Create New Habits: How To Make a Change and Make It Stick

Make a New Habit

Are there changes you want to make in your business and life, but every time you try to create a new habit you quickly fall off the wagon?

So many people struggle to create new habits, AND make them stick. The truth is that breaking bad habits, sticking to a plan, or forging a new routine is hard work. It takes about 30 days of consistency before something becomes a habit.

In this episode of She Takes on the World TV I’m going to share my process for creating new habits and routines in my own business and life.

As always, I want to hear what you have to say on this topic in a comment below: How do you make changes and make ’em stick?

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5 thoughts on “Create New Habits: How To Make a Change and Make It Stick

  1. Natalie,
    I love these tips!
    My most important habit is my morning routine- I loved your other post about this, btw!- I wake up every day, stretch, say specific affirmations and then I meditate. I find that the second I drop this “habit” from my life, things start to get a bit unfocused and I don’t feel as good.
    The most important way I remind myself to keep habits I’ve committed to is by writing down the “why” behind them, i.e. WHY is it important for me to meditate- (future success depends on it:)- or WHY is important for me to go sugar-free (because everyone in my family has diabetes and I’m super addicted to sugar:). These “whys” help me stay on track!
    Jill Therese

  2. Hey Natalie,
    Great tips! I also have a very simple strategy that works pretty well: if I have a great plan I just keep talking about it. The more often I say it and hear it at the same time, the more motivation I have to realize it. E.g. 2 years ago I started talking about my plan of running a marathon one day, and it helped me stick to my trainings so well that right now I am preparing for my third marathon:-)
    Keep up the great job! I love your energy !
    Greetings from Berlin, Nora

  3. These are really great tips. Loved the one about keeping tabs on your progress. I have found that the women I work with have a really difficult time maintaining a habit, so I developed training and webinars that focus on the “why” of bad habits. Why our brain fights us every step of the way. When you know the “why” the “how'” becomes easier!

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