Change Your Business Name, Up Your Business Game: An Interview With Carol Leaman

Natalie MacNeil interview with Carol Leaman

Several years ago, as I was driving along a highway in the Czech Republic, a David Guetta song playing on the radio (“The World is Mine”) along with an enormous sign proclaiming “The World is Yours” gave me an epiphany: in a total “aha” moment, I made an important decision about my career path and the seed for She Takes on the World was planted.

I love the name of my business and from what I hear, you do, too. But what happens when the universe doesn’t give you such an obvious sign? What if you question the name of your business? Or worse, your customers don’t seem to get the connection or even get your name right? It might be time for a change.

In this week’s episode of She Takes on the World TV, Carol Leaman, CEO of Axonify and an unstoppable force of nature in business, talks about the importance of a name and when it’s okay to change it. Listen in on this exclusive interview, right here:

So, to recap my chat with Carol, here are five key takeaways to consider when you’re trying to decide if you should change your business or product name:

  1. Ask yourself, does my company name resonate with my customers, and do people feel engaged with the name?
  2. When your name becomes a topic of conversation that isn’t good, you have to seriously consider a name change so your business can reach its fullest potential.
  3. Be cautious when including a number in your company’s name because people forget numbers.
  4. If your name isn’t working or resonating with customers, change it as early on in your business as possible.
  5. Ask for the opinion of others when deciding on a new name and test it on your customers before making a final decision.

Now, I want to hear from YOU: Have you ever had to change the name of your business or a product? How did you make that decision, and what tips do you have to share with our readers based on YOUR experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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15 thoughts on “Change Your Business Name, Up Your Business Game: An Interview With Carol Leaman

  1. I recently changed the name of my colour business from to The Colour Option. I have created justcolour some 3 years ago and haven’t earned real money from it. I consulted a numerologist and change the name based on her recommendation. And it just feels right now. I have changed by name slightky from Lientjie to Lien. It just feels more grown up.

  2. I am having a REALLY tough time finding the right biz name for my company. I have several offerings related to pregnancy, birth, postpartum, babies and mamas. It’s so hard trying to find something that ties all of it together… at this point, I just started using my own name. Help!

    1. Don’t know your business, but using your own name makes it unique and gets you known. Try adding a title to it, along the lines of “The mamma’s mamma” – something that suggests you are a leader in what you do. Wish you success!

    2. How about ‘Before and After Nine Months’ or ‘Belly, Baby and Beyond’ or ‘From Belly to Baby and Beyond’ Too long I suppose… just came to me 🙂 Good Luck!! Or ‘It’s all about You, Baby’ – kind of a mix meaning of it’s all about the babe and/or the mom.

  3. How long, Natalie, before you need to change “she conquers” to “she conquered” the world 🙂

    This is timely advice. I am starting a new business which will go worldwide – but the name I’ve been thinking of is spelt differently on each side of The Atlantic, and I now see how important it could be to avoid that conflict. If it was “wrongly” spelt, Google might suggest the alternative spelling, but I can’t rely on that, and it looks bad. Back to the drawing board with that detail 🙂

    1. VERY important point to consider Steve, and thank you for raising the issue about ’round the world spelling challenges. In America English words are spelled differently than they are globally, like neighbour, honour, organize, etc. It’s important to consider this in your name!

      Thanks for your comment Steve 🙂

  4. Great interview. I really liked her comment advising if you don’t love it change it. The challenge is as Michelle says coming up with a great name that hasn’t already been taken.

    1. Yes, it’s so hard to get a .com domain name these days but I do think alternatives like .co and .net are okay. You can always use your name too if you’re finding it’s really difficult to come up with something that feels good. There are also professional branding and naming experts who can help if you really want to find the perfect name!

  5. I agree with Karen, the biggest challenge is finding a great name that hasnt already been taken. Every time I think I got the perfect name, a google search brings me back to reality and to square one again. No one would ever think that something so simple as finding the right name would be so important and so hard to accomplish.

  6. What about using your name? Or you can post a little more about your business here and I’ll see if anything clicks for me in terms of suggestions for you 😉

  7. Thanks for the brainstorming sesh! There are several businesses in my neck of the woods that has names such as the belly birth and beyond. Wanted to just do it as my name but the domain is already taken..

  8. Great topic & informative interview. I have been struggling to find the perfect name for my new pearl jewelry business (fresh, modern takes on classic designs, hand tied with love) and your interview confirms how important it is! Does anyone have ideas beyond using my own name or “pearls, shells, jewelry”?

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