Show ‘Em What You Got: Why Confidence Sells

Show 'Em What You Got: Why Confidence Sells

Today I’m so happy to be sharing with you the final episode of my 3-part series with Nikki Elledge Brown, The Communication Stylist®. (If you haven’t watched the earlier installments, you can find part 1 here and part 2 here.)


In today’s episode, where we’re building on the work of the first two episodes in this series as we helped you gain clarity on your message and create copy that connects you to your audience. We’re going to cover another vitally important “C” – confidence.

When you’re promoting yourself and your business, you can’t sell a secret. You’ve got to put yourself out there and “Choose Yourself” as James Altucher says.

We know it can be a scary prospect to make yourself seen, but when you’re trying to gain media attention and traction with your audience…it’s a must-do.

In this episode, we’re going to help you get into a confidence mindset and show you how to own your expertise, your credibility, and your value. Then we’re going to walk you through the next step – how to go about really putting yourself out there. Let’s get started!

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My actionable for you this week is to share at least ONE topic you’d love to speak on in the comments below. For bonus points, you can even share one media outlet you’d love to be featured on. You never know who’s reading!


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3 thoughts on “Show ‘Em What You Got: Why Confidence Sells

  1. Hello Natalie! Thank you so much for your post! It is just what I needed in this stage of my personal branding journey. I am a newly-minted MBA graduate and I decided that I do not want to work for anyone but myself. And with that I started a YouTube channel and release new topics of interest on Mon, Thurs, and Saturday. It is tough to put yourself out there in the spotlight but if this is what I ultimately want to do, today is the day to do it! So happy I ran into this blog from my Parisian friend Jessica.

    The next topic I would like to blog about has to do with not feeling true support from friends and how actual support can come from unimaginable places, like blogs such as yours, or an enthusiastic church member. I would love to be featured on magazines that appeal to women in their 20s and up. I believe I can make a true impact to this audience.

  2. I’m so glad I came across this today and your site, Natalie! I’m in the process right now of creating my own online course and have been on Nikki’s site many times – as she was referenced by my course teacher David Siteman Garland, who showcases her course A Course About Copy. It was kismet I came across this series today -especially this confidence one as I’m feeling anxious with creating content right now for my course. I immediately sat down and did my Pros and Confidence list – and sat back and said “Heck, yeah, I need to share what I know to help people!” I think there will be much re-visiting that list in the coming weeks 🙂 .

    Building a support community around you while you build your new venture is so critical too. As an author, I have learned we can write alone but we can’t get published alone – or succeed alone! I think this crosses over to any sort of career.

    Thanks for the boost of confidence and tips on how to put yourself out there and still be “you”. Wishing you both continued success!

  3. Hi Natalie! Great interview and series! listening to Nikki’s journey has really boosted my confidence to trust myself more and KEEP investing in myself and my blog.
    Thank you! You ladies rock 🙂

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