaches of L.A. (You can see a few sneak preview shots from her camera above!)

While I played in the sand, watching the sun set… I couldn’t help reflecting on the complete whirlwind the past couple of years have been.

I uprooted my home in Canada, where all my dearest friends and family lived, and moved to the U.S.

I started a new life, and a new headquarters for She Takes on the World in Los Angeles.

I left a more than decade-long relationship, one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

And now, based on the journey I’ve taken, I’ve decided to reinvent the entire She Takes on the World brand and mission. (Hence the photoshoot! But more on that in a moment.)

Of course, at every step of my journey, everyone wanted to know: “Why did you do it?”

Why was total upheaval the best choice for me, out of everything I could have done?
Why did I shake up my life completely when my life was “fine” as it was?

The answers to those questions run deep – and finding them (for myself, and for you in this new series) is one of the most important adventures I’ve ever embarked on.

Often, the deeper truths that only we know — the truths that create a burning hunger for change, alignment, and greatness within us — are some of the hardest to explain.

They’re the leaps that create greatness; in our lives, in our companies, and in our place in the universe.

That’s why, over the next few weeks, I’ll be looking back at the evolution of She Takes on the World, and exploring what it really means to make a big shift and answer the calling of your soul — so it comes through in your work, your business, your heart, and everything you do.

I’ll be exploring the evolution of the She Takes On the World brand, and the experiences leading up to the huge changes coming. Did you know She Takes on the World will be 10 years old this year?! What’s coming as part of the next version of this brand is more powerful than anything you’ve seen from us yet.

I invite you to reflect right along with me, and explore where you might need to take some leaps and make changes to your life and brand — and celebrate the great strides you’ve already taken.

We’ll be reviewing where She Takes on the World began, and how growth realigns your priorities as an entrepreneur. Going through my own story, you’ll see the ways I’ve evolved (and the reasons why the website was the last piece of the puzzle to start to embody those major shifts), and get a sneak peek at the changes on the horizon.

This is a story about what it really means to live in alignment in all things – in mind, body, soul, and business.

I hope you’ll come along with me as I dive in.

For today, we’ll start this story at the beginning: With the reason why I chose to completely shake up my life, and leave Canada.

Let’s head back in time to the end of 2014. I had just signed a book deal with my dream publisher and our business was rocketing to new heights. Things were really good.. but something was off.

That’s the most important starting point of a soul shift: there’s a specific feeling when you’re being called to take one. And you can’t shake it.

It’s different for everyone. Some of us feel endlessly restless. Others feel an ache in their heart for whatever next phase is waiting for us

For me, I was feeling like a tree planted in a small pot with roots that had nowhere else to go. You can keep a tree in a pot and then you can repot it in a bigger pot so it can continue to grow, but if you want it to grow into all that the tree’s seedling was perfectly programmed to be, you’d plant it outside.

I was feeling that in order to become all I was programmed to be, I needed to be repotted — in the United States.

To tell you the truth, the feeling had been growing more and more powerful over the years. But still, I resisted. (Yep, even after all that training in reiki, EFT, meditation, and more, I resisted the clear calling of my soul. It happens to all of us!) Now it was at its peak, and for weeks I pushed it down. I had lived in Ontario, Canada my whole life.

And yet, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t shake what my intuition was guiding me to do.

As you may know, U.S. immigration isn’t exactly a walk in the park, so you can’t just up and move. As much as I felt the move was necessary, I also knew I was more likely to be denied a green card as an entrepreneur than to be granted one.

So I did what I often do in those moments: I challenge the Universe to a game of “heads or tails”.

If I was approved for a green card, I’d take that as the sign it was, and I’d go. If I couldn’t? I’d stay put.

Long story short, I was granted a green card in record time — over a year sooner than I thought I would be, if I even got it at all — and I was given a small window of time in which I had to move my life and two companies, during a launch and book tour.

Take note: When you challenge the Universe to a game of Heads or Tails, you better be prepared to make good on your end of the bargain.

That’s exactly what happened as I embarked on one of the most terrifying, costly, and emotional experiences of my life.

After I was granted residency, I had no idea what to do next or where to go. I didn’t really have a plan because I thought I had more time to get the details sorted!

But I’d lost the bet. The Universe was pushing me forward — and I’d promised myself I’d listen. So, listen I did. After finding a good initial base in New York, I planned a road trip that would take me to all over the U.S. so I could check out other cities, and get a feel for where I should plant myself.

Next week, I’ll tell you what happened once that search began, and the way those shifts started to pay out in my business. But for now, I want to ask you two questions:

Is there a leap you should be taking (and are currently maybe resisting) right now? A jump that would make you feel so much more aligned in your work and business?

What’s holding you back, and what could you create if you did choose to step forward?

I encourage you to reflect on these questions in your journal, in the comments below (so you can claim your next steps, and get accountability!), or just turn them over in your mind over the next few days.

Because when we take huge risks? We make room for even bigger successes and payoffs.

However, the longer we stay put and stay small? The further we distance ourselves from all the beauty and brilliance that could be waiting for us just around the corner… if we’d only say yes.

I hope with this series, and my story, you learn how to claim that “Yes” to the alignment of your soul when the time comes.

But for now: I’ll see you next week, when we’ll talk about the reason I ended up in a city my tax attorneys told me absolutely not to live in, and what that signaled for the future of She Takes on the World.

I can’t wait to continue the journey with you!

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30 thoughts on “Feeling Called to Take a Leap? A Personal Story About Answering the Call

  1. Super inspired already – thanks for being open and sharing your story! Can’t wait to find out more. I love hearing about people’s paths, and what intuitively urges them forward. We can all gain insights from one another’s trials & triumphs, and those shifts in life. It seems like sometimes we’re truly pushed (lovingly, by the Universe, though it doesn’t always feel that way) toward our greatest needs – giving our life its truest meaning, as we continue to evolve & expand. For every re-birth, we still have to make our way through that metaphorical dark, scary birth canal. I’m happy you’ve found greater alignment. Continued best wishes on your journey!


    1. Yes! Thank you so much for your comment, and stay tuned over the next few weeks as I share the full story and all the intuitive nudges that led us to our current crossroads and what’s coming next. xo

  2. Wow, synchronicity at it’s finest right here! I’m currently struggling with making some huge life changes as well. My current living situation is coming to an end and I’m contemplating chasing my dream of moving to another city so that I can live near the ocean along with transitioning to a more minimalist lifestyle (potentially a tiny house?). It would be a huge transition away from most of my friends and family and groups that I belong to. That scares the living daylights out of me! I’m also an entrepreneur and otherwise job-mobile, which leaves a lot of possibilities open with no real strong weight to any of them (at least in a more logical, brick & mortar sense). I’ve asked the Universe to show up and guide me but I know I will resist big change because it’s scary and uncomfortable and challenging. I’m looking forward to the rest of this series… I already feel like this message showing up today in my inbox is the first sign on the trail for me. Thank you for sharing your story, it gives me strength and inspiration for my own 🙂

    1. If it scares the living daylights out of you, it’s probably your best next step to take. You’re always going to experience the most resistance when it’s the thing that really matters, the thing you’re meant to do. 🙂 I think the rest of this series will be helpful as you contemplate the decision that is best for you. Keep me posted on what you decide! Sending you love and courage. – Natalie xo

  3. Natalie I think this is wonderful! Scary!! But wonderful and I know that making huge life changes sometimes when you’re doing it can seem like “oh my god, I’ve lost my mind”, but in the end; it always seems to work out for the best. I myself am in the process of trying to make some changes in my own life and when I think about the end result of what I want, it seems unattainable but at the same time exhilarating and freeing!
    I know in my heart it’s not unattainable, it’s just I’ve been doing the same thing for so long that the fear sets in and tries to tell you that it can’t be any different than the way it’s always been. That’s just not true, so I’m learning to let go of the fear and put another foot forward everyday. Good luck to you and I know this change and re-branding will be a huge success and I’m so excited to be going along on this journey with you!!

  4. I can’t tell you how perfect the timing of this blog was, Natalie. I’m part of your Conquer Club and just today I was paging through your book too. And recently I have been feeling so…out of alignment somehow. It was weird…In my mind I asked you for advice as I looked at your photo on the back of The Conquer Kit hahahaha I tried to picture you standing there next to me and what you would say. What your advice would be. How you would visualise my brand and where it’s going. And then I come home to the mail with a link to THIS. Thank you for being there and for sharing your journey. It makes me feel inspired again. I think I am where you were at when you moved and I am so interested to hear more about what happened and where you are going now. With you all the way, incredible lady! See you inside the CC – I have been quiet the first quarter because of all my ups and downs…but somehow the time feels right for change now. Huge love. xxxx

    1. That’s so beautiful Michelle! Thank you for sharing. And on our next Conquer Club call we can definitely talk about your brand and next steps. 🙂 Big love right back at you! xo

  5. Natalie, we should’ve been having coffee (or whiskey) dates in 2014. I was doing exactly the same thing. I spent the entire year booking well-spaced trips to all of the cities I wanted to explore as my next home: Vancouver, Canmore, Toronto, New York, and Santa Monica. I’d go for a week or two, then come back to Waterloo to see what I loved about the new location, what I missed about my current home of over a decade, and then do a general comparison for a go/no-go. For the most part, as I was traveling I was also seeing the big changes our little city was making, and frankly the only spot I felt like I would leave here for was California.

    So, while I chose to stay in Waterloo (for the time being, stay tuned!), I totally get your drive to re-plant in Cali. Congrats!!

    1. It’s a magical place. I, too, did the back and forth for quite a few years. Eventually I started to feel like every time I was back in K-W I had energetic shackles on. I felt like I was being held back. That’s when I knew I had to listen to the call of my soul and take the leap. It has been a very long and challenging process to get here but LA feels like my home now. xo

  6. Natalie, I love following your journey. Your writing and mission are what inspired me to take a leap of faith and put my book on Yoga for Diabetes out into the world. Now I have a publishing deal and am heading to the states for my book tour. And all sorts of doors are opening. I could have stayed small and focussed on self-publishing and staying in my hometown in Australia. But like you I knew I needed to let go and leap…Thank you for sharing your journey!

  7. Oh wow – I can’t waiiiit for the rest of this story. I’m always in awe of the way you manage to share such vulnerability in such an inspiring way. Can’t wait to hear more about this transformation & rebirth over the next few weeks!

  8. Oh Natalie – so glad to have you in the US with us. Now into my 32nd move – I have to say that I enjoy moving and meeting new friends and having new adventures. I’m now 77 years old and having sold my business in 2000 and retired, I started a website for heirloom sewers – a hobby I took up in my retirement and loved it. MSN closed the sites and I took a break and another move to a 55+ community in FL but didn’t know how nor want to learn how to gossip enough to live there – so another move this time nearer a daughter in GA. Now – disabled and homebound found I needed something to keep me “active” and I’m in the process of starting my blog. Trying to transfer the domain from the heirloom sewing days to now has been a challenge to say the least and I had almost reached the give up point when today’s email brought more help and direction. Funny how God open’s door that we think should probably remain closed. My blog will be on “Opportunity” – helping people realize how many opportunities come to them every day and what they do with them and why. Sounds right in line with what you are exploring right now. Wishing you all the best. And my help to you would to get an out of print copy of “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale. I just recently am reading it again and realized the first reading was in 1952 when it was published. Amazing to find out it is a book that has structured my whole life and made it a joy.
    May it do the same for you.

    1. Thank you so much for this comment. 32 moves?! That is a lot of moving. I’m curious what drove your decision or inspired you to move so many times versus staying in one place.

      I love that you’re starting a blog to share your wisdom! I’m cheering you on.

  9. Like so many others, this post has hit me at exact perfect timing. In fact while I was writing my intentions & defining who I was becoming, your email sang a ding from my inbox. Normally I wouldn’t check my email during my self/journal time, I was drawn to (hello synchronicity!) & I’m so glad I did because not only is it inspiring & always so lovely to gain your insights, but I too feel like this personal posts is reaffirming that I’m on the right post. Funnily enough I love that you’ve described how different we all can feel when soul stirring changes are calling us to leap. I’ve known for the last few days that this was happening to me because I feel a jittery feeling in my heart, energy, enthusiasm, pure happiness, love, a constant desire to smile, extreme gratitude, bliss and just this wonderful connection to myself, all of life and the divine. We all may feel it in our own ways, but the feeling does have something in common with us all – regardless of how it appears, it only does a few times within ones life and when it presents itself to us, usually out of nowhere, we just KNOW.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Like all that you do, this is just so beautifully written, real & raw. I look forward to reading the rest of the series and discovering the exciting changes you have in store 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me this note Alyssa, and I’m glad to hear this post hit your inbox at the perfect time. More coming soon… xo

  10. Natalie, thank you for courageously sharing your journey! Your message has reached me at exactly the right time! I’ve been experiencing exciting, surprising guidance to a completely new….something! I won’t even know for sure what it is until I follow these feelings and walk through the door! I’ll be following your story for ideas on how to walk this new path, & for the companionship I feel in your kindred spirit. Blessings to you! – Linda R.

  11. I’ve really been struggling with this lately!!!! I know what I need to do but fear always gets in the way. But as the days go by I realize that it’s more painful to stay where I am than it is to grow and start my next season. Just gotta do it! Thank so much much for this and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

  12. Oh, Natalie–I was part of the Conquer Summit, and promised to join you one day in your Conquer Club (and I will xx); I spent last year filling in my Conquer Kit.
    I knew something was off for you, but had no voice to say it; and all the same while, the Universe has been overhauling my life–
    2015 was “Alignment” and 2016 was “Consistency.” I haven’t picked a word for 2017, because last year I realized I had to build two businesses and sort out my finances before applying for a UK ancestry visa and moving from Winnipeg to a new life with my new English partner–as soon as I can afford it, and after I’ve helped my son start university this fall…
    I think I’m ending up Brighton…
    You’re exquisite, and thank you–the Universe is certainly pulling many, many things together, and I’m happy-scared to be answering its call–thank you for leading the way. I’m buying your new book…I’m on board… <3

  13. Awesome piece. I look forward to the rest of the story. I am currently in that place which i feel I need to make a move but to what it is not clear. So I hope with your story I will be able to put the puzzle together.

    1. Thank you for your comment Lydia. My advice to you is to sit in stillness and your next move will become clear. Sitting in stillness in nature is even better. 😉 I hope the rest of the story will serve you as you listen to the call of your heart.

  14. Love this Natalie! Thank you for sharing! I think what’s hard for me right now, is I have such a strong restless, unfulfilled feeling, a kind of divine dissatisfaction going on, but I have no idea what my ‘leap’ is.

    1. Thank you for your comment Melanie. My advice to you is what I shared with Lydia above. Sit in stillness and you will get the answers that you seek. When I’m trying to figure out the next leap, the next risk, my next best move – I always start with creating space, spending time in nature, and getting really still so I can hear my life whispering to me. xo

  15. A timely read for me – thank you. Had a 2-hour phone call with a renowned career advisor yesterday (just double checking some notions of mine) where the conclusion was obvious: “I must jump now.” I did the ‘move-to-another-country-having-no-real-plan’ thing years ago (best thing I ever did), and ended up your Ontario town, which has never really felt like home. But nowhere has really felt like home (and therein lies some gems to uncover). I have come to accept that my broad, colourful, textured landscape is internal one to be mined. It’s time to write. Very much looking forward to your updates.

  16. Natalie,
    The same thing happened to me very recently. I finally followed my dream of opening a yoga studio a year and a half ago. But, I’ve been keeping my day job as a part time special education teacher to support my family financially. I’ve been begging the Universe to have the yoga studio in a position to support me financially so I could quite my job. (Working, be the mother of 2 young children, and running a business are completely exhausting me and I feel like I’m not doing great at any of them because I’m stretched so thin.)
    My goal was to get the business into a financial position where I could quite my job at the end of this school year. I feel very strongly that the Universe heard my message, and also knew that I would probably never quit my job out of fear of stability. About a month ago my administrator told me I had to go full time next year or resign. As thin stretched as I am now, adding a full time position on top of it would be impossible. I had no choice but to resign!
    I’m grateful to be pushed into what message and desire I was putting out into the Universe. Now, I have no choice but to delve in 100%, and make this happen!!
    Thanks Natalie – I discovered you on the “Hack the Entreprenuer” podcast, and I love your message. You are very inspiring and I have become a devote. Thank you!!

  17. This resonates for me. Circumstances are nowhere near ideal but I have for so long felt stagnant and out of my place. Also, more or less seeking to be free in a sense.

    It’s scary to take really big risks but then not taking action is worse.

    (Must keep this on my mind all day)

  18. Hey, Natalie! 🙂
    What an inspiration to all! I’m sure it took you a lot of courage to pursue your calling and take the leap.
    I know what it feels to leave a long relationship, and yeah it’s a scary at first but now I see why it needed to happen.
    Although I’m not sure how exactly it feels to move to another country, I think it’s similar to moving to unfamiliar territory. Like me starting a blog and attempting to build a business out of it. Nobody else I know has done this, but the internet is filled with a lot of supportive communities.

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