Can A Sabbatical Help You Soar?

Natalie MacNeil talks about her upcoming sabbatical

Gone swimmin’ here at She Takes on the World…


If you’ve been in my community for a little while you probably know that every once in a while my team and I take a sabbatical. I love having this time to reflect, refocus, and recharge our batteries so that we can be of highest service to you.

I actually first got this idea from my friend Danielle LaPorte who also does a yearly sabbatical with her team to go away and create brand new stuff and rebirth products that they’ve offered in the past. Likewise, when we come back, I’ll have a bunch of new awesome stuff for you and we’ll be on a brand new set for She Takes on the World TV.

Join me for the video below to find out more!


Click here to watch my video message about taking a sabbatical:

My actionable for you this week is to actually think about  taking your own sabbatical. I’d urge you to consider how closing your doors for just a few weeks might really benefit your business plans and your personal life, allowing you time for regrouping and reinventing, too.


I’m so excited to bring your more soaring inspiration and practical advice for your business and your life. Have a lovely few weeks and I’ll see you soon!

xoxo Natalie

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6 thoughts on “Can A Sabbatical Help You Soar?

  1. The idea of taking a sabbatical sounds a little scary to me! But in fact, I did take some active time off this year and it felt GREAT. Rejuvenating – and so good for creativity.

    Enjoy 🙂

    1. Sooo glad to hear this, Razwana! Do you think you’ll make taking a sabbatical an annual thing? I highly recommend it.

  2. I took a sabbatical for the month of July and August. Rethinking strategies that have not worked in the past and starting over! I have decided to follow the lead on past successes and starting from there. Interested in your take on this Natalie!

    1. You’re absolutely on the right track, Maureen. So many times we get stuck doing what we’ve been doing for so long (sometimes out of sheer busy-ness) that we don’t actually take the time to evaluate what’s working and what we’re wasting our time on. Definitely build upon what has worked for you in the past. If you’ve seen success in certain areas, you can certainly grow it to be even more successful!

  3. I took July and August off, traveled and spent more time with friends and family. I’m relaxed and more clear how I wanted to show up in the world. I’m even more inspired to write my weekly newsletter, which I had abandoned a few months ago. In fact I wrote 4 of them today 🙂

  4. Hi Natalie,

    Thanks for this.

    I find that if I sit at home in front of the laptop for too long without taking a break to do something fun, or traveling somewhere, I become very bored, and very boring!

    So, travel is an integral part of my business model now 🙂

    I am more creative when I travel and therefore can offer more to my clients.


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