Lessons Learned

What I Have Learned From…Running

I have always disliked running. I haven’t disliked running because of the exercise itself, I disliked running because of how it made me feel physically and emotionally. When I ran, my breathing was labored and I would get a metallic taste in my mouth and a debilitating side cramp after only running 5 short minutes. […]

Why You Should NOT Wait for a Clear Vision Before You Move Forward

Whenever I’m speaking to entrepreneurs—whether they are around the country or around the world—I’m always asked to share my now famous “ATM Story”. It’s one I kept close to the vest for years, because I was too embarrassed to reveal it. But today, I know it’s important to share. And why. You see, we always […]

Enough With Feeling Guilty

“I shouldn’t be into him, but I totally am. Shouldn’t I be looking for someone who makes more money?” “That corner office.  I want it. I feel bad for letting my ambition consume me, but I want my name on that door more than I want anything else.” “Everyone I know is settling down.  I guess […]

You’re Not Going To Die

IF you don’t get the job, the call-back, the promotion. If you max out your credit-cards, wipe out your savings, lose every cent in your checking account…. You’ll still be ok. If your lover leaves you or the relationship you have tirelessly nurtured withers and ends… You’ll survive. If you flub your words, regretfully overstep […]

Why Being Positive Pays in the Workplace

How do you feel when a coworker compliments your outfit? How about when your supervisor sends out a friendly email to the entire company praising your hard work on a tough project? Or when your department is stressed out on the deadline for an assignment but still finds the time to send one another a […]

Are You Sure There’s Nothing Else You Can Do?

You’re not getting the results you want, and it’s not your fault — or so it seems. As a breakthrough-performance catalyst, it’s my job to deliver the tough news that makes an impact. To shine a light on the invisible harnesses that hold us back. It’s my way of loving my clients. So are you […]

How to Change Your Life One Habit at a Time

It’s a constant niggle in the back of your mind.  Those changes you know you need to make. Exercise regularly.  Cut out the unhealthy snacks.  Start your day with yoga or meditation.  Floss.  Make your office clutter free. You have the best of intentions.  But somehow it all seems to fizzle out. You tell yourself […]

Business and Life Advice Circa 2077

This post is written circa 2077 and part of the Visions of the Future bloggers network, a group of bloggers inspired by the new TV series Continuum. The one hour police drama tells the story of Kiera Cameron, a regular cop from 65 years in the future who finds herself trapped in present day Vancouver […]

How to Recognize the Disney Princess in Your Office

They may not whistle while they work but chances are you’ve worked alongside an employee who has all the characteristics of a Disney Princess. What could be so bad about that? Aren’t princesses usually kind and helpful? More often than not, they have a bad workplace trait ranging from laziness to bossiness leaving you forced […]

Teaching for Others, Teaching for Self

Do we teach for others or for our own self? Professional teachers might consider their vocation a privilege to help shaping students’ worldview and character. If you’re a coach, a mentor, or a trainer, then you are a teacher too, naturally. And all teachers teach for both others and themselves. That’s what I love about […]

Eye Contact Pitfalls to Avoid in Your Business Videos

Our eyes communicate our feelings – including comfort and discomfort. Few things project our emotions as well or as rapidly as the eyes. Humans have relied on looking into someone’s eyes for thousands of years to get an understanding of how the other person is feeling and whether or not they are telling us the truth.

How to Choose Your Online Video Background

A great way to communicate important messages to your target audience is the tried and true “talking head” video – where you speak directly to a camera. Simple and versatile – you can be humorous or serious, informative or promotional – however…

Time Management: Why You Need To Stop Stealing

Image courtesy of Shutterstock Back in March I wrote a post that was pretty popular on Forbes Work in Progress blog called How to Catch a Time Thief and Get More Done. The essence of this post, as you can imagine was how to reclaim your time, and more importantly put it to better use. […]

Get Out of Debt: Put Your Money On Auto Pilot

Image courtesy of Shutterstock When it comes to paying off debt, most people focus on cutting out small items, like lattes.  But it’s the BIG WINS that matter most, according to author of The New York Times best-selling book and blog I Will Teach You To Be Rich, Ramit Sethi.  For example, he points out […]

In Her Heels: Interview with Kristen Ruby

Joining me today is Kristen Ruby, the President and Founder of Ruby Media Group LLC. Kristen is a Social Media Specialist and Public Relations Consultant that specializes in social media optimization and branding in real time. I know Kristen as a bundle of energy and a natural networker who really cares about the relationships she […]

August 26, 2010: Women’s Equality Day

Image courtesy of Shutterstock August 26 officially marks 90 years since American women have been allowed to vote. Most anniversaries are nostalgic, with the news media hauling out newsreel footage from their archives to give viewers a glimpse of a world they barely recognize. But for women’s equality, how different are things than they were […]

Queen of Your Own Life: Interview with Kathy Kinney and Cindy Ratzlaff

I just finished reading Queen of Your Own Life and I’m excited to be interviewing the authors today. Kathy Kinney and Cindy Ratzlaff are highly accomplished women and best friends. Kathy is best known for playing Mimi Bobeck on The Drew Carey Show. She has appeared in several films and television shows and toured the […]

Winning Strategies for Starting a Business Part 1 of 3

This is a guest series by Jane Wesman. Jane is the president of Jane Wesman Public Relations, Inc., a firm that creates high impact book publicity campaigns for publishers and writers. She is also the author of Dive Right In -The Sharks Won’t Bite: The Entrepreneurial Woman’s Guide to Success. Do you dream about starting […]

Part 2 of My Interview with Sabrina Parsons: Business Lessons

In Part 1 of my interview with the extraordinary Sabrina Parsons, CEO of Palo Alto Software, she discussed business planning, work-life balance, and how she manages to be a Mommy CEO. She says, “I am not sure you can ever really balance your life between work and home if your career is important to you” […]

My Financial Story and the Money Lessons I’ve Learned

From my recent poll, it seems readers want me to talk more about business, entrepreneurship, and money -so here it goes! Since I will be talking more about personal finance, business finance, and other money matters I thought I should tell you more about my personal finances, lessons I’ve learned and my loving relationship with […]