The Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Done

Natalie MacNeil announces The Conquer Summit 2014

I’ve got some BIG NEWS to share with you today!

As you probably already know, after having our most successful year in business yet, my team and I went on a little sabbatical. I think taking time to recharge is an important part of upleveling your business and your life. I took a vacation in England, Ireland, and Scotland with my love. I spent time working on my next book among the vineyards of France, and met with Conquer Club members in Paris. We also helped open a school in Tanzania, The Conquer Academy – it was the happiest day of my life.

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It wasn’t no work, and all play. My team and I spent a lot of time pow-wowwing on how we could create an even more amazing experience for YOU and the She Takes on the World community.

While we were brainstorming, we went back to one of the quotes that we use as a guiding principle in everything we do at She Takes on the World Inc:

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.” – Margaret Fuller (Click to tweet!)

Generosity and giving back is baked into our DNA as a company, so we started thinking, “What if we reinvested our profit back into our community and offered our next big course for free?”

And here’s the big announcement you’ve been waiting for. Drumroll please…

Our “next big course” is The Conquer Summit, and it’s going to be free.

It’s an immersive program beginning October 1st that stars 9 renowned women entrepreneurs for 9 amazing weeks of powerhouse interviews and priceless business wisdom with a goal: To help YOU create a rock-solid foundation for the profitable business you dream about – based on 3 pillars of CONFIDENCE + CLARITY + CASH.

It features a superstar lineup of women entrepreneurs like Alexis Neely, Tara Gentile, Nisha Moodley, Tahani Aburaneh, Farnoosh Torabi, Latham Thomas, Lauren Maillian-Bias, Renee Airya, and Susan Bushell. It’s going to be 9 high-octane weeks of interactive interviews, power-packed worksheets, a Live Q&A, community chats, a private Facebook group, networking opportunities, and so much more.

Whew! It actually makes me a little breathless to write all that!

To sign up for this free 9-week program, go to:

Everything we are offering in the program — television-broadcast quality interviews, workbooks, transcripts, access to a private community, etc. — is absolutely free, and it’s gonna knock your socks off.

Believe me, we’ve taken some heat from those “in the know” about offering this much for free.

Originally, the 9 weeks was going to come with a price tag of around $999. Pretty much everyone we shared this with, including our own mentors and advisers, questioned our decision to spend over $100,000 (more than what most people spend putting on paid programs) giving our community a top notch program for free. They said: “Charge the $999, or more, for all this goodness because it’s impeccable and worth it – people will never value free!” We agreed to disagree, and we hope you’ll help us prove them wrong.

You took a leap of faith when you created your biz, now we’re taking a leap too – by investing in YOU, and your business growth. You and your business matter in a profound way and we truly believe the world needs you. We’re so proud of our community of extraordinary entrepreneurs at She Takes on the World and in The Conquer Club, and we want to share in all your “a-ha” moments and breakthroughs.

I believe YOU can find blissful abundance doing your heart’s work AND help the world evolve! Join us in The Conquer Summit and join the revolution:


Click here to watch The Conquer Manifesto:

If you sign up for anything this fall (paid programs included) – make it The Conquer Summit 2014. This is an incredible opportunity that may never come along again.

You can reserve your free spot today at

As Steve Jobs said: “Here’s to the crazy ones!” Are you with us?

P.S. Don’t let your friends miss outclick here to let everyone know you’ve signed up and be sure to let me know in a comment below what you’re MOST looking forward to in The Conquer Summit 2014.

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