You’re Not Going To Die

IF you don’t get the job,
the call-back,
the promotion.

If you max out your credit-cards,
wipe out your savings,
lose every cent in your checking account….

You’ll still be ok.

If your lover leaves you or
the relationship you have tirelessly nurtured withers and ends…

You’ll survive.

If you flub your words,
regretfully overstep your bounds,
feel the sting of unprovoked or provoked criticism….

The world won’t stop turning.

You’ll be OK because you’re always OK.
Have always been OK.

Examine your past.
Take the 30,000 foot view of life’s trajectory.
When have you not landed on your feet?

Has it been challenging, crushing, painfully debilitating?

Maybe you needed support.
You called the doctor, your best friend, the headhunter.
You poured a stiff drink or packed your bags for a yoga retreat.

But you are resilient.
A survivor.
You have chutzpah running through your veins and
everything about your history proves it.

So wince in shame.
Lose it all + Start over.
Get beat by the competition.

You’ll be ok.

But more than that, you’ll be a stronger, smarter, fiercer version of yourself.
And that’s way, way better than being just ‘OK.’

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2 thoughts on “You’re Not Going To Die

  1. your words are compelling but have you actually been there?  I have – I believe I’ve hit rock bottom.  I do disagree with your definition of being ‘OK’. very much so! right now all of the above has happened & I’m NOT OK! Where do I turn now? I started a p/t job while on E.I. & stopped it due to health problems – they suspended my E.I. – over a month ago – still no response even tho I’ve found another p/t job! I left a $25/hr job due to a plant closure – found contract work – until I needed a 2nd hip replacement – now I’ve found a 2nd p/t min. pay job – still no decsion on my e.i. suspension – my car payment due – utilities due – I’ve borrowed money for 2 car payments from friends – very overextended – there is NO WAY OUT!!! I don’t feel ‘stronger, smarter feircer’ only defeated by the ‘waiting’ for the system! I’m totally ready to give up I’ve no where to turn to now!  How do you make the wheels move?

  2. I’ve never lost it all, but I’ve missed landing on my feet a number of times!  I’ve been crushed &  wallowed in self-pity for a while (sometimes a long while!), but always, there’s been that glimmer of Spirit, urging me on.  If it were easy we wouldn’t gain that strength & wisdom, would we?  Thanks, Danielle! 

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