Does your Network have .Net Worth?

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Remember when your network consisted of people whose business cards had notes written all over the back so you can remember where you met them? Times have changed. Do you even know who is in your network and if so, how are you managing your contacts?

Fact: Last week I received 27 invitations on LinkedIn
Fact: Of those 27 invites only 7 introduced themselves
Fact: Of those 7 introductions only 3 were customized
Fact: Of those 27 invites only 3 were accepted

Before you begin requesting or accepting invitations to an exclusive network ask yourself these questions:

  1. Can this person or their immediate network provide an added value to my .Net Worth?
  2. Can I express to this person my added value to their network?
  3. Can I adequately MANAGE this contact?
  4. Is this person my targeted consumer?
    IF NOT:
  5. Am I interested in reading their updates, articles or potential in-mails/comments?
  6. Will this person be an extra “number” on my connections list?

In a flattening world, it’s important to manage the meaningful contacts and maintain worthwhile relationships. If you’ve chosen to be an “Open Networker” try exporting  important contacts into your CRM and if you don’t have a CRM try a free, online service like TimeToNote (It’s limited in comparison to pricey CRM’s, but a site like TimeToNote will allow you to manage up to 250 of your closest contacts).

The point of online networking is to find your valued contacts easily, stay connected to them and provide worth.

Next time you request or accept an invitation ask yourself this:

Is my NETWORK adding to my .NET WORTH?

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4 thoughts on “Does your Network have .Net Worth?

  1. Love this article. Was just coaching a rookie TODAY on the importance of adding value to your contacts – she thanked me for what may have seemed to another person “brutal honesty.” Your article echos perfectly my point. Will be RT to the high heavens! Thanks
    .-= Denise Barreto´s last blog ..I LOVE GENERATING IDEAS! =-.

  2. Thanks for reading ladies! Glad you found the content relevant, although sometimes working in different industries means ‘knowing’ everyone you can- every person values their connections differently.

    I have a large LinkedIn network, but I’ve have learned in recent months (especially with the downturn economy) I can’t make myself a resource to hundreds of people, without even really knowing them!

    Over the past year, I’ve carefully chosen my friends on FaceBook and I’ve made sure my connections on LinkedIn are worth it! I’ve seen a beneficial difference in my interaction and for me – it’s been a well-needed evaluation!

    Happy Networking! 🙂

  3. Great blog, sometimes we add people on our network to have great numbers but do we actually keep intouch and talk to them is the big question. I usually go through my list of my social networks connections and weed out people that I feel we have not connected in a while. This entry has just confirmed the importance of keeping a solid authentic network. thanks for sharing

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