Dear Natalie: How Do I Build my Community?

Hello, and welcome to another episode of Dear Natalie, a new series where I’m answering your biggest, burning questions about business and life — and everything in between.

This series is close to my heart because it’s so important to me that I speak directly to you about any challenges you may be facing in your business, right now. I want this series to be totally unscripted, so you can take all the space you need to share where you might be feeling confused, stuck, or frustrated.

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This week’s fantastic question comes from Megan, who has been building a very special community for millennial women. She asks:

“Dear Natalie,

I’m working on building my brand right now. I’m a health coach who helps millennial women have a better relationship with their bodies.

I have a Facebook group with about 90 women in it right now. It’s not quite going the way I wanted it to, though.

I want to be sharing resources and articles that people will get a lot of value out of, and people DO like the articles that I share, but they’re not talking and interacting with each other.

What I really wanted to do was make this into a community and I want people getting to know each other and me.

Do you have any advice?

Thank you,


This topic is something I’m always thinking about, too, especially when it comes to the Conquer Club™community for entrepreneurial women. How do I ensure this hyperconnected global network of women continues to uplift and champion one another, year after year?

I do it by asking one fundamental question, which I explain in detail in this week’s episode.

Click the video below to learn:

    • The ritual I witnessed time and time again that brought people together in community as I was traveling through East Africa. [1:48]
    • What everything that you do when you’re building community comes back to. [3:57]
    • The one question you need to ask when you’re creating a community in the first place. [3:13]
    • Why you need to let your answer to that question guide your content and your strategy as you build your audience, community, or readership. [4:34]
    • … And more.


Once you finish today’s video, I’d love to hear from you in the comments!:

How would you answer this question for your community? (Whether you have one right now, or are considering building one.)

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1 thought on “Dear Natalie: How Do I Build my Community?

  1. Natalie! Your the best!
    For my community I would want people to feel safe. The Facebook group is a safe and supportive environment where people can share how they feel knowing that everyone will understand them. A place of healing and acceptance.

    Natalie- I feel supported by you through your non judgmental want to connect and encouragement which is the reason I chose to post this now!

    Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

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