Doubt, Debt And Dollar Bills: The Real Deal On Financial Freedom With Alexis Neely

Natalie and Alexis

Do you feel trapped in a job or business that you know isn’t truly serving the world, simply because you think you have to? Are you stuck with business models that aren’t working, serving customers you don’t really want to serve, and doing work that you know is not the work you came here to do, all in a quest for “later” — that day when you’ll achieve financial freedom?

Alexis Neely, my guest in this week’s Conquer Summit interview, believes there’s a better way — she calls it financial liberation, and it can start right now.


Financial liberation is all about knowing that you can earn what you need when you need it, simply being all of who you are and giving the gift that you’re here to give in a meaningful and practical way. Sometimes, even the fear of debt can hold you back from moving forward with your dreams. As Alexis likes to say, “You’re not here to stay out of debt; you are here to do your work in the world.” (Click to tweet.)

Alexis, who is a truth-telling lawyer, entrepreneurial strategist, owner of TWO multi-million dollar businesses, and bestselling author, joins me for a brand new money session, “Doubt, Debt, and Dollar Bills: The Real Deal on Cultivating Financial Freedom in Your Business & Life.”


Join us for this interview to learn:

  • Why the #1 question in business building is: “What do you want?” – and why it’s so crucial for designing revenue models aligned with YOU.
  • The truth about just how deep financial insecurity can run, and why Alexis still felt financially shaky when she was raking in $2 million a year.
  • How to pave a path to total financial (and emotional) freedom in your business and life.

This week’s actionable:

Your actionable this week is to paint a picture of your vision for your life as clearly as you can by answering these questions clearly, honestly, and fully, and envisioning where you would live, what you would be doing each day, who would be around you, and how you would nourish yourself in each scenario.

  • What is my minimum to lead a happy life?
  • What kind of life would I prefer if I could afford it?

It’s crucial to know what you’re working towards, and it’s a great indicator for when you should be taking breaks and slowing down to escape that crazy workaholism cycle. Remember, it’s crucial to clear space for the most valuable asset in your life: time. As you work through these questions, I’d love for you to share your answers in our comments section below.

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3 thoughts on “Doubt, Debt And Dollar Bills: The Real Deal On Financial Freedom With Alexis Neely

  1. Thank you Natalie for having Alexis Neely as a guest at Conquer Summit and introducing me to her story& message!

    And thank you Alexis for helping me realize I too founded my business out of fear, but I chose to do what I whole hartedly believe in, and it’s pushing me forward in discovering my true mission in life more than anything I’ve ever done before.
    So, I guess by starting entreprenurial adventure I am able to say I know my fear and acknowledge it, but will use it to move forward and live my highest true life!
    Thank you both! 🙂

  2. I’ve come back to this interview multiple time since originally airing. I can’t express the impact it has had on me and I want to thank both Natalie and Alexis for giving me such a new perspective on my life. This big “AHA” moment has shifted everything and I am so grateful. With ultimate gratitude, thank you.

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