Five Daily Mantras to Supercharge Your Day

How you spend the first hour of your day determines how the rest of your day goes, and what you will accomplish.

Some of the key things that the world’s most successful entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and Tony Robbins avoid doing first thing in the morning include reading emails and planning tasks for the day ahead. I completely agree. Email should come later on in the morning and planning for the day should always be done the night before.

So how should you start the day? Everyone is going to have a routine that works best for them, but I think it’s best to start your day by getting centered, and setting a strong intention for what you want to do, and how you want to feel.

I begin with yoga followed by meditation, and positive mantras and success affirmations. In today’s episode of She Takes on the World TV I share the five mantras I use to kick off every day, and I think they’ll help you stay focused and reach your goals too!

I’d love for you to leave a comment and let me know how you start your day. If you have any mantras or affirmations you use, I’m sure our community would also love to hear them!

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24 thoughts on “Five Daily Mantras to Supercharge Your Day

  1. I don’t like new format of video. I cannot always watch video – due to sound constraints. I have to schedule my video playing, so as not to interrupt others and have sound available. I would appreciate text plus video.
    I know “they” say this is the year of the video – but it isn’t for me.
    Or many others due to bandwidth issues as well.

    1. Hi Darleen, sorry to hear you’re not liking the videos and I totally get that some people can’t just press “play” depending where they are. I’m completely redoing, and we’ll be launching the new site next month. We’ll continue to produce a lot of written content but my personal content will now primarily be the episodes of She Takes on the World TV. If it’s helpful for people I can see about the costs on getting all the videos transcribed so that a script is posted along with the new video each week. We’ll look into it and appreciate your feedback!

  2. These are excellent mantras and are now a permanent part of my ‘Mantras & Affirmations’ list that I keep on the wall above my desk! I’ve been waiting for this video since your last one about burning bridges. Both have been exactly what I’ve needed. Thank you, Natalie!

    1. Yay! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the videos and that my mantras can be part of your daily routine now. I’ll be back with a new episode next week, sharing how I reach out to celebrity entrepreneurs and niche rockstars for mentorship, advice, interviews, and more.

  3. What a great post and video! I’ve recently discovered the power of using affirmations and positive thoughts to create your intentions for the day. Mine aren’t business related by every morning I spend at least 20 minutes in meditation and go through some mental mantras. For example: Today I choose to be happy. I choose love. I choose loving thoughts, etc. to put my mind in a positive and loving state. I think I’ll definitely adopt some of the ones you mentioned too!

    1. Awesome JoAnne, and good point about the positive affirmations that aren’t business related. I focused these ones towards entrepreneurs but when I’ve visited ashrams on my travels they always start the day with “Today I choose happiness and love.” It’s a great state of mind to go off into your day with!

  4. Thanks Natalie,This video is just what I needed! How did you know? As a new business owner I feel like I am constantly trying to juggle way too many things at once. I have even tried to meditate while taking my Bar method class thinking I could save a little time!) I think I will try your advice and schedule my meditation separately,maybe I will get more out of it. Sometimes we just need a little nudge,or for me….a swift kick! Thanks for a push in the right direction.

    1. I’m so glad to hear it Susan 🙂 Even if you can start by committing 2 minutes every morning and every evening it would be a fantastic start. Like I said, it has taken me awhile to build up to the time I sit on my meditation mat for now –I could barely do 10 seconds when I was in China! I’ll be doing some more short guided meditations for our community here in the future. Stay tuned!

  5. Natalie,

    I have been enjoying this episode, because as you know, I used the meditstion to attract …YOU and The Conquer Club;-)

    The power of meditation and mandras is amazing! Thank you;-)

  6. As a fellow yogini and entrepreneur I looooove the topic. Mantras can be quite powerful (especially the sankrit version as the sounds hold a specific vibration) but it’s not for everyone to chant hindu mantras 🙂

    I think affirmations are great as long as you infuse power into them.

    (Sneak peak of my next blog 😉 To infuse power you MUST :
    1) truly believe what you are saying (faking it does not work))
    2) you must feel it. Feelings and emotions are the spark that will ignite your mantras (or intentions) and transform them into real manifestations.

  7. “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better & better!” “Lord, lead me to the women you want on my team. I place my trust & effort with You.”
    Now I’ll be adding a couple of your mantras/affirmations, Natalie. Thanks!

  8. On my New Years resolution, I added developing a daily meditation with God every morning. So far it works best for me. However I am really intrigued with the whole affirmation and positive mantra you’ve discussed on your video. Guess its time for me to read more about it and see if it works for me

  9. Hello Natalie,
    I have come to this site many times just to watch this video 😉 , I haven’t made it my daily routine yet but this will change tomorrow. I am grateful that you shared this with us. Thank you!

    1. That’s great to hear Karina 🙂 Try to stick with it for a whole month and then it will be a habit! xoxo

  10. Awesome video. I will definitely add these to my current mantras. I have my mantras programmed into my phone as reminders throughout the day, For instance, at noon, the phrase “Everything is going my way” will flash across the screen, I usually need to be reminded of that around that time.

  11. I think these mantras are incredibly powerful and I am excited to try them- well more than try them- to incorporate them into my daily routine! Also, your outfit is adorable- I love it!

  12. LOVE IT! I stopped doing my mantras in the past like 10 years since I became a Mom and I do not know why! I used to attract very high paying customers (in a different field) and used to have ABUNDANT confidence. Well, as we attract all things with our minds, I began a meditation course here in NJ with this lovely woman, Linda Armstrong, and it’s only been two classes and I am attracting, and journaling and manifesting crazy new, inspiring and exciting things in my business. Not to mention, I have been a chiller mom!
    Thanks Natalie!!!!!!

  13. Here’s a few mantras I’ve been focused in this year:
    1. Done is better than perfect!
    2. Permission granted to have a ridiculous amount of fun!
    3. “Show up” every moment with a willing heart
    4. What you conceive, you will achieve!

  14. Thank you, Natalie! I plan to add these mantras to my daily meditation that I do after dropping off my children at school. I start each morning with a 10 minute meditation before I get out of bed that includes thanking the Universe for everything that it provides to me. I list all of the things that I’m thankful for. It sets me on the right track for the day by realizing how abundant my life is. I love your videos! Thanks for sharing!

  15. This was an awesome find! Thank you so much for having this freely available online. I heard your interview Jaime Tardy and jumped onto your site. I’ve started using “I’m a powerhouse of happiness” and allowing myself to really feel that emotion. I’ve written down your mantras – thank you!

  16. I have used affirmations and mantras a few times in my life and still remember how they resonated with me.
    As a new mom to be I learned relaxation techniques to help me get through labor and delivery. I would say “my labor and contractions are all bringing me closer to having my beautiful baby in my loving arms”

    At night when I would tuck my boys into bed after a book and hugs and kisses I would say to them, “who do you love AND who loves you?!” It was a magical way to feel the love of family and friends and see the joy in my children’s eyes as they snuggle into bed. Now as grown men I still say it to them occasionally and am finding myself beginning the tradition again with my grandchildren. xo Feeling blessed.

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