Does Your Business Need Pruning?

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I’m ready for Spring and since I’m looking ahead to the new season, I made an appointment to prune the trees that line my long driveway.

As usual, an activity that on the surface seems unrelated, gets me thinking about my business.

It is important to prune trees when they’re young — the first 4 or 5 years — because it helps the trees to define their future form and structure.

Picture your business as if it were a tree. The products and services that you offer represent the branches, quite literally reaching out to connect with your target market and clients. My business tree is comprised of 1-on-1 coaching, workshops/group meetings, speaking, blogging and networking. What activities would you have on the branches of your business tree?

As a solopreneur running all areas of my business, it’s necessary to assess what’s really working, and what I’m just keeping myself busy doing. Hey, if I can trim an activity from my business that has not born fruit the way I’ve planed that’s great. Pruning this “unfruitful” activity frees up a bit of my time —then I can choose to enjoy some “me time” like going for a walk and begin to capitalize on the areas that are creating more results.

So, get your pruning shears out and take a look at your business. What branches are doing a good job at reaching your target market? What services have failed to provide the return you hoped for?

Only the strongest branches should be left to grow. That’s where your best fruit will come from!

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4 thoughts on “Does Your Business Need Pruning?

  1. Thanks for this post! i am currently listening in on 10 days of marketing webinars. They give you so many good ideas. It helps to be reminded to stick with only a few. It’s impossible to do all of them. Especially if it’s just you!

  2. I love this analogy. It’s so important to prune away the time-wasters. Since my business is new, I’m not sure what can stay and what can go. I look forward to do a late pruning!

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