The Pinterest Problem: How To Focus On What Matters Most

The Pinterest Problem: How To Focus On What Matters Most

Happy September! I always get fired up in September. It’s one of my favorite months. I spent the last couple weeks of August settling into my new Los Angeles home, and taking long strolls along the Santa Monica beachfront. My partner snapped this amazing shot on one of our walks:

Natalie - Santa Monica Beach

If I was in my Canadian home, I’d be switching my closet over to fall clothes, sipping pumpkin spice lattes, and embracing the cooler weather as I time to push forward on our biggest projects. I was a little worried September wouldn’t feel the same here in the endless summer that is California but sure enough, when the first of the month rolled in so did my September energy surge and I’ve been on a roll implementing all kinds of stuff in our business.

At She Takes on the World and in our signature incubator The Conquer Club, we are all about helping entrepreneurs actually take action and implement because let’s be honest, inspiration without implementation is kinda meaningless! That’s why today I’m excited to kick off a brand new series I’ve created for you with our Conquer Club Community Manager Kelly Azevedo.

In this first installment we’re taking a look at we like to call “The Pinterest Problem” – that feeling of being over-inspired that you get when you’ve been browsing Pinterest for an hour (or five!!).

Just looking at ideas feels like you’re making progress, but in reality…you haven’t gotten a Single. Thing. Done. Can you relate?

Today we’re going to help you swim through that sea of over-inspiration and teach you 3 important strategies to find your focus and start taking action on what really matters:

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Be sure to grab your implementation download! Because inspiration without action is kinda meaningless.

To help put what you’re learning from today’s episode into action, we offer a FREE bonus worksheet with each new episode of She Takes on the World TV, exclusively for our amazing tribe of subscribers. This week’s PDF download is “My Later List” template.

A “later list” is a perfect place for documenting all those great ideas that you want to implement in your business but that don’t fit into your current goals for the year. Print out this downloadable and keep this list handy and you won’t lose track of your next big idea!

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The Conquer Club Member Spotlight

With a new implementation series for She Takes on the World underway, we’re also debuting a new feature to showcase members from our Conquer Club who are taking action and getting incredible results. This week we’re meeting Jul’s Arthur, founder of Jul’s Arthur Organizing.

Jul's Arthur

“I’m on a mission to help women simplify their lives and businesses, so they have more calm and time to create lives that fulfill them, not overwhelm them. I want to help women know deeply they are enough, and don’t need more ‘stuff’ or information to be enough.

While I knew what I was passionate about, I lacked a community of supportive and knowledgeable like-minded women, and I was afraid to reach out for help and support from others in growing my business, especially online.

Since joining The Conquer Club, I’ve learned how to embrace my fear and keep taking action. I don’t feel totally alone and lost in a vacuum of overwhelm. I’ve launched a new website, created multiple money revenue streams, and connected with other awesome women entrepreneurs around the globe.

Though I’ve often wanted to give up, this community of caring, real, involved, and supportive women has had my back. I’m so proud that I’ve stayed the course and pushed through my fear.”

Jul’s is a great example of what can happen when you push ahead in spite of your obstacles, and consistently keep working towards your goals. I hope this episode and worksheet will help YOU to find your focus and take action on what matters most.

I hope this episode helps you refocus on what matters most. I’d love for you to share in the comments below what you’re going to move onto your Later List or Biz Backburner Notebook and what you’re recommitting to achieving before the end of the year. We’re here to support you in making your big business dreams a reality.

September, bring it on!

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6 thoughts on “The Pinterest Problem: How To Focus On What Matters Most

  1. Loved this episode and the Later List! However, when I tried to signup, it won’t let me type in my name but it is a required field! Help! How can I get the form? Thanks!

  2. What the heck Natalie! You’ve moved to Santa Monica! Whoa girl. Good for you. We are still in Manhattan Beach. . . we’d love to see you and catch up. If you are in the area, give us a buzz and we can meet up, walk or grab a bite.

  3. Great episode. I am by nature a researcher and can want too much research before I take action. I am in the middle of a launch and finishing curriculum for my last quarter tasks. Had planned these since the beginning if the year and feels good to be on track.

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