Can a Digital Diet Help You Conquer the World?

I’ve never been one for diets. I eat super healthy foods that fuel me, incorporate exercise into my daily routine, and I don’t deprive myself of something I really want. But I’ve decided for the sake of my health and well-being I’m going on a digital diet for the next month. Now, I’m not completely giving up the internet but I’ll be severely limiting my time online. That means rarely checking email, taking a little break from social media, and trusting my amazing team to steer this ship while I’m dieting.

I’ll be meeting amazing people as I tour around speaking a bit, doing a lot more yoga and meditating, taking a vacation in Europe, and preparing for a complete revamp of She Takes on the World as well as making sure I’m supercharged for my biggest launch yet. Read on to find out what that is 😉

So what’s a digital diet and why take one?

Daniel Sieberg wrote a whole book about it that’s worth checking out. An article on CNN talks about how being online too much gives us “popcorn brain.” I don’t like the sound of that… And Danielle LaPorte wrote a fantastic post on the importance of taking a hiatus from the online world once in awhile.

After a big book launch earlier this year, raising funding for She Takes on the World Inc., completing three months in a business incubator, launching my awesome WE Mastermind program with Natalie Sisson, and planning the WE Mastermind Live Retreat coming up I’m exhausted. Not only that, but to be honest I feel like I’ve been in the fast lane for the last two years and haven’t taken a break to stop and appreciate all the amazing things that have been happening on this journey I’m on.

For every milestone and goal accomplished I’ve said, “what’s next?!” instead of really savoring it. For example, when my business partner and I won our Emmy Awards last year we didn’t really stop to celebrate this huge accomplishment. We immediately dove into what we had to tackle next and that’s not good. For the next month I’m going to stop and smell the roses. I’m going to go through my Gratitude Journal, read every page, and say “thank you thank you thank you.” And I’m going to plan what’s next and get ready to conquer.

The Conquer Club

As I mentioned above, I raised my first round of funding this year for She Takes on the World Inc., and I spent a few months in an intense business incubator. All of it has been to lay the groundwork for The Conquer Club.

I can’t reveal too much yet but I will say that The Conquer Club is going to be an exclusive network and business mentorship program for women entrepreneurs. What I got out of my stint in a start-up incubator you’ll get out of The Conquer Club from our content, members, and Conquer Coaches. And it’s going to be at a price point you can afford. That’s all I can say for now but stay tuned for our big launch this fall.

So off I go to recharge my batteries so that I can serve you better, and come back to my work with more clarity passion, and purpose than ever.

xoxo Natalie

P.S. I’m one of ten finalists for Ali Brown’s Thriving Entrepreneur of the Year contest. The winner will receive a half-day session in L.A. with Ali which is worth thousands of dollars and would really help me drive the She Takes on the World mission forward. I would really appreciate it if you click here and vote for me. Thank you! *cosmic hugs*

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11 thoughts on “Can a Digital Diet Help You Conquer the World?

  1. I’m with you there.I’m limiting my social media activities these days as I’m completing a book
    project. The internet is very distracting. if not for my job, i would love to have a month-long digital sabbatical

    1. Exactly, I think more people need to take a time-out once in awhile. I’m happy I went to Europe for the first part of my digital diet because people are much more laid back and the French “joie de vivre” mentality helped me let go and enjoy.

      1. Yes – I went to the Dominican Republic for a week. I guess I should offer a disclaimer, I took a week completely off and then limited my social media for a couple of weeks. I had to unplug because it can be overwhelming at times.

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