Passion & Purpose


This week was one I won’t soon forget. It was a simple hashtag that swept the internet – it could be seen on every social media platform, across a huge span of women and some men: #Metoo. The movement was started by Alyssa Milano, who asked women on Twitter to tweet “Me too” if they’d […]

Superhuman September Part 2: Your 5×5 Plan

Welcome back! I want to start this blog post by addressing something: I know it might feel like the world is spiraling further and further into turmoil right now. Between storms, political motions here in the U.S. turning the clock backwards on equality and our understanding of our shared humanity, and dark clouds of conflict […]

“How Do I Write a Book?” My Step-By-Step Guide

Since my book launch I’ve had a lot of people come up to me at events or send me emails asking, “How do I write a book?!” So I decided to create this guide to writing a book. It’s no surprise that writing a book is one of the most popular bucket list items, even […]

The Opposite of Safe is Creative

No one aspires to be boring. No one wakes up in the morning and thinks, “Today, I’m going to do my best to be average. I’m going to fly under the radar, blend in, and be ordinary.” And yet, this is what most of us do, day in and day out. We bide our time, […]

Perfection Doesn’t Make You Better, It Just Spins Your Wheels

You know what? This moment of starting something new is an ideal moment to spin wheels and … do nothing. What will they think?  Will they like what I write? I need to find the perfect topic that will blow everyone away. Or they’ll think I’m boring and that I’ve got nothing of value to […]

Five Daily Mantras to Supercharge Your Day

How you spend the first hour of your day determines how the rest of your day goes, and what you will accomplish. Some of the key things that the world’s most successful entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and Tony Robbins avoid doing first thing in the morning include reading emails and planning tasks for the day […]

How to Find Your Purpose: 7 Questions to Think About

Do you look at online powerhouses who are rocking it with their brands and think, “If only I knew what my passion and purpose is like *insert name here* does” or “I wish I knew what I really wanted to be doing.” If you are trying to find your passion and purpose for being here […]

Are You Sure There’s Nothing Else You Can Do?

You’re not getting the results you want, and it’s not your fault — or so it seems. As a breakthrough-performance catalyst, it’s my job to deliver the tough news that makes an impact. To shine a light on the invisible harnesses that hold us back. It’s my way of loving my clients. So are you […]

Headed in the Wrong Direction? It’s Time to Pivot

I want to let you in on a secret. It’s a little known fact, so be careful who you share it with. We entrepreneurs, rarely, if ever, do we get this whole business thing right the first time. Shocking, I know. More often than not, entrepreneurs run head-on into a brick wall of unknowns. When […]

If You Want Something, Ask

“Ask and ye shall receive.” Try it. Enough with the vacillating. Extinguish the proverbial second guess. You deserve what you want, so speak up! Few people are mind readers.  We can’t expect others to just “know.” When you cease to express your needs, wants, and desires, you suspend the right to be disappointed when you don’t get what you […]