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Lessons Learned From An Awkward Date

Last week I went on a date that derailed. There was a moment or two I wished a door would appear out of nowhere just so I could run away.  And yet? I’m glad it happened. There’s a lesson in everything.  To give you a little context, my dating life is important to me right now. […]

On Superhuman Surrender

Last week I had the wildest experience of my life at the beach — and I wanted to make sure I shared it with you right away. With our big launch edging ever-closer, I’ve spent the past month or so stuck inside and glued to my laptop, and last week I was officially worn out. […]

Superhuman September Part 3: Out With The Old

Filled-up journals. Clothes and shoes I don’t wear anymore. Old files on my laptop. Half-finished ideas that never took shape. Habits that no longer serve me. Those are just a few of the things I’ll be donating, recycling, deleting, and throwing away this month. Why’s that? Because in my mind: September is the new January! […]

Dear Future Natalie… Love, 2015 Natalie

Last week, I stumbled across a very special envelope in my desk drawer. It wasn’t just any envelope. It was well worn from travel, and addressed to me — in my own handwriting. For two years, I convinced myself not to tear it open… but standing in my apartment in that moment, I finally felt […]

Dear Natalie: How Has L.A. Changed Your Business?

Oh, my new home in Los Angeles, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Your beaches. Your sunshine. Your total lack of winter. Your beautiful, bustling population of creatives. Did I mention the sunshine? (OK – I’ll stop counting now… and you’ll notice L.A. traffic did not make that list.) However, some […]

When Alignment Hurts Like Hell

You’ve returned! And so have I. 🙂 Welcome back for Part 3 of The Reflection Series. I’m so excited to be continuing this story for you, and chronicling my journey from the past few years that’s now paving the way for the all-new She Takes on the World that’s coming soon. Haven’t taken a look […]

Superhuman Health Recap! (And a little confession.)

A few weeks ago we wrapped up my Superhuman Entrepreneur series, where I sat down with my personal team of doctors, and dished the details on my road back to health after burnout. However, as the saying goes, though: All things must come to an end. That’s why I wanted to take some time to […]

Eat Your Way to a Happier, More Productive Day

Welcome to the 5th and final episode of Superhuman Entrepreneur, a video series on She Takes on the World TV where I’m interviewing my fantasy team of doctors who help me stay energized and healthy – mind, body, and soul – even when things are crazy in my business. (Haven’t checked out the rest of the […]

Stressed out? Here are the best natural ways to keep calm

And we’re back! Welcome to the fourth episode of Superhuman Entrepreneur, a video series on She Takes on the World TV, where you get a chance to learn from the amazing team of doctors responsible for keeping me, and entrepreneurs around the world, healthy, energized, and sane, no matter how busy business gets behind the […]

How to Avoid Overachiever Burnout

One of the things I’m most proud of as an entrepreneur is my ability to really go hard after, and achieve, my goals. But (surprise surprise) that’s a mixed blessing. It turns out my ability to push myself at high levels can result in some serious repercussions for my health! Can you relate? For example, […]

How to care for your energy when things get busy

Glad to see you again! It’s time for episode 3 of Superhuman Entrepreneur, where I sit down with my personal team of doctors to give you the best tips for staying energized, sane, and healthy as you run your business (even when things get crazy). If you haven’t watched the earlier episodes yet, be sure […]

Superhuman Health Hacks for Busy Entrepreneurs with Dr. Isaac Jones

Welcome back to another edition of Superhuman Entrepreneur, where we’re getting up close and personal with the amazing team of doctors responsible for helping me optimize my health, stay energized and focused, and feel great — even when I’m at my busiest in my business. Now, I’m so excited to share these incredible people with […]

How To Become A Superhuman Entrepreneur

Today we’re beginning a very special new series of She Takes on the World TV, that’s unlike anything I’ve ever shared with you before. I was inspired to create this series after the launch of my book The Conquer Kit, which was published at the tail end of a 6-month period of massive growth in […]

The Pinterest Problem: How To Focus On What Matters Most

The Pinterest Problem: How To Focus On What Matters Most

Happy September! I always get fired up in September. It’s one of my favorite months. I spent the last couple weeks of August settling into my new Los Angeles home, and taking long strolls along the Santa Monica beachfront. My partner snapped this amazing shot on one of our walks: If I was in my Canadian […]

How To Fit In A Business Retreat This Weekend

Finding time to plan out the next year when you’re distracted by the dirty dishes and a full Netflix queue can prove to be quite challenging. That’s why I’m a big advocate of retreats — each year when our Conquer Club Inner Circle group gets together for our Conquer Retreat, our members go away feeling rejuvenated […]

Time Management Tips From Natalie MacNeil

My #1 Time Management Tip To Put You On The Right Track

How are you spending the two most precious resources in your business? In case you’re wondering, I’m talking about your TIME and your ENERGY. (Kind of a big deal, right?) Figuring out where you’re focusing your hours is key. It will help you pin down what you need to outsource (or automate!) and free you […]

What’s So Great About Working From A Home Office?

Today I’m thinking about all the great things being location independent gives us globe-trotting entrepreneurs…freedom to go where want, when we want, and still grow our heart-centered businesses. (Earlier this year I wrote a post giving you my best tips and tricks for keeping your business running smoothly while you’re traveling — and if you have the travel bug like […]

Natalie MacNeil talks about connecting with your inner child

Why You Need To Connect To Your Inner Child

Today we’re going to talk about connecting with your inner child… Do you remember what it was like to be a kid? To daydream? To imagine yourself in incredible scenarios of heroism, success, and love without hesitation? What if I told you that thinking like a kid could actually make you more successful? I shot […]

Natalie MacNeil talks about setting boundaries with your clients

How To Create Boundaries To Protect Your Energy

Today, I want to talk to you about a critical part of being an entrepreneur and a growing business owner: setting healthy boundaries. I know, I know. It’s easier said than done. I know a ton of entrepreneurs who’ve unintentionally harmed their businesses by not setting limits and drawing a line in the sand when […]

Natalie MacNeil talks about the power of being a black sheep

The Power Of Being A Black Sheep

Have you ever just wanted to fit in more? Have you ever wished people just got you and understood what you’re all about? If you’re sitting there thinking yes, then chances are good you’re surrounding yourself with the wrong people. In today’s episode of She Takes on the World TV, I’m going to talk to […]

Natalie MacNeil on how she makes big decisions

How I Make Big Decisions

Today, I want to get into something every business owner wrestles with: How to make big decisions. As an entrepreneur, you’re making decisions every day… Some decisions are really pretty insignificant, like what to post on Instagram. Other decisions, like… What your next big focus will be… Launching that course you’ve been dreaming about… Finding […]

Natalie MacNeil interviews Nisha Moodley during Week 2 of The Conquer Summit

The Path To Freedom With Nisha Moodley

Gaining clarity and finding your purpose can be a real challenge, especially when we’re enmeshed in so much busyness in our day-to-day lives. But finding (and focusing on) your purpose every day can also bring great freedom and incredible personal success. This is something my friend Nisha Moodley and I talked about during our Conquer […]

Natalie MacNeil talks about confidence

7 Ways To Get Your Groove Back After A Mess Up

Today I’m bringing you the last installment in a very special, three-part series on self confidence, sponsored by Invisalign® clear aligners, and today we’re going to be talking about those big embarrassing, “I hope no one saw that,” screw ups that happen to all of us. More importantly, we’re talking about how to get over […]

Natalie MacNeil talks about her upcoming sabbatical

Can A Sabbatical Help You Soar?

Gone swimmin’ here at She Takes on the World…   If you’ve been in my community for a little while you probably know that every once in a while my team and I take a sabbatical. I love having this time to reflect, refocus, and recharge our batteries so that we can be of highest […]

Natalie MacNeil on how to trust your intuition

The Most Powerful Secret Weapon for Success

What if I told you that your biggest secret weapon in business is always at your disposal, and that it’s absolutely free?!! You’d be using it all the time to get ahead in business and life, right? But trust me, not nearly enough people are taking advantage of this amazing gift. What is it??? I’m […]

Natalie MacNeil will show you how to take a digital diet to boost productivity and regain focus

My Favorite Diet (One That Will Help Your Business)

If you’ve ever felt like you’re a slave to your digital device, caught up in a never-ending cycle of constantly checking your email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and just when you take a minute to step away – Ping! – another notification pops up to pull you back in, then this episode of She Takes on […]

The Five Things I Do To Make Big Things Happen

This blog post is being brought to you by Visa Small Business. When I was in school, I was lovingly called “Natalie ‘Make It Happen’ MacNeil” for the number of things I managed to successfully juggle at the same time. Now I prefer to focus on making one big thing happen at a time, and […]

have more fun get more done

Have More Fun and Get More Done With Reward Goals

In the third grade my teacher had super-sized stickers that you could earn for things like a fantastic book report, near-perfect math test, or simply by helping out a classmate. Getting that sticker made achieving my third grade goals so much more fun. Today a sticker just isn’t going to cut it when it comes […]