Creating Money Miracles with Denise Duffield-Thomas

5 Surprising Ways To Make More Money: An Interview With Denise Duffield-Thomas

Around this time of year — when we’ve kicked off Q3, and are on our way out of summer and into the “busy season” of fall — I start thinking a lot about money and abundance.

After all, we became entrepreneurs to change the world, and make money while we do it, right? Each and every one of us deserves to make profit from our passion, and really turn the work we love into a lucrative venture that serves our souls.

So why do so many business owners (and women in particular) struggle around money?

That’s something my friend Denise Duffield-Thomas takes on head-on in her Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp, all about helping women entrepreneurs tap into their own powerful abundance mindset, and totally change the way they think about, earn, and make the most of their money.

So this week, I’m replaying one of my all time favorite She Takes on the World interviews with money mindset mentor and Queen Lucky Bitch herself, Denise.

In this nothing-held-back interview, we get into the real reason so many women struggle to make and keep their hard-earned cash, and some priceless tips and tricks to help you create money miracles in your own life every. single. day.

Watch the interview to find out:

  • [1:15] What it really means to be a “lucky bitch”, and why Denise chose that as the cornerstone of her brand
  • [3:20] What Denise’s personal “self sabotage” mindset is, and how she tackles it
  • [5:11] The 5 steps to real money flow (and what “money flow” really means)
  • [9:12] One daily exercise that will help you track every penny that goes in and out of your account, build your appreciation for your cash flow, and help you create money miracles

Denise is one of my all-time favorite money experts, and if you’ve never seen this interview, it’s a must-watch — and a must-watch-again if you have seen it!

Then before I go, I’d love to hear a little more around your money mindset.

What’s your biggest challenge around dollars and cents right now?
Are you making money… but feel as if you’re spending it just as quickly?
Do you never feel as if you have enough money… even when your bank account is full?

Or maybe you’ve conquered some money mindset challenges recently — and you can’t wait to share about it?

Your ideas, stories, and honesty are priceless — so I welcome you to spill it all below.

See you next time!


If you want more training like this, Denise’s flagship program, Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp is a game-changing online course and thriving community that’s designed to reprogram your money mindset and revolutionize your ability to attract abundance. She’ll walk you, step by step, through a proven system for releasing your money blocks forever.

Nope, it’s not rocket science, and you DON’T need to sell your soul or worry about not being ‘perfect’ enough (whatever that means). Today I want to let you in on a secret that more than 2,400 entrepreneurs who have gone through this program have already discovered: To get truly rich, you don’t need to change who you are at all, you just need the right mindset and the right steps, and Denise will show you how. Click here to find out more!

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3 thoughts on “Creating Money Miracles with Denise Duffield-Thomas

  1. Hey, Hey! This was awesome, and a great reminder about the views we have and take on about money. I’ve been wanting to read Denise’s book this year, and so putting that on the list to read next as I know I have huge blocks around money. Thanks for sharing this goodness!

    Also, am I missing the Bonus that was mentioned in the email, don’t see it listed here: “Bonus alert! We’ve also included a gorgeous copy of your very own abundance tracker to help you appreciate and understand every penny going in and out of your business.

  2. My biggest challenge right now around money is coming up with a product/service to sell. My blog is brand new and subscribers are coming in slowly which is fine. But I still have no idea what to sell. Have been working on an e-book but not sure that’s the way to go. Should I use that to sell or as another lead magnet to grow my customer base?
    I’ve had my own business in the past and don’t have hang ups about earning money – just haven’t come up with the product I want to put out there. Have to come up with a means shortly or close the site down as SS doesn’t allow one to play around much. But have found value for myself just in taking on the responsibility of the blog and it’s content.

  3. So fun to watch and learned a lot about money. Excited to apply today’s learnings from this video and see if I can create my own money miracle this week!

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