Dear Natalie: What’s Your #1 Daily Routine?

At last: The big day’s finally here!

I’m so excited to present you with the first of my brand new video series: Dear Natalie, where you and your fellow readers can ask me absolutely anything about life, business, wellness, and more.

(Also: I’m in my new apartment in the video! Isn’t it beautiful?)

This first amazing question comes from Dee, who’s been digging into the habits, rituals, and routines of highly successful people. She asks:

“Dear Natalie,

As I try to take my business to the next level, I’ve been looking at successful people and their lifestyles, from their morning routines, to what they eat, to how they unwind. I want to know all the things!

I’m wondering: Do you have a routine or practice that you can’t live without?

Thanks Natalie!


If you’ve been with us for a little while here at She Takes on the World, you’ll know this is a topic I’ve been talking a ton about lately. So, as soon as this question rolled in, I knew I had to answer it right away!

Click the video below to learn:

  • Just how early millionaires wake up in the morning, and when they start their workdays [1:20]
  • My morning ritual (and why I don’t have a crazy beeping alarm clock) [1:57]
  • Why you should always “eat the frog” first [3:48]
  • What I learned Richard Branson does to start his day when I stayed on Necker Island (his private retreat) last year [4:19]
  • The thing I used to believe I had to do to be successful, why I ditched it altogether, and what I do now [5:12]
  • … And more.

Click above to start watching right now!

This Dear Natalie series and candid Q&A is going to be a huge part of our new focus here at She Takes on the World.

So: If you have a question you’ve been burning to ask me, I invite you to send yours in to, or leave a comment below — and you could be featured on the show.

We always love getting your notes, and whether we get a chance to film your question or not, we read every single submission carefully. So don’t be shy!

Happy watching.

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