The Hedgehog Versus The Fox: A Lesson in Business Strategy

How To Be A Hedgehog (And Rock Your Business Strategy)

If you could choose to be a hedgehog or a fox, which would you rather be? I know, foxes are cunning and sleek creatures while hedgehogs are just…well, prickly. But when it comes to building your business as an online entrepreneur, you’re going to want to be a hedgehog. Trust me.

In today’s episode I’m going to talk about what we entrepreneurs can learn from the humble little hedgehog, and how this prickly guy can help your business in a big way!


So can you turn from a fox into a hedgehog? You bet! And with my “Hedgehog Mindset Makeover” worksheet downloadable, we’ll shift your mindset and simplify your business strategy in 5 easy steps. To grab your FREE worksheet, click below:


My actionable for you this week is to download the “Hedgehog Mindset Makeover” worksheet and apply these 5 steps to figure out what your hedgehog vision for your business is.

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I’d love to hear from you in a comment below – Are you already a hedgehog? Or are you currently a fox in business?

Cosmic hugs,

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P.S. This concept was first outlined in a business sense in Good to Great, written by Jim Collins, and has been taught in business schools and programs around the world. This credit was missed in the video, but it was our intention to give credit where it is due within our episode for this amazing concept.

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