Feel-Good Money Making With Tara Gentile

Conquer Summit interview with Tara Gentile

Are you working hard enough to earn the income you desire?

Guess what? If you think you’re not working hard enough or doing enough, you’re buying into a myth. So many mega successful entrepreneurs know a little secret about this: Earning money shouldn’t be hard work. (Click to tweet!) In fact, this week’s Conquer Summit guest, Tara Gentile, believes making money should be a beautiful and easy thing, which I absolutely love.

Tara, who’s the author of The Art of Earning Beautifully and the founder of Kickstart Labs, joined us for last night’s Summit session where we talked about:

  • The simple perspective shift that can transform your blocks around money.
  • An answer to the age-old question: “There are so many people doing amazing work out there. Why are so many of ‘em so…broke?”
  • The missing piece that helps starving creatives become thriving, badass business owners.

Ready to get started? Join us for the video below:

This week’s actionable:

We’re going to make a Perspective Map. To do this, follow these easy steps:

  1. Take a sheet of paper and divide it into four quadrants.
  2. Name these four quadrants: Say, Do, Think, and Feel.
  3. Now, think about one of the products or services that you have in mind or a client that you really, want to work with.
  4. To complete each section, think about the things that they are saying to their friends and family, the things they are doing, the behaviors they’re engaged on a daily basis around that product or around that paying point. For example, the “Think” section is about what’s really going on in their heads. So often what we say, doesn’t match what’s going on in our brains. The “Feel” quadrant is what emotions are they going through around this paying point or what emotions do they associate with the desires that they have, and so on.

Do this exercise, and then let me know in a comment below one big “a ha” you had as you completed the Map.

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