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At least once a week I talk to someone who says, “I want to blog but it’s SOOOO hard to think of what to write about all the time!” Guess what? There’s a pretty simple process to creating blog content, and today I’m going to help you create a YEAR of blog content in one day. Yep, one day. How do I know this can be done? My record using this system was 50 pieces of content in just 6 hours! If you’re publishing weekly, well…you do the math.

Ready to get started? Join me in today’s episode of She Takes on the World TV (check out my power blogging t-shirt) and let’s blog some shit!



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To recap, here’s my process for creating loads of yummy content in just one sitting:

  1. Visit your Facebook page and crowd-source questions, comments, pain points, challenges, and suggestions from your audience. What questions do they ask that you have an answer to?
  2. Organize this feedback into a list, and don’t hesitate to add a few of your own ideas in there. I’ve found that reading through my audience’s feedback really gets my ideas flowing, too.
  3. Now go through and write a few talking points that you will use to answer each question on the list.
  4. Next, grab a camera (a webcam is fine) and RECORD YOURSELF answering those questions. Go through question by question and make sure you hit on the talking points you jotted down for each. (If you’re a video blogger, you might want to think about hiring a videographer for this step.)
  5. When you’re done recording, your videographer can edit the answers into individual videos, and voila, you have video blogs ready to go! OR, if you’re doing it yourself, cut the video into manageable chunks and send them off to a transcriptionist (you can find transcribers at the ready on Elance or oDesk).
  6. After you get the transcriptions back, give them a little love + polish to make sure the writing is in a nice blogging format, that it’s easy to understand, and grammatically correct. You can also hire a freelance editor to do this for you.
  7. Sit back + relax… Blog posts? You’ve got it covered.

My actionable for you this week is to crowd-source upcoming content, set aside a few hours to record answers to the questions you get asked, and then send them off to be transcribed so you can create loads of loads of awesome new content for your audience!


Now I want to hear from you! Do you have a content strategy that can help our community create lots of amazing content? If you do, I’d love for you to put it in a comment below!

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32 thoughts on “Create a Year of Blog Content in Just One Day

  1. One thing to watch in the search for content is to stay focussed on topics relevant to the theme of your niche, and not wander off on other paths.

    I find that using the alphabet helps. Think of your theme, and think of at least one word associated with it beginning with the letter A. You will probbably think of several, write them all down. Then write down words associated with your theme beginning with the letter B… then C… and so on, all the way to Z. You may surprise yourself that you will still come up with words for the difficult letters such as K or X, but it’s OK to skip them because you will probably have five or more words for each of the other letters. Within minutes, you will have a list of 100 or more words … each one the seed of a topic relevant to your theme.

    Then just pick one word, and write down just 3 or 4 things related to it… a question, a quote, an interesting fact, a solution to a related problem, anything related to that word, even a joke. You can even Google up some of those things. Within minutes, you will have the outlind for a blog post that is well focussed on a specific topic and relevant to your niche.

    And you still have another 100 ideas on your list. By the time you have used them all, you will have thought of another 1,000.

  2. Great idea, Natalie – thank you! I am not quite at the point where I have a community to crowd source from. There’s about 20 people on my mailing list so far, and I want to create plenty of content so I can begin promoting it, giving it away and getting more interest in my work. Do you have any recommendations for blog ideas if we’re too small to crowd source? Thanks!

    1. Even 20 people matter, and I would personally follow up with those people and ask them about questions and challenges they have. She Takes on the World started with only about 40 readers 😉 I spent a lot of time asking those people where they thought I should go with She Takes on the World. I also like to sit in cafés and write out blog post titles, and then I fill in the rest of the content later. Definitely talk to your audience though. Thanks for your comment!

  3. I get so many ideas from social media. I watch for hot topics, controversy, news and of course, whatever challenges people are posting about. I take notes on all these and write my content out on a month-to-month basis. This leaves me open to address all the fresh topics out there.

    Great video!

    1. Great tip Y.L.! I always encourage people to get a little controversial once in awhile and share their opinions. I meet so many people, especially women, who are afraid to be opinionated because they don’t want to be criticized or have people not like them.

  4. What a great idea for collecting topics, as well as producing posts for each in a quick and concise way. We have a new focus/branding initiative for the 5th anniversary of our blog about living abroad/traveling with kids. I am excited to give this a try as we are planning for posts 2x week. Thanks again for a great video!

  5. WOW Natalie, you are a genious!!! Thank you so much for this idea, and for making it easy to fing transcribers, that’s wery helpfull 🙂 Your theme for this week is just what I needed. I don’t have a web page jet, or customers, but I’ll start writting down what I think will be interesting for them, and take it from there. Thank you!

    1. You’re welcome 😉 Thanks for watching! If you haven’t launched your website yet I do have one small tip: Don’t wait until you have a whole lot of content before you launch. I see a lot of people wait until they have dozens of posts they can put up. I recommend just a few posts to get started so you can get feedback, and then continue to build from there.

  6. Hello Natalie!
    LOVED your video! Great one!
    I actually have a HUGE issues with my fans/outsourcing questions part…no one EVER gets back to me! 🙁 I tried everything from surveys, to short, one question at a time method, a question with options to choose from and even promised a free Q & A sessions, but nothing..NOTHING! Even my friends, I just beg them to ask so I could get an idea about what people might need/want so I could do blog posts and improve my products (I sell physical products). The thing is I thought that the field am working in is a very popular one; Health and beauty, and thought people have questions..but most probably am not finding the correct way to ask them or getting them excited about speaking their minds out 🙁
    Any tips?

    1. It’s hard to get responses sometimes, especially if your audience isn’t super engaged with you. I also don’t recommend getting advice from friends unless they are also your ideal customers and readers. They can skew the information and lead you further away from the content you *should* be creating.

      It can help to give away gift certificates or have a contest attached to the survey. Health and beauty is a big industry, but there’s always room for a unique angle and another voice. Tell your story, and make that a huge part of your work. There are millions of bloggers out there but none who have your story and your experiences.

    2. Natalie’s given you some great ideas, Yusi! What I’d also add is browsing through bigger blogs in your niche which, by the way, has some amazing big blogs:) And seeing what are the questions their blog readers are asking in the comments, and then, you could go ahead and answer those.. ALSO, you could join a few health and beauty product forums or FB groups and see what kind of questions people are asking there, and then, answer those:) Hope this helps!!

    1. Thanks for watching Sarah, and for commenting! I like seeing new names and faces here in the comments 🙂

  7. Fantastic video Natalie and such great advice (as always). Just what I needed particularly on the 2nd week of B-School (which you inspired me to join) and thinking of topics for the Resource section. On a superficial note, if you are hiring a videographer for the day and shooting all your content in one long session, would you suggest “Wardrobe Changes” so you are not wearing the same outfit for each video? How often are you personally shoot your videos? Thanks Natalie

    1. Thanks Lucy, and I’m so excited to be working with you in B-School! Yes, you can certainly do wardrobe changes and record a number of videos at once. For me it really depends on how much content I’ve created. I have a content journal where I write scripts and key points I want to cover. Usually once I have 5-6 posts I do a video shoot. If I record too many at once I usually don’t like the video anymore by the time I’m publishing it haha… I don’t like to hang onto content for too long because I’m always getting fresh ideas.

  8. LOVE this – I never would have thought to record and have them transcribed. That’s so easy peasy, and time-friendly as well!

    On another note – I want one of those shirts!!! Where can I find one?

    1. Hi Shai, thanks for your comment! I don’t think I’ve seen you here before 🙂 My mum and sisters went on a trip to Vancouver and found this shirt in a boutique there. As soon as they saw it they said they all looked at each other and said, “NATALIE NEEDS THIS FOR SHE TAKES ON THE WORLD TV!” 😉

  9. Brilliant strategy for content creation. I’m a freelance editor and I’ll definitely going to be using these techniques with my own clients. I get this question all the time too. Lots of my clients struggle to come up with content every week.

    The truth is that inspiration never strikes when you have carved out an hour to sit down and write. I keep a running list of ideas in my phone because they inevitably pop into my head when I don’t have a pen and paper to hand – while going for a walk or drifting off to sleep.

    1. Yup, the computer has a funny way of blocking inspiration when you sit down to write 😉 I’m glad you like the post, and thanks for your comment! I hope to see you around more often.

  10. Thanks for the tip. My idea has been to create a schedule for my newsletter (monthly) for the whole year; each month’s newsletter is the short version of the full-sized blog. That becomes the “theme” for the month, then the rest of the month I blog about that topic/theme – including guest bloggers.

  11. Hey there. Great tips. One thing that I find is a great source of ideas is actually keeping in tune with what is happening in the news in your particular community. I am bit old school this way but I have a file of newspaper clippings and magazine articles that I have found interesting. You could also keep a digital file too. I have a bunch of links in my Google Drive of things I have come across that I find interesting, like studies, research or news stories. These are great jumping off points for blog posts. There is nothing more valuable to readers than extra information, opinions or products and services that can solve a particular problem. These articles are a great way to brainstorm news ideas that are relevant and topical.

  12. Love this advice. I just blogged today when I received a couple questions by email that I knew were going to require long-winded responses. I felt like it was a waste to spend so much time writing for one person so I put the answer on my blog, on fb and on my FAQ page of my website, which I want our CSRs to refer to when they are fielding questions from our clients.

  13. Great video as usual……I love the idea of crowd sourcing your engaged audience to see what they want to know.
    I will give it a try… thank you!

  14. A great tip for blogging – thanks for posting! Once you have the questions, you can turn each one around and ask: What if you didn’t do x? What would be the result? That gives you even more content. And if you can add an anecdote or story to each one to illustrate it, that makes it even more interesting and engaging for the audience.

  15. Hi Natalie,

    Thank you for this! I’ve just created a blog/website and am having trouble getting started. I don’t exactly have an audience to crowd source. What do you recommend? I was thinking of browsing other people’s websites that are similar to what I’d want mine to be.


  16. Sounds good to me Natalie! I usually spend 5 hours on a blog post but I’m changing my style to one pain point solution post and I like your idea a lot.

    I’ve asked my crowd questions several times but I didn’t get a lot of replies. I guess I could get at least 30 questions from forums and even comments on my competitors’ blogs 😉 in about half a day though. That’s 30 blog posts in a day with no crowd…. That’s 7 1/2 months of content. I love this !

    Within three days, including transcription and editing time I can have enough content so that I can get sick, go on a holiday, do a film shoot, act in a movie and never run out of good stuff for my crowd…

    My kind of life!

    Thanks a million,

    Bisous de Paris,


  17. Hi,

    This is exactly what I needed. I already had an interview/gems form, but hadn’t really been using them for blogging. I was having a hard time coming up with topics. I’m going to write the next 6 months tomorrow.

    I just did one…



  18. Thank you for this video. I loved it!
    I write weekly for my website and I can say that many times, I have been up past midnight to try and finish the post for the next day. t’s a nightmare.
    I really love the idea of recording the blog post and then adding the transcription. I have seen this in action with as well, and I love her videos. Defintely something I cam going to try this year.

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